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Posted on 01.25.2012 12:06 a.m.

Capps Issues Response to Obama State of the Union Address

She praises the president's agenda for job creation and the formation of a mortgage crisis unit

Source: Ashley Schapitl for Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, released the following statement Tuesday night in response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address:

“Tonight, we heard President Obama spell out a clear agenda to jump-start job creation and outline his vision for an American economy that’s built to last. Even though we’ve seen 3.2 million private-sector jobs created over the last two years, too many of our friends and neighbors are still looking for work. The president rightfully highlighted the need to strengthen the middle class by refocusing on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers and housing for American families.

“I was especially pleased to hear the president announce the formation of a new mortgage crisis unit to investigate mortgage misconduct and illegal activities on the part of big banks and mortgage lenders. The housing market collapse devastated our economy, and while we have recovered since the depths of the crash, we’re still nowhere near where we need to be. California, in particular, remains especially hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, and an investigation into mortgage misconduct and wrongdoing by lenders is long overdue.

“I was also encouraged to hear the president raise the issue of income equality and how to ensure everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share. In order to preserve the promise of America, every worker should be able to provide for their family, send their kids to college and save for their retirement.

“Finally, the president called on Congress to work together to get things done for the American people. I know my constituents across the Central Coast are demanding that we always put the public good over political ambitions. We must live up to that simple challenge.”

— Ashley Schapitl is press secretary for Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara.

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» on 01.25.12 @ 03:12 AM

Spin it any way you want, Mrs. Capps, but 7 out of 10 Americans know the reality of the Obama economy. And we know exactly what the president has been doing, and not doing. I know HE believes he’s the smartest man to ever walk the face of the earth, but most of us just look at him and see a buffoon.

» on 01.25.12 @ 05:46 AM

Amen, PGL - I couldn’t have said it any better.

» on 01.25.12 @ 06:26 PM

You got to be kidding me.  She is more delusional than usual on this one and this is just Lois’ typically mindless drivel.  She obviously didn’t watch or absorb any of Gov. Daniels devestating rebuke of Obama.

That whole speech was rehashed nonsense from his last couple addresses.  The RNC put together a nice ad:

Almost word for word.

» on 01.26.12 @ 10:27 AM

Watever predjudices motivate our hardened Obama haters here on Noozhawk ,some of this administrations accomplishments are obvious to middle roaders. 
Let’s see… slowly pulling us out of the Great GWBush Depression,ridding the world of Bin Ladin ( W- “I dont really think about it much”), saving the domestic auto industry( Cheney-“don’t do it”),reigning in predatory banking practices, toughening sanctions on Iran , pushing improved vehicle mileage standards, trying to do something about the health insurance crisis that the GOP ignored for decades, finally getting our butts out of Iraq where we should never have gone in the first place.
  The thirty year decline of the middle class has a chance to begin a reversal , but you can bet your vote it won’t happen with a vote for any of the dud GOP candidates being paraded in 2012.

» on 01.26.12 @ 12:53 PM


You are a “middle roader”?  Please.  You’re a lefty, just admit it.  But since you decided to weigh in here, let’s discuss your points.

Obama haters?  I don’t hate Obama, or Lois for that matter, they seem like nice people.  But being nice isn’t an adequate qualification for the offices they hold.  Lois is clueless and Obama is destructive.

So, Obama is pulling us out of the “Bush Depression”.  Fascinating.  I was not aware we ever entered the definition of a depression, maybe you can enlighten us Neanderthals with some data that substantiates that claim.  Nonetheless, your assertion that Obama is slowly pulling us out is laughable.  Please read this link below and comment on the chart in this article.  Explain how this recovery is significantly worse than every other recession:

I’m guessing we’ll hear it was all Bush’s fault because nothing can be Obama’s fault.

Bin Laden took years to track down, that began well before Obama was in office.  Give me a break.  Obama just said yes, to his credit, when the military presented him a plan.

Saving the auto industry.  Fascinating.  Ford seems just fine without the government’s intervention.  But Obama took 200+ years of contract law and threw it out the window with his intervention by shafting bond holders and senior debt to reward his union buddies.  Had GM and Chrysler gone through a normal orderly bankruptcy process they would be in much better shape than they are now and we taxpayers wouldn’t have dumped more money into those companies than they were ever worth.

You sound like you’re reading the same Nancy Pelosi issued talking points Lois always uses and it is quite clear your understanding of economics is shall we say, not good.  It’s obvious you didn’t bother to read or listen to Gov. Daniels critique of our President and his policies, he very clearly and methodically eviscerates this disaster of a President.

» on 01.26.12 @ 02:51 PM


Here’s a little data for you regarding the shrinking middle class.  Perhaps you can enlighten us on where the author is off target:

“Yes ‘the middle class has shrunk’—because it’s getting richer”

» on 01.26.12 @ 03:21 PM


Since you favor the government trying to force us to drive smaller and lighter cars by raising CAFE standards maybe you could tell us why its OK to force us into more dangerous cars.  Highway deaths rise correlates with CAFE standards:

This Nanny state at its worst.  I think we are all quite capable of deciding what kind of cars we want to buy.  BTW, CAFE is one of the reasons our car companies got in financial trouble.  They were forced to make small cars that a) didn’t sell well and b) were money losers when they did.

» on 01.26.12 @ 03:21 PM

If you believe any of that pig slop you wrote Willie I have some swamp land in Florida you might be interested in. Wireless is right, we don’t hate your man, that is you reflecting your own hatred my friend. Yes Government Motors is doing better but as Wireless pointed out Ford did it with out any help. Maybe GM is a poor example? I believe it was Seal Team 6 that got OBL and the only civilian help they got was from the CIA. Yet I do respect that BO acknowledged the effort by the one branch of government he actually hates.

As for Capps, again Wireless, you nailed it. She is nothing but a Pelosi puppet.

