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La Casa de la Raza Takes Issue with Newspaper Articles, Demands Retraction

Santa Barbara organization denies claims that its building is being sold or auctioned or that it has lost its nonprofit status

Casa de la Raza Executive Director Raquel Lopez, right, listens as board President Marisela Marquez speaks with the media Tuesday about what it deems were unfair newspaper articles published about the Santa Barbara nonprofit organization.
Casa de la Raza Executive Director Raquel Lopez, right, listens as board President Marisela Marquez speaks with the media Tuesday about what it deems were unfair newspaper articles published about the Santa Barbara nonprofit organization.  (Lara Cooper / Noozhawk photo)

By Lara Cooper, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @laraanncooper |

Leaders of La Casa de la Raza charged Tuesday that the Latino community group has been unfairly maligned in two local newspaper articles, and publicly demanded a retraction during a news conference in front of the organization’s building at 601 E. Montecito St. in Santa Barbara.

The story under scrutiny was published initially on Feb. 15 in Santa Barbara Latino, a Spanish-language newspaper owned by the Santa Barbara News-Press, which published an English translation of the story more than a month later.

But La Casa leaders say the article was never updated before it was run a second time, and incorrectly claims that the organization’s building is slated to go up for auction in late May because of unpaid taxes. The property has been taken off the auction block, according to Santa Barbara County officials, but the article has not been updated since it was published Sunday by the News-Press.

Why the newspaper ran the story a month later after its original publication without updating the story to reflect the new auction deadline is unclear. News-Press editors did not respond to Noozhawk’s request for comment Tuesday afternoon.

“We find it unconscionable that the News-Press would publish a month-old story and not verify its accuracy,” La Casa board President Marisela Marquez, adding that the problem was compounded when several television and radio news stations ran the story as well without verifying the auction date.

The dispute comes as the organization is about to hold its 40th anniversary dinner this Saturday, which will serve as a fundraiser to help make up for the back taxes the group owes.

The group took issue with several points in the article, saying that its property is not being sold or auctioned, and that La Casa has not lost its nonprofit status. Group leaders say their attorneys had been working with the county long before the stories appeared in print.

“The quotes are not accurate, and we have been exploring what steps if any we will take regarding that issue,” said Raquel Lopez, La Casa’s executive director. 

In regards to the allegation that the group had lost its tax status, Lopez shared with Noozhawk a letter from the IRS that was sent in 2009, confirming the organization’s nonprofit status.

La Casa owns its Montecito Street building, but has been in default on its property taxes since the 2004-05 fiscal year. The organization has until April 1 to pay the $85,474 it owes to stop the auction, according to Clint Donati, assistant treasurer tax-collector for Santa Barbara County.

Donati said the property has been taken off the auction block because of new state guidelines sent to the county at the beginning of March. He said it’s likely the county won’t act until the new state rules are in place, which could be in August or September of this year.

“They realized they’ve got to pay this now,” Donati said of La Casa, adding that the county is hopeful the group will act soon. “We’d much rather collect taxes from somebody than sell their property, especially with their long history in the community.”

Marquez said the organization will be paying the full amount owed, adding that the county has agreed to refund any fees that have been incorrectly assessed.

“The county is working with us,” she said. “Unlike what was reported, we are not evading our tax responsibility.”

The organization is exploring all forms of fundraising, including donations and even a loan as it works to pay what it owes the county, Marquez told reporters. She wouldn’t say how much the group has raised so far, but said she’s hopeful that Saturday’s fundraiser will bring in the needed funds.

The group is still working with its attorney to sort out exactly what it owes to the county.

“We’re absolutely concerned, because we want to make sure we pay if there’s anything we owed,” Lopez told Noozhawk in December.

Lopez said Tuesday that the organization is “very confident we’ll pay it by the deadline. We want to put this to rest.”

She said one possible donor the group is considering an offer from “believes in La Casa, and supports La Casa, and wants us out of the media’s attention.”

Marquez said the initial story was picked up by other media “as though it had come over the AP news wire,” and admonished those that had run the story to give equal space to running La Casa’s side of the story and a retraction.

Lopez said the 40-year-old organization has a positive legacy that isn’t reflected in the media.

