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Henry Schulte: Where Has All the Common Sense Gone?

By Henry Schulte |

For four years in a row, our national debt has grown by $1 trillion a year (35 percent of all our national debt has accrued in those last four years), and by all accounts it looks to continue. So last year’s fiasco fiscal cliff debate was nothing more than a media-driven joke.

President Barack Obama’s tax increase on the rich (the hardworking successful) will raise $600 billion over the next 10 years, while almost on the same day Medicare announced it was $800 billion short. We’re in the hole before a new dime was even collected.

There had been such a fight to stop America from falling off the ledge, and yet in the deal $248 million was handed over to Hollywood to help make movies, Jamaica was given $222 million to make rum just so it can ship it back to us, and the idiotic spending list continues. What the heck is Washington doing to our country?

Responsible Americans, when faced with an income shortage and realizing that they’re spending more than they’re taking in, will address this problem in a couple of ways. Since in the short term they don’t see any way to bring in more dollars, they need to cut down on expenses to balance things out. It may not be fun. They may have to give up a gym membership, enjoy fewer dinners out and watch a pay-per-view instead of the theater, but to financially survive you have to make sacrifices. Or, the other choice is to continue down the road of higher debt and then at some point collapse from too much of it and go bankrupt. Corporations in order to survive also follow this simple rule.

Then why does the government see no need to make an attempt to stay solvent? The answer is simple in one respect: It’s not their money. And as deep in the hole as we are now, borrowing on the credit card and making minimum payments is easy to shrug off because they figure at least they’re keeping up and the government is OK with that. But it’s wrong, and now this administration wants to continue to spend even more. Don’t even start on California.

With fraud so huge and rampant in government and the amount of waste so high, most of us can’t even wrap our brains around it much less expect anyone to do anything to fix it. With public employees having no real oversight working in overstaffed departments thanks to the unions, riding out their jobs and waiting to collect huge pensions, where’s the incentive?

We all know the game being played about the need to tax the rich to save America is just that — a game. When 47 percent of this country pays nothing, we’re taxing the wrong the people. It’s time we tax those who are getting the free ride on the backs of those who are carrying them. Just like the government, it’s easy to spend other people’s money. Granted, a lot of people live in poverty, but then there are millions more who could, but why give up the free ride? This dirty underbelly of America was exposed after Hurricane Katrina hit, and like everything else, over time it becomes “out of sight out of mind.” But it doesn’t mean the problem is solved.

What I’m getting at here is the demand by the left for those who worked hard to make something of themselves to demand it be shared with those who don’t give a whit about where it comes from as long as it keeps coming. I deeply resent when someone is called un-American because they’re not paying their “fair share,” which as we all know is again nothing more than a verbal tool of blackmail.

Why anyone in this financially bloated country wants to pay more taxes so the government can spend it before they even get it makes zero logical sense. You could give the government every penny, people, and the vacuum of Washington would still find a way to suck it all up.

The day of reckoning is here. The government gets no more money until there’s a balanced budget, and the way to achieve that is to have a major overhaul and carve out huge chunks on spending. Sounds good, and as we all know it will never happen. No one is going to give up free money — whether it’s a politician doling it out for votes, or the person on the other end demanding their check.

If I were a conspiracy-minded person, I’d almost think there’s a hidden agenda to drive the country so deep in debt from which we can never recover. To what purpose, I don’t know. Maybe weaken America to such a degree that we lose that superpower status? There are “Americans” who hate this country and really do want us to become subservient to the rest of the world.

When it comes to tax increases for the rich, are not those $40 million-a-movie Hollywood actors and those uber-wealthy producers not part of the so-called 1%? The ideological-minded sheep funneled millions of dollars to their chosen one, who now wants to bury his hands deep in their pockets to pay for his mistakes. I can’t believe they truly like the idea, but they’re blinded by their beliefs and don’t know what else to do.

With a tax code made up of 4 million words and those who actually pay taxes spending more than 6 billion hours to prepare returns, there is something terribly wrong in that.

I love this country, but it’s in dire need of a major tuneup.

— Henry Schulte of Santa Barbara owns and operates Dos Pueblos Ranch. He has been politically active in the community for years. Click here to read previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.

» on 01.17.13 @ 05:35 PM

No, if you were a conspiracy-minded person, you would probably contemplate that your entire government had been overthrown by Zionist infiltration with American interests entirely subordinated to Israeli interests.

You would wonder why no independent 9/11 investigation was conducted despite World Trade Center forensic crime scene evidence being illegally removed and criminally destroyed.

You would wonder how a small country like Israel with only 7.5 million people and a modest GDP of only $250 billion could afford submarines, the most advanced fighter jets, a standing army, and a 300 nuke arsenal.

You would wonder why no accountability was demanded of a President Bush and his cabinet after knowingly foisting lies to the American people about WMDs.

You would wonder how a nobody out of nowhere like Obama could be elected and then reelected after obediently parroting the fundamental lie that 19 Arabs with boxcutters did 9/11.

You would wonder why an absurd war in Absurdistan continues with nary a peep of dissent when nobody can explain what we’re doing there or what the strategy for exit is.