» on 01.26.12 @ 04:21 PM

lot of intelligent well thought out ideas and comments on here, but doesn’t really matter what is said, the overwhelming theme i see is the GOP candidates are shredding each other with reckless abandon and providing axelrod, obama and whoever shows up in 2016 with 10 years of material. they look like clowns, not presidential material.

in all the debates, speeches, etc.. i’ve yet to see a GOP candidate who can go toe to toe with Obama. could have been christie….he might have had a shot…i even liked cain for a while ( did he really think that stuff would not come up)  but what there is is a bunch of weak sisters.

with economic numbers gradually improving, whoever wins the GOP will be soundly spanked by the Obama machine. on tv, is romney’s hesitant milk toast speaking manner or gingrich’s smarmy grin going to get voters to vote for them. not even. 

fox is no help. get some new talking points, i’m tired of the old ones. rehashing 2008 is no help. 

it is what it is. obama wins by a bunch.

» on 01.26.12 @ 05:02 PM

Grundss, Obama wins only if you keep your head firmly planted where the sun doesn’t shine. Those of us who warned you as far back as 2007 that Obama’s resume was thin on executive experience and that his ideology was a caustic mix of radical leftist and south Chicago mobster, now have his record in office as proof. From the back door dealings, cronyism, czars and inability to converse with anyone who disagrees with him it’s all there for all to see. If you think doubling the debt that got the GOP fired in 2006 and lost McCain “play like a democrat” in 2008, you are sadly mistaken.

Everything Obama has done has hurt our ability to pay our debt and his answer is to borrow more. It’s not incompetence its purpose, that drives this guy. He actually believes that if you bankrupt the country it will be more apt to go socialist. What he is not factoring in is even though most leftist countries are American parasites, existing at the discretion of our vast market. We don’t have that vast market to suck off of if we destroy ours.

But hey you are right about one thing, the Melvin Milk Toast cheerleaders and the nasty Newters are doing a terrific job for the DNC by chopping each other down. They will hand BO another term which makes the country clubbers happy, since they are more comfortable being in second place. Unfortunately the rest of us lose.

» on 01.26.12 @ 05:57 PM

AN50, how did Obama win so convincingly in 2008. he had no record, came out of nowhere, beat Hillary, and completely smashed over McCain.

politics is sales, pure and simple. people pay less attention to facts and figures and will vote for the best sales pitch. obama had the best sales pitch. 

at the SOTU, obama started to crank up his 2012 sales pitch. give him another month he will be in full attack mode.

the voters are more interested in what people say they can do for them rather than people saying what the other side cant do. thats where the GOP cant get out of its own way.they are so busy pointing out how right they were when folks dont give a ratzazz about that. 

your first couple of paragraphs including the location of my head is a typical GOP comment. its full of anger, righteous indignation, i’m smarter than you etc..but where does it say what you can do for the voter. thats what voters want to hear. 

the GOP has no sales pitch. i told you so is their sales pitch. whoopy do. voters dont care about what went wrong. they know already. tell them what you can do for them. right now we are not hearing it from anybody except obama.

i told you so will not win this election.

» on 01.26.12 @ 06:42 PM


Obama won by about 6% last time.  He has already lost more votes than that now.  You seen his numbers lately?  As you pointed out he had no record in 2008, just a bunch of happy talk.  People bought it because he sounded good, he lied about his true intentions, and McCain was an awful alternative at a time when Bush fatigue was at a maximum. 

Obama has a record now and it sucks.  He can’t run from it and he certainly can’t run on it.  All the happy talk in the world, and all the advertising money in the world isn’t going to change what people actually experience in their daily lives like $4 gas, a home that is worth much less than it was a couple years ago,  that they worry about their job and are probably earning less money, that they know several people who have been unemployed for an extended period, that milk costs more every time they go to the store and that things just don’t feel right.

This class warfare stuff and raising taxes has never worked in a modern national campaign.  He’s got nothing else.  So it’s going to be attack the Republican as some kind of space alien.  That is unlikely to work either.  All this squabbling now between Mitt and Newt is all stuff the Dems would have brought out so let’s get it over with now, it won’t be a surprise then in October.

Obama is in deep doo-doo and he knows it.  The blame is Obama’s, he can’t run and hide from that.  Nobody but his lackeys buy the its all Bush’s fault anymore.  A clearly contrasting agenda of growth based policies, optimism and acknowledging spending and entitlement issues will leave Obama with nothing.  Especially if they are constantly reminded what an abject failure he has been in his first term, why would anyone expect the second term to be any different. 

You act like the electoral rebuke in Nov 2010 never happened.  That was a full on rejection of Obama’s policies, spending and Obamacare.  What’s changed?  Obama hasn’t, he’s digging in even more.

Watch Mitch Daniels SOTU response.  That is how its done.

» on 01.26.12 @ 07:30 PM

Check out this polling data and tell my how Obama’s tax the rich schtick is a winning agenda:

Top issues from Gallup polling:
Jobs/Unemployment:  26%
Debt/Deficit:  16%
Economic decline/instability:  10%

That means 52% of the population have as their big issues the economy and our government spending as their top concern.

What exactly did Obama propose that would deal with these concerns?  I heard basically the same thing we heard last year which is all more government programs and more government spending.

Where did tax the rich and income equality fall in concerns of the American public?  2%

How again does Obama win with this agenda?

» on 01.26.12 @ 08:09 PM

Wireless…Dude..both your posts keep telling me what we already know. What everybody knows. That’s the problem. Tell the American public what you can do for them. Not what the other party didn’t do. It’s a losing strategy.

End game is to win the election.  Voters are looking forward. They always do. Everybody wants to turn the page.

Why do you think Obama glossed over the bad stuff and spent time saying he will do this and that. He knows what they want to hear. Once that groundswell gains momentum( which it already has) even fox says his popularity numbers are climbing, it’s nearly impossible to stop.

GOP is still caught up in ‘but you said….’. Maybe I’m wrong ....November will tell us…..

Voters remember ‘chicken in every pot’ not the stats and economics of how it got there. Ironically, Obama and Axlerod understand the power of a simple statement.

» on 01.26.12 @ 09:53 PM

grundss, dude,

So by your logic no matter how bad things are or what the GOP candidate does or proposes that Obama is going to win.  Well, let’s just pack it in and give up.  The election oracle grundss has spoken. 

Never mind his polling data is horrendous.  Its been bouncing around for a long time near the level it is now.  Never mind that no President has ever won reelection with numbers this bad at this point:

All Obama has to do is promise free stuff?  Like what?  52% of the people care about the economy and jobs and the debt/deficit.  Nowhere on people’s list of concerns do we see demands for more free stuff from the government. 

So Obama is looking forward?  What is this forward looking vision we heard Obama articulate in his SOTU?  It was almost an exact rehash of his 2011 speech and much of his 2010 speech.  Please let us all know what new and attractive forward looking vision our President laid out for us.  I’d love to know.

Obama’s going to promise us jobs?  He’s already done that, remember?  How’s that working out?  So he’s promising more of the same?  What is he proposing to do differently than he’s been doing the last three years that hasn’t worked?  Nothing.

Tell me how Obama survives a critique and alternate vision like Gov. Daniels laid out:

Just because Obama doesn’t want to talk about his record, and for good reason, doesn’t mean he won’t have to.  This election will be about the future:  do we continue down a clearly ruinous path or do we get back to being Americans again.  It will also be a referendum of his last four years, just like the 1980 election was a referendum on Jimmy Carter’s equally disastrous four years.  Actually, Obama’s performance has been worse than Carter’s.

» on 01.26.12 @ 10:20 PM

Professor Know It All and all you other Mitt cum Newtzies should listen to grund. Couple Obama’s messaging with the GOP’s 30 year disregard for the middle & lower classes and ... ut ,oh ... a major speedbump in your assumed ascension to full control.
  Oh, and I forgot to remind you haters about Obama’s record on deportations of illegals.The numbers tell us he has been getting that job done as well .
  Speaking of Hispanic issues- isn’t it great to see GOP candidates kissinculos once every 4 years?

» on 01.26.12 @ 11:15 PM

Brilliant comeback Wally.  I’m so impressed!  That was a really substantive and deep analysis of the state of our nation, debt, economy, and other important issues addressed by myself and Gov. Daniels.

I tell you what, how about you address the concrete issues and data I presented?  Maybe you can deal with the points made instead of throwing your mindless left wing unsubstantiated rhetorical bombs.  We’ll all be here waiting for your insightful and deep exploration of these important issues facing our country.  I won’t be holding my breath.

» on 01.26.12 @ 11:44 PM

Wireless…getting your grump on at me doesn’t help anything.

Actually, your lack of civility is a indicator of your frustration because you know that what I say is entirely possible.

But whatevy.

» on 01.26.12 @ 11:59 PM


I’m sorry, where exactly have I been uncivil?  Be specific please.

If your offended somehow, I’m sorry but I’m making substantive arguments here based upon history, facts and data.  You may not agree with them, that doesn’t make them uncivil.  How about you address my points?

» on 01.27.12 @ 12:32 AM

grundss and Wally,

I tell you what, since you don’t seem willing to deal with all the detail and questions I provided, how about you answer this one simple question and tell us how Obama is going to deal with this.  The one Reagan asked the American people when he was running against Carter:

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

» on 01.27.12 @ 08:29 AM

Wire , thanks for your exhaustive searches for sources that back ONLY your opinions. Perhaps when I reach retirement status ,such as you apparently have ,  I will have more time to scour the net for non-objective rebuttal pieces that fit only my ideology.
  Til then , I picked just one of your links to respond to, due to time constraints. Heritage Foundation re/ cafe standards. Really?!?  You consider the fusty Hertitage Foundation a credible, objective source for projections on cafe standards/jobs? That’s laughable. Heritage will say whatever the Auto Alliance wants them to say. If you dare look , there are numerous studies suggesting increased employment in tech sectors and sales resulting from increased standards.
Thats o.k. though, just keep referring to your same old archives of adequation, and you will always come up with stuff to back your obstinate opinions.

» on 01.27.12 @ 08:39 AM

Wire, you might want to see today’s Noozhawk Conason piece on Mitch Daniels and his credibility issues before you get too much more puffed up about his rebuttal speech.

» on 01.27.12 @ 11:35 AM

wireless, i agree you have all the pertinent facts, stats, and figures. i dont doubt there are many more.

where we differ is i dont think repeating them will win the election.

the republican effort is incredibly negative but voters dont want to hear that. They want the next President to make positive comments about our future. all we saw last night was stab, slash, parry, and counter stab.

referring to me as an all seeing oracle in one of your supercilious posts is what i was objecting to.

» on 01.27.12 @ 12:42 PM

Gee has finally confessed to what we all knew - he doesn’t bother to research for data to support his views.

As to who will win the election, debate can be entertaining, but I’ll wait for the voters to decide.  Obama has a persona (poetic, yes?) that none of the Reps can match, which IMO gives him a tremendous advantage.  WE’ll see….

» on 01.27.12 @ 01:34 PM


The reason I called you an oracle is you basically are calling the election before any votes are cast and saying its hopeless for the Republicans irrespective of anything that happens.  You’re post declares its a done deal.  To make that kind of pronouncement you must have some knowledge the rest of us don’t.  Hence you must be an oracle.

I hope we can agree that a) this election is far from over and b) Obama is in deep trouble.  He’s in trouble for good reason as things are not going well.  You acknowledge that the data I provided and my analysis is accurate.  If so, then Obama is hardly a lock a reelection.

We are in the middle of a primary, the candidates are battling each other to be the standard bearer.  They pound each other and they pound Obama.  GOP voters want to see a candidate that can take it to Obama so they rip him with glee.  Obama has many and manifest vulnerabilities for them to gnaw on.  If I was an Obama supporter I would think it was negative too but this is part of the process.  If you’ll recall Hillary and Obama weren’t exactly embracing Bush or each other during their primary.

When the candidate is chosen you will see a different campaign.  The primary and general elections are two different animals.  They will continue to remind voters of Obama’s obvious failings as Obama will be forced to defend his indefensible record.  Which is why, like Carter, he is, IMHO, more likely to lose than win.  You are mistaken if you don’t think this election will be a referendum on Obama’s first term. 