You would wonder why most Americans are brainwashed dim dunces stupidly embracing Zionist-controlled propaganda from every mode of degrading Zionist-controlled media.

You would wonder why so much attention is given to a holocaust when it’s been proven to be a hoax.


» on 01.18.13 @ 01:02 AM

Mr. Schulte thank you for these true words.  Unfortunately most people don’t want the issues altered with facts.

» on 01.18.13 @ 12:18 PM

“Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.”
? Herman Melville

» on 01.18.13 @ 01:27 PM

Meneush did you hear that huge whoosh as Melville’s remark sailed over the heads of Mr Shulte and his ilk? Excellent quote.

» on 01.18.13 @ 02:47 PM

I yep that is rich, a couple of well house, warm and fed yo yo’s cheer leading comments about the poor. What is truly disingenuous is the white wealthy racist elite left constantly screaming about how they empathize with and care for the poor when all their policies hurt the poor the most.

» on 01.18.13 @ 02:58 PM

50 failed years of welfare food stamps section 8, and the lazy 99ers illegal aliens and their gangster children have dumb down the whole country.

Why work today with so many free hand outs??

Obama,Pelosi Reid Boxer Fienstein and Gov Brown have turned the Democratic party into the party of welfare losers who dont want to work,& college kids who dont work..That’s a huge voting block, The Democrats reward the lazy on welfare, and punish people who have real jobs????

» on 01.18.13 @ 10:32 PM

The idiots we are up against. Henry says 47% don’t pay taxes. Well, 67% of all US companies don’t pay taxes.

To quote one of their intellectual leaders: “I yep that is rich, a couple of well house, warm and fed yo yo’s cheer leading comments about the poor.” - Bishop ANchove, His Holiness.

Well, now.

» on 01.19.13 @ 06:11 PM

And another comment by the well fed, well housed liberal elite. Your 67% is bogus; only 30 companies paid no tax last year, hardly 67%. The real story is why so many US companies put their high costs in high tax countries and their profits in low cost countries. Given we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world it just makes good business sense. Even communist China has a lower tax rate than we do. BTW way, the biggest abuser is none other than GE the sweet heart of Barack Obama.

So until you idiot progressive dim wits realize that high taxes ALWAYS reduce revenues then this little conundrum will go on unresolved. We could play footsties with tax code and deductions and all this other obfuscating crap, or just drop the marginal rates and have all that business come back home. That would do more to raise revenue to government than anything your dopy charlatan president has done yet.

» on 01.19.13 @ 08:59 PM

Wonderful to behold the concept of “common sense” coming from Mr. Schulte’s
golden tongue.

Often in his life, he’s been so set in his ways that his conversations have had a
my-way-or-the-highway lilt to them.

Better late, than never, huh?

Like many Tea Party admirers, Schulte confuses how a family tries to budget for
expenses with how a nation-state, well managed or not, does. Clearly, it’s been
a long time since his last macro-economics class. Too bad.

While he’s right that too many bills coming out of Congress has Christmas
ornaments not directly related to their purpose, most of those are coming from
specific members of Congress, and not “government”.

Looking back at federal spending since Clinton left office with a Budget surplus,
one can’t help missing the fact that much of the most egregious spending came
from members of Schulte’s own party, during their long stint in control of both
houses of Congress.

Not to mention their stampedes toward tax cuts that produced no growth in
overall federal revenue, incentives toward a catastrophic financial lending
process, a “donut hole” public gift on Medicare, and two foreign wars funded

I try to remember Mr. Schulte publicly lamenting all this, like a sage, modern
Jeremiah, when it was all happening. Sadly, I can’t.

So it can sometimes seem that, like the wise Mr. Sherline, Schulte’s “common
sense” only applies to one philosophy, one political party, and one set of
national priorities. That’s too bad, too.

» on 01.22.13 @ 01:38 PM

Bishop ANchove, you are obviously under the misapprehension that the Fortune 500 (or 300, or 100) are all the American companies. Not so. Most American companies are are not so large. You should know this!

S-corps and LLCs are also “companies” but often made up of only a few people. Similarly, many are c-corps. After deductions and write-offs, most ( about 2/3) do not pay any federal income tax.

Did you know that in 1948, corporate income tax made up approximately 1/2 of all income tax revenue? Today, it’s less than 1/5. That is, in part, because so many wealthy individuals now pay their taxes as corporations. They write off many things that the common working stiff must pay for with after-tax dollars.

When an person with obviously limited knowledge parrots the 47% talking point, he has truly stepped in it. As did his failed candidate.

» on 01.22.13 @ 01:41 PM

“There are “Americans” who hate this country and really do want us to become subservient to the rest of the world.”

You are smug and deluded individual, Henry.

» on 01.30.13 @ 10:54 AM

Wow. This article and thread sure got stuffed away fast!

» on 02.01.13 @ 06:30 PM

To answer your comment, I am one of those who use an S corporation. You actually make my case again and again. Lower the tax rates and revenue comes in, raise the rates and any business smart enough will shelter their income. It’s so damned obvious except to those to damned wrapped up in their Marist influenced ideology to see it. Drop the tax rates and everything comes back home Rambler. Drop them and your precious nanny state will actually have more to spend. Raise the rates and continue to watch it all fly away.

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