But if you bother to look at the plans the candidates have put out they are all forward looking plans on how they think we can fix the economy and deal with our major problems.  Here is how its going to go: 1) Obama’s plans have failed (numerous examples to follow), 2) if we continue on his path things will get worse, and 3) here is the way we need to go.

If I was a Democrat and supported Obama, I would be very, very nervous.

» on 01.27.12 @ 01:56 PM

Grundss, my attitude is rather angry I must admit. I am angry at the GOP for constantly failing to read the Tea leaves if you catch my drift. They failed to account for GW’s poor performance in two elections; the loss of both houses in 2006 the loss of the 2008 election to this neophyte south Chicago mobster and why they actually won in 2010. It is frustrating that at this time the only thing they can manage to do is a better job of shredding each other than their real enemy would. The word “loser” comes to mind.

Couple that with the display of ignorance and stupidity by the left in actually believing anything BO does is good for the country. It is truly remarkable how a country that has accomplished as much as ours is so willing to throw it all away for benefits and freebies. Good Grief!

And really the blame goes both ways. The right in its knee jerk reaction to attacks on capitalism (always by idiots on the left who are direct benefactors) fails to distinguish the difference between real intrinsic wealth generation versus just moving wealth around at a net loss. Banking, finance, law, marketing, distribution, retail, medicine, education, law enforcement, entertainment, sports, hospitality, tourism, and most other services, including government are generally wealth consuming activities. Wall Street fat cats including Mitt Romney and Warren buffet fall into this category. Their economic activities are a welcome service but are not wealth generators, they facilitate wealth generation by others and the wealth they put in their pocket is a net loss to the economy as a whole.

The left is no better and in fact is far worse because they love to penalize real wealth generation, those activities that add more to the economy than they consume like energy production, mining, resource extraction, durable goods manufacturing, tool making (hdwr and sfwr), food production and most other agricultural products. They seem to grasp this only if a union is involved even though most unions are why our manufacturing sector is shrinking toward the abyss.

Anyway I could go on and on but you get the jist of it. We need BO out of there and as fast as we can. Any of the GOP candidates would be better and simply stating that BO will win because Americans are to damned stupid to get it does not bode well for the nation.

» on 01.27.12 @ 02:08 PM

Come on Wally,
This is so typical of you lefties.  Shoot the messenger, ignore the message.  Be it Heritage or Gov. Daniels.  Earth to Wally:  The source isn’t the matter, the content is.

I’ll note Conason’s piece just rips on Daniels but did not address effectively or refute anything Daniels said.  How about you giving it a try?  Why don’t you try to go through Daniel’s address and pick it apart point by point if you’re so convinced he’s wrong.

As to Heritage, or any of the other links I provided, why don’t you go to the footnotes and explore the sources before you have a leftist tantrum and maybe you can deal with the facts for a change.

Its always the same with you guys.  No substance, ever.  Just personal attacks and emotion.

» on 01.27.12 @ 05:32 PM

The typically brilliant Charles Krauthammer’s take on Obama’s SOTU address.

So Obama’s a lock huh?  Where’s the chicken in every pot?  As I pointed out earlier, he’s got nothing.  Out of ideas so he stubbornly clings to what has already been a demonstrated failure, like govt. driven green energy.  He has nothing positive to run on or any positive agenda.  Its all negative.  Tax the rich and pit one American against another.  Somehow I doubt the public will be inspired.

» on 01.27.12 @ 07:05 PM

What Charles alludes to is the narcissism of power. A guy gets elected to the most powerful office in the world and he thinks the world is at his command. Sadly for the POTUS, our founding fathers designed limitations into that powerful office. This is really hard for the left because they tend to be intellectual narcissist anyway and become intoxicated by the idea they can make every one do what they want when in charge. BO is even worse off because he is the most narcissistic leftist I have witnessed in a place of power for a very long time.

As for his lock, Wireless unless these two idiots ripping each other apart for the nomination stop, you can kiss this election off.

» on 01.28.12 @ 01:56 AM

John Locke, I don’t know about Obama having poetry, but I can tell you if he is reelected it will be catastrophic, maybe even apocalyptic for our country. If he is given a second term, we will probably lose the Supreme Court, have more Bernanke supporters appointed to the Federal Reserve, and experience a govt debt crisis similar to what is happening in Europe.  The govt will consume more and more of the private sector, so that our free markets will function similarly to the social-welfare models of countries like Greece and France. No growth, high unemployment will become a fact of life in this country. I could go on, but this is a defining moment for the US and if the American people are bamboozled by this snake oil salesman, God help us.

» on 01.28.12 @ 05:50 AM

Hey guys, did you see that The California Air Resources Board (who are they - the Soviet politburo) today mandated that 1 out of every 7 cars sold in Ca. by 2025 must be electric cars. The environmentalists are ecstatic. I would like to propose another rule that all card-carrying environmentalists must buy an electric car today and depose of their gas guzzling cars henceforth. I would also propose these same people must get all their electricity from solar or wind. No natural gas or dirty power plants for them. They should either put up or shut up. I hate hypocrites who don’t practice what they preach. California has their fair share.

» on 01.28.12 @ 07:47 AM

Professor Know It All says- “What Charles alludes to is the narcissism of power. A guy gets elected to the most powerful office in the world and he thinks the world is at his command.”
  Jeesh , for a minute there I thought he was describing Shrub leading us into Iraq . You deficit hawks surely must be upset about that disaster.

» on 01.28.12 @ 12:37 PM

The hatred of the left and of Obama is far more important to our resident righties than any set of facts,  populist momentum or virtuous path of recourse.  They are so far entrenched into their binary thinking that they cannot fathom another way… It is really sad to be honest.  I think their intentions may be in the right but their methods and ability to ascertain options and act accordingly is most certainly not. 

The best part?  When Obama wins reelection these clowns may just have a collective coronary. Perhaps then, while lying on the gurney in the hospital waiting for their health insurance to give the OK for a basic procedure, they’ll realize what a great thing Obama has done…  but probably not… 

Either way no one I know likes a hard core conservative - no one.  I take pleasure in knowing what a miserable bunch these clowns are… how little they enjoy life, how few friends they have and how little fun they get…keep up the good work Wireless, Lou and An50 - As Charlie Sheen says - “you’re winning!”...

» on 01.28.12 @ 01:02 PM

lousegal, my comment about poetic referred to my own phrase (obama persona), not to POTUS being poetic. 

Y’all might want to read the excellent article by Andrew Sullivan in Newsweek about Obama.  Newsweek, once so far to the left it was practically in China, seems to have become more objective since Tina Brown took over.  Not that it’s conservative, just more fact-based.

» on 01.28.12 @ 03:46 PM

Looks like someguyinsb’s mommy let him out of the basement again.  Son, put that tin foil hat back on and get back on the meds.

» on 01.28.12 @ 03:47 PM

John Locke, I read the Sullivan article and I profoundly disagree with him. He tries to paint Obama as a moderate, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am not going to get into the details here, but his defense of his policies makes no sense. For instance, he says that govt has actually shrunk in the last year but failed to mention that with a Republican House, Obama has not been able to pass any more wasteful govt programs or inane stimulus packages. Don’t you think that may be a fairly important detail for him to gloss over. I will say it is important for us not to underestimate his political skills, otherwise we may end up with him for another 4 years.

I won’t be subscribing to Newsweek anytime soon.

» on 01.28.12 @ 03:55 PM

So now the Noozhawk TeaBirchers want to prop up Mitch Daniels to lead their hate Obama crusade? Really?!? He ,who as Shrub’s budget director, helped squander a $240 billion surplus into a $400 billion deficit in three(3) short years. He who forcasted the Iraq war to cost us a few billion? This is the TeaBirchers love interest this week?
Well lets just take a little look at some of the mis-truths from his response speech:
(a) Obama picks our lightbulbs for us. That act was actually signed into law by Shrub in Dec.2007.  Strike one.
  (b) Obama is borrowing one in three fed dollars spent.
Daniels relied on outdated numbers in claiming that the federal government “borrows one of every three dollars it spends.” That was true last year, but this fiscal year, the government is borrowing $1 of every $3.71 spent, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s most recent projections.”
Certainly not great news , but slow improvement in the recovery from the Great Bush Depression. Strike two.

(c) “One in five men of prime working age, and nearly half of all persons under 30, did not go to work today”. Well , that may be true because almost 6o% of men under the age of 30 are actually 16 to 18 years old and most likely sitting in classrooms. The figures go much higher when factoring in college age men. Strike three.
Mitch Daniels is most famous for his missed calls . Add this one to his resume and thanks TeaBirchers for putting another knucklehead at helm of your ship of fools.

» on 01.28.12 @ 04:11 PM


I checked out that article, it is absurd.  In constant 2010 dollars WWII cost about $4T, which amazingly is less than the cumulative deficits racked up under Obama in 3 years.  But I digress.  The article said we’ve spent $800B so far on Iraq.  Meaning we have to spend over $3.2T more to catch up to WWII spending. 

That math don’t work.  Think about it.  Replacing tanks and Humvees won’t get there and those would be replaced anyway in the normal course of life without war.  The only argument you can make is that the war accelerated the replacement date but there is no way to get anywhere even close to the number they claim.  Cost of a HUMVEE is about $50K and a M-1 tank is $4M or so.  If you replaced them all, including all the helicopters you still couldn’t get there. 

As far as medical care for the troops, there were on the order of 30K injuries of varying seriousness.  20% of them are brain or spine injuries.  Just $1T worth of medical spending on the 30K injured would require $33M on each individual.  I know health care is expensive, but its not that expensive.

I’m surprised the CS Monitor would print something that is so patently absurd on its face.

On the other hand, your boy Obama and the Dems in Congress have locked in $1T+ deficits as far as the eye can see by Obama’s own budget proposal. 

Nice try. 

Now why don’t address the points Gov. Daniels made in his speech?

» on 01.28.12 @ 07:14 PM

Wire , you sound more and more like Petri reincarnate every day.  Referring to those who differ opinion with you as ” son” reeks of Petri pomposity. The dead giveaway is when you allude to Obama as “your boy”.
Pretty funny that you critique us for our anonymity , then adopt the same approach.

» on 01.28.12 @ 07:42 PM


I don’t know where you are getting your numbers but you might want to try another source.

1)  he said the federal government picks our light bulbs for us, which is true
2)  Federal spending for 2009-11 total:  $10.5T, total revenues $6.5T.  Do the math, we borrowed about 39 cents of every dollar we spent.  Historical spending tables.
3)  People who have quite looking for work and dropped off the official unemployment rolls need to be included.  If they are included in the unemployment numbers then it is about 11% not 8.5%.  Underemployment is like 16%.  Younger workers have been hit very hard in this downturn.  Labor force participation is at a very low level.  Here is a few links to educate yourself:

Economist shows youth unemployment by country, US is 21%:

So that’s it?  That’s all you got?  That is an absolutely pathetic defense of the guy you probably voted for.  I could bury you in data about what a travesty this economy is relative to where it should be had it followed a typical recovery path.

Nice try again.  BTW, what is childish TeaBirchers nonsense?  Grow up.  Personal insults are the stuff of someone who’s lost the debate.  Which you have.  Repeatedly.  You know why you lose Wally?  Because the facts aren’t on your side.

» on 01.28.12 @ 07:52 PM

Wally, it is obvious someguy is a very young and immature person, that’s why I call him son.  If he’s not young and immature then he has a whole other set of issues. 

As far as “your boy” goes, I believe you voted for him and are defending him, are you not?  Lighten up and stick to the content discussion.

» on 01.28.12 @ 08:08 PM

Here is CATO’s take on all of the prevarications in the President’s SOTU address:
This guy is a piece of work.

» on 01.28.12 @ 08:37 PM

One correction.  I misread the Economist chart I linked to.  The UK is 21% which is one line above the US.  The US had a stellar 18% youth unemployment.  That is pretty much one in five not going to work.

» on 01.28.12 @ 11:22 PM

Check out this article comparing the recoveries from the two greatest recessions in the last 50 years. It compares what happened in the early 1980’s under Reagan (the greatest President of the modern era) and the last three years under Obama.

» on 01.29.12 @ 01:57 PM

lousegal:  There is an interesting counterpoint to Sullivan’s Newsweek article from last week in this week’s Newsweek written by David Frum. Clearly, Tina Brown is trying to guide Newsweek in a rather more balanced direction.  I find it interesting to read articles from various sources (Economist, Newsweek, LA Times) to hopefully gain a more nuanced view of things.

» on 01.29.12 @ 04:20 PM

Petri aka Wireless , a couple of other facts about Obama that should tamp down some of your hatred- 
  (a) government jobs are decreasing under his watch
  (b) deportations of illegal aliens have significantly increased under his administration. Very impressive when contrasted with the decreased number of illegals here due to the economy.
  BTW , haven’t heard from your group of “followers” lately. Kinda miss Perez , Randy Thurston , Cindy’s mom and all those other crazies. Where did they all go ?

» on 01.29.12 @ 10:34 PM

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  I don’t hate Obama, I just think he is a horrible and destructive president and needs to go.  It’s really that simple.

Now, since didn’t address my previous couple posts I will assume you have conceded that Obama lied, repeatedly, in his SOTU and Daniels’ speech was accurate.  Now that we’ve dealt with that, on to your latest.

Once again you are incorrect.  The federal government is not shrinking in overall employees.  Since Obama became president there are 200K more federal workers not counting the military.  I dug this up from Oct of last year:  “According to the White House budget office, the federal executive branch had 1.875 million civilian full-time equivalent employees when the financial crisis hit in 2008. Two years later, that number had risen by 253,000 jobs to 2.128 million, a 13.5% increase. The budget office that the number would fall slightly to 2.101 million in fiscal 2011, which ended on September 30, but then rise again in 2012 to 2.116 million. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in September that overall federal government employment had fallen by 30,000 jobs from September 2010, but that’s after the rapid rise under President Obama.”

It is true that state and local governments have been shedding employees at as tax revenues are down due to the pathetic economic recovery.  State and local govts can’t print money or borrow incessantly like the feds and actually have to balance their budgets, so they are forced to lay of workers when revenues decline.  Obama isn’t in charge of state and local govts last time I checked, so his only responsibility for the layoffs is the crap economy which is driving down tax revenues.

Here is an analysis of how weak this recovery is and why:

Regarding deportations, it is true that Obama has actually deported more illegals up through 2010 but put a halt to it around August of 2011.  Here is an article describing what is going on now:

So, he’s throttled way back on this as of late and looking to legalize them.  Now if he’d stop suing states that are trying to enforce federal law that would be wonderful.

» on 01.29.12 @ 11:47 PM

Obama living the liberal left dream.  Pretty well thought out piece from the UK:

» on 01.30.12 @ 01:51 AM

Petri aka Wireless - Of Obama’s successes in getting rid of binLadin , qaddafi and alAwlaki , Andrew Sullivan says - ” If he were a Republican , he would be on Mt. Rushmore.”
  Your hatred and jaded views will never allow you to see just how centrist this President is.

» on 01.30.12 @ 03:46 AM


I shoot down every one of your points and you just bounce from topic to topic and with each bounce I demonstrate where you are wrong and you ignore and bounce to the next topic to try and defend Obama.  Obama is no centrist, he is the most left wing president we’ve had in my lifetime, if not ever.

You are free to defend Obama.  I don’t hate him, he is a bad President.  That is my opinion, which I am also free to have.  I produce ample evidence to back it up.  You produce nothing of consequence to back up your assertions this guy is a “centrist”.  What you do produce I, and others, decimate with data and facts. 

You choose to ignore that which is your right, but don’t lecture me about intent or what is in my heart, you know nothing.

So Obama is a centrist huh?  So let’s take a little test for Wally to see where you come up with your definition of a centrist.

Do you favor a progressive income tax?  (the more you make the higher percentage of your income you pay in taxes)

Should the government use its taxing and regulatory powers to try and normalize incomes?

Should the government be able to use its powers to regulate and control what activities are conducted in businesses, farms and other properties?

Do you think that citizens should be compelled to contribute to the government based upon their success and the government should give to those who are less successful if they need it?

What should be the inheritance tax?  Should their be any limit on what someone should be allowed to inherit?

How much of the GDP should the government account for?

» on 01.30.12 @ 08:37 AM

Petri , when your resources include such ultra rightwing purveyors of propaganda as Heritage and Cato, any response is a waste of time. The opinions and distorted assertions that you quote from those sites flow freely from the same Koch Brothers writing pens that sign their endowment checks. You wouldn’t recogize an unbiased source if it was right in front of your nose.

» on 01.30.12 @ 02:18 PM

Wally, I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for you.  Your inability to marshal a cogent argument is embarrassing. 

You’ve totally fallen into the refuge of left wing arguing tactics.  If the facts aren’t on your side,  pound on the table.  Attack the messenger.  Childish personal insults like calling us TeaBirchers or calling me Petri.  All that’s left in your Alinsky quiver is to call me a racist because I think Obama is a bad president. 

You dismiss information that is uncomfortable for your cause because you don’t like the source.  Never mind it all came from government data originally.  You never produced anything to counter it.  Ever.  And of course, no left wing rant is complete without attacking the dreaded Koch brothers.  Absolutely pathetic. 

You’d have been better off keeping quiet like the rest of your lefty friends.  I’ll note they left you out there flapping in the breeze all alone.  Apparently they are smart enough to know when to fold their cards and put their heads back in the sand that passes for progressive thought.

Any impartial reader looking at what I’ve presented and what you’ve presented to counter it could only reach one conclusion:  you don’t know what you are talking about.  It’s been fun pounding your increasingly lame arguments to dust.

PS:  you didn’t take my quiz.  How about it?

» on 01.30.12 @ 02:28 PM

Wireless, why are you wasting time and energy on this idiot?  He/She/It has demonstrated time and again a complete lack of logic or debating interest of ability but a surfeit of classic extremist behavior(in his/her/its case, left wing, although there are righties who demonstrate the same irrationality).  He/She/It reminds me of a cousin of mine, age 15, who will continue to repeat a demonstrably wrong view in the face of any and all data to the contrary, while telling me I’m the idiot.  Says something about his/her/its mental/emotional maturity.

» on 01.30.12 @ 03:53 PM

John Locke,

I know.  It’s kind of fun in a weird sort of way.  Maybe others that are reading the exchanges and not commenting might learn something.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the kind of liberalism and irrationality demonstrated by many of the lefty posters is some sort of genetic defect.  It manifests itself in the inability to deal with facts that don’t comport to their misinformed beliefs.

You should read Mark Levin’s new book Ameritopia, explains a lot our friends on the left.  Very good.

» on 01.30.12 @ 03:55 PM

If you didn’t catch this Steyn piece on Obama’s SOTU it is worth the read.  Bitingly and sarcastically accurate as always:

» on 01.30.12 @ 04:09 PM

Wireless, you should love this.  An added benefit is that it will make Wally apopleptic:

How profoundly America has changed since January 2009.

I was pondering this the other night during the State of the Union address. Did you know that our elite military units like the Navy SEALs are now examples of America at its absolute finest? Why, wasn’t it just a few years ago that Sen. Dick Durbin was comparing these very same troops to the Khmer Rouge and Joe Stalin’s Red Army?

What used to be Dick Cheney’s hit squad is now a beacon of freedom.

But now of course the president is a Democrat. When Durbin spoke a Republican resided in the White House.

Remember when Theo Epstein snubbed Republican George W. Bush when the rest of the Red Sox [team stats] went to the White House after the 2007 World Series? Nobody said boo. Now Bruins [team stats] goalie Tim Thomas [stats] does the same thing to our PC president and — hey, somebody get a rope!

Since January 2009, natural disasters are no longer the personal fault of the president.

Now that Obama is president, Gen. “Betrayus” is once again Gen. Petraeus, the greatest American military genius since MacArthur, no make that U.S. Grant.

George W. Bush played 30 rounds of golf in eight years and it was dereliction of duty. Obama’s played 80 in three years and it’s a well-deserved rest from his terrible burden of world leadership.

On Jan. 20, 2009, all the homeless people went home. Inflation ended that same day. No longer do dying Americans have to travel to Canada to buy affordable prescription drugs.

The Tea Party — violent rhetoric. Occupy Wall Street and the publicly defecating hippies — in the finest tradition of our Founding Fathers.

Bush mispronounces nuclear — idiot. Obama butchers corpsman — misspoke.

Raising the debt ceiling under Bush — the worst kind of fiscal irresponsibility. Raising the debt ceiling under Obama — a valiant effort by our young president to save the world economy.

McDonald’s jobs under Bush — “burger flipping.” McDonald’s jobs under Obama — entry-level jobs with one of America’s noblest public corporations.

Unemployment rate of 4.5 percent under Bush — “jobless recovery.” Unemployment rate of 8.5 percent under Obama — the new normal.

The Patriot Act under Bush — incipient fascism. The Patriot Act under Obama — yawn.

Words and phrases you haven’t heard since January 2009: “no blood for oil ... Cindy Sheehan ... not one more dime ... quagmire ... atrocities ... candlelight vigils ... not on our watch ... waterboarding ... Abu Ghraib…

Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry.

» on 01.30.12 @ 04:55 PM

I do like that.  Maybe Wally can explain all the hypocrisy for us.

» on 01.30.12 @ 05:02 PM

this is interesting.  Some data on voter intensity:

Not favoring “the one”

» on 01.30.12 @ 05:30 PM

Good piece in Reason:  The political cowardice of Barack Obama:

» on 01.30.12 @ 06:42 PM

I am still trying to figure Willie out guys. He says he is a manufacturer but talks like a welfare basement dweller. He eschews market solutions but is grateful for a market that supports his endeavor, sounds like a government supplier.

The comparison you showed John is as funny as I’ve seen in a while. It would be great if Willie could answer with equal hypocrisy on the right (yes it happens and we know it), but some how I doubt it.

As for Steyn’s comments, I love this guy! My favorite book of his is ‘America Alone’.

Lou, I did see what the CARB has once again saddled us with. The crime is this will actually make things worse not better, consuming more fuel over all and increasing air pollution. Electric cars sound great and I like electric motors for their torque qualities. But an electric car is not practical unless its fueled with a carbon fuel. For those of you who can’t reconcile this its in the relative energy density of batteries versus carbon fuel (80 to 1). The battery manufacturing (as a storage device) is considerably more harmful to the environment than a gas tank.

It would be far better to allow the market through competition to introduce higher efficiency vehicles rather than the government mandate a specific goal based on tail pipe emissions or a specific fuel source. But then we have the anti carbon fuel Nazis of the AGW bunch to drive that disaster.

» on 01.30.12 @ 06:48 PM

If you didn’t see Paul Ryan on the Sunday Shows yesterday this is pretty good:

» on 01.30.12 @ 07:00 PM

As it turns out, Gallup did some polling and determined that Obama is the most polarizing president ever.  More than Bush.

» on 01.30.12 @ 08:19 PM

Dan Petry - AKA Wireless,  A man who has achieved nothing in his life yet seems so intent on telling others where they fail… what a sad place to be -  having inherited what little money you have and with no professional successes under your 45 +/- yrs on this planet - who are you again?  Oh yeah, no one, nobody at all…just another loud, semi-articulate, overly hypocritical, hyper-moronic, grumpy, condescending, insipid, rapidly aging, potbellied, balding guy with a giant chip on his shoulder… As Dean Wormer so eloquently stated some 30+ years ago:  “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life Son…”

» on 01.30.12 @ 09:22 PM

There you have it folks.  Some more enlightened commentary from the genius someguyinsb.

someguy, you are wrong on all counts as usual.  Let me take a crack at some guy’s profile:

1.  lives at home with his parents
2.  plays video games constantly
3.  sits in his underwear and picks his nose while writing his brilliant posts
4.  can’t hold or find a real job

So time to put that tin foil hat back on, those evil corporate warlords are probing your mind again.  Mommy’s calling.

» on 01.30.12 @ 10:12 PM

This release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics dated 2/6/12:
Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 200,000 in December, and the unemployment rate,
at 8.5 percent, continued to trend down, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
reported today. Job gains occurred in transportation and warehousing, retail trade,
manufacturing, health care, and mining
We all know that our TeaBircher friends here on Noozhawk are wishing for unemployment to remain high so as to compensate for their absence of a platform in November.Sorry guys , but it seems as though we are slowly emerging from the mess left by the last administration. Many reputable economists predict up to another decade of recovery from the Great Bush Depression.
Good joke told at lunch today-” The elephant is the perfect symbol for Republicans.
They lead each other around by the tail, and think everyone should work for peanuts with big piles of stuff left behind them”.

» on 01.30.12 @ 11:08 PM

Poor, poor Petry,  His assessments and comebacks are as uncreative and insipid as his assertions and opinions.

Keep trying though, for I do favor special rules for “special” people…besides it keeps the entertainment factor quite high.  That is reading your whining drivel and poorly constructed arguments,  which are more often than not directly cut and pasted word for word from your puppet masters and corporate warlords…

As for me:  If you only knew…if you only knew… :)

Be good Dan, you’re doing a heck of a job!

» on 01.31.12 @ 01:07 AM


You keep embarrassing yourself.  Please go back and read some of the links that were included in previous posts.  This has all been dealt with already.  But, just for fun I will include some new sources where you can hopefully, finally, educate yourself.  I’m not sure if you are just lazy or have poor reading comprehension.

1 million workers “vanished” under Obama

National employment depression continues

This is all from government employment data so spare us the biased source whining.  Deal with the fact that there are 2M fewer people employed than when the President passed his stimulus.  Deleting people from the ranks of the unemployed because they have given up looking is hardly an encouraging development.  There are 6M fewer payroll positions than in 2008.  Things are improving but too slowly to significantly improve employment.  Compare this to other recoveries after recessions.  We are seriously underperforming our potential.  That is the point.

» on 01.31.12 @ 02:07 AM

The 8.5% unemployment rate is an example of how statistics can be manipulated. The only reason why the unemployment rate fell is because more people are dropping out of the labor pool because they cannot find a job. In fact, 3 million people have left the labor force and are purged from the statistics. Large numbers of people only leave the labor force during periods of economic distress, not during an economic recovery. In reality, when you include these people, the unemployment rate is more like 15%. GWW, how convenient of you to leave this out.

» on 01.31.12 @ 03:24 AM

Who is this “Petri” that WackyWally keeps referring to?  Does he maybe mean “Petry”, as in Dan, who sometimes posts herein? So now Whacko can’t spell either among his other intellectual accomplishments? 

I did notice that neither Wacko nor somegoofballinsb responded to the list of Obama/Bush comparisons.  Let me guess - so ridiculous as to not be worth their time to respond.  Right guys, read the last sentence again.

» on 01.31.12 @ 08:46 AM

Sorry Locke that you don’t get it regarding the spelling of Danny boys last name. I didn’t start it , but do find it apropos and very funny.
  Regarding linking opinion pieces from known rightwing sources and somehow equating that with knowledge provides me with endless entertainment. Not an original thought to be found , coupled with lectures about the poster’s superior knowledge. At least I know I’m a dummy and am just smart enough to know that your arrogance only dimnishes your wisdom. 
Here is a little unrelated quote to remind us of the basic difference dividing politics today-
    “This is an impressive crowd: the Have’s and Have-more’s. Some people call you the elites. I call you my base” . Shrub

» on 01.31.12 @ 12:43 PM

John Locke - are you really that stupid?  You actually dont know what a petri dish is?  HA HA no wonder you’re a Republican!!!!  You’re too stupid to realize the most obvious of puns…or things…

» on 01.31.12 @ 01:14 PM

Wireless, these two just demonstrated your points about them once again.

» on 01.31.12 @ 03:05 PM

Aren’t there any educated, articulate, adult liberals in this town who can engage in a conversation? Geeze-a-lou, anyway the unemployment number is meaningless. Its not how many, but what kind of employment.

Obviously the government could further extend its borrowing until China says stop, and hire a significant number of unemployed to make that unemployment number go down. They could put these guys to work on BO’s campaign. The problem is it would be a net drag on the economy, get the drift? However, the government could also take the shackles off resource extraction, manufacturing and agriculture by firing a significant number of regulators and obstructionists and these guys could go to work for the wealth generating sectors of our economy, actually being productive for once in their lives and the unemployment number would go down and the economy would boom.

We don’t need any more parasitic jobs in America, the government, financial sector and legal sector are sucking enough wealth out of the system producing nothing but obstruction and malaise. What we do need is America getting back to work producing more wealth than it consumes. We have a huge debt to pay off and just moving currency around won’t pay it off, particularly when we are borrowing huge sums of money just to do that!

Alright my liberal children argue that.

» on 01.31.12 @ 03:23 PM

They can’t help themselves John Locke.  Like I said it’s a genetic defect.  A reflex like the doctor tapping your knee.  When they are treated to information they don’t like you get these reactions:  Insult,ignore and change the subject.

Pathetic.  The sad thing is they so blind they can’t even see it.

» on 01.31.12 @ 03:39 PM


How’s this for an unbiased source:  the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  They say real unemployment is 10%:

» on 02.01.12 @ 02:36 PM

Hey Wally,

This will make your head explode.  New CBO study makes it clear that Obama has the worst fiscal record of any President.  Ever.  Yes that includes Bush.

» on 02.01.12 @ 06:10 PM


Here is a piece about the Koch brothers that you have so much venom for.  You’ve been played for a fool:

» on 02.01.12 @ 08:09 PM

This guy dissects Obama’s SOTU speech pretty aggressively.  Obama thinks we are dumb:

» on 02.02.12 @ 02:14 PM

Here is some interesting data on recoveries from recessions.  We are following the exact opposite policies that have been demonstrated to work and the same policies that have been demonstrated to fail:

» on 02.02.12 @ 05:04 PM

Obamanomics vs. Reaganomics:

You lefties care to explain this?  I’ll save you the trouble: its all Bush’s fault.

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