At Saturday’s fundraising dinner, the organization will be honoring Jorge Huerta, founder of Teatro de la Esepranza.

“That’s the news, that’s exciting,” Lopez said, adding that the quinceaneras, weddings and community events that the space is used for often go unnoticed by the media. 

“It’s that kind of space that never gets reflected,” she said.

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» on 03.28.12 @ 01:44 AM

This racist organization needs to go.

» on 03.28.12 @ 02:25 AM

These people need to go.

» on 03.28.12 @ 10:10 AM

News-Press incompetency.

» on 03.28.12 @ 10:11 AM

Overtaxed and John Q…why must right-wingers be so racist? Why must you wear it on your sleeves so blatantly? Aren’t you ashamed?

» on 03.28.12 @ 11:55 AM

The real property should be tax exempt like other non-profits. One that comes to mind is the non-profit that Joni Gray ran, along with Joe Holland, the County Clerk, Recorder-Assessors Office, that cannot account for Federal, State, and City of Lompoc funds, The Lompoc Housing Community Development Corporation, LHCDC. This one should be investigated for criminal fraud.

Has the News-Press done a story on this scandal. This story certainly has legs.

» on 03.28.12 @ 12:00 PM

According to the California Secretary of State’s website -, the corporate status of La Casa de la Raza is suspended as of 3/23/12.  They need to get together with their lawyer immediately and determine whether they have not filed tax returns and/or filed corporate statements of information with the SOS office.

» on 03.28.12 @ 12:34 PM

» on 03.28.12 @ 12:47 PM

» on 03.28.12 @ 01:00 PM

One is left to wonder why Nick Tonkin is not running with the story of the LHCDC?

» on 03.28.12 @ 01:02 PM

Who is racist Bob, Overtaxed and John Q for pointing out the obvious or “The House of the Race” (La Casa de la Raza) an organization predicated on racial segregation and the promotion of race based cultural differences over harmony and assimilation?

Typical liberal knee jerk, “oh they are Hispanic so there can’t be anything wrong with what they are doing and even if there were we can’t say so or we’ll be racists”.

The truth is most Santa Barbara liberal elites are stupid, so caught up in their own dopy PC that a racist organization (and one of many) can operate right under their noses, unfettered. If the Ku Klux Klan, changed their name to something Spanish sounding and died their skin brown the dopy liberals would welcome them with open arms.

Racism is racism and you don’t get a pass because of skin color or origin of birth.

» on 03.28.12 @ 01:43 PM

Boo hoo….  you’re more than welcome to go home to mexico.

» on 03.28.12 @ 02:10 PM

There are non-profits in Santa Barbara that are sitting on real property that are worth multi-millions of dollars that

Do Not Pay
A Single Cent
In Property Taxes
To the County,

Such as Lotusland!

Your elected official, Joe Holland, County Clerk, Recorder-Assessor would be happy to assist you.

Make an appointment today.

» on 03.28.12 @ 03:45 PM

People: Listen Up. Casa de la Raza is not racist. It is a cultural icon in this community we call Santa Barbara, Califonia, which was once Mexico, just stolen by a bunch of Europeans. Now you people who don your white hoods want to call one of the last vestiges of Santa Barbara’s heritage racist? Look in the mirror: That’s where you will see someone racist. As for a nonprofit’s tax problems, don they all have some? La Casa may not be perfect, but it helps keep kids off the street. I don’t want to imagine this town without it.
As for the News-Press, well now there’s one racist institution if I have ever seen one. I know, I worked there.

» on 03.28.12 @ 04:28 PM

I could not disagree more with Ms. Marquez’ comment: “Unlike what was reported, we are not evading our tax responsibility.”

I’m sorry, but if you haven’t paid your property taxes in 8 years, you are in fact, evading your tax responsibility.  It’s embarassing they are even trying to argue that point.

» on 03.28.12 @ 05:37 PM

Remcpr, thank you for demonstrating perfectly why this institution must go. Your attitude that California was “stolen” sums it up brilliantly. If that wasn’t born out of the culturally biased and racist attitude of the Aztlan, that kooky group of Mexican separatists who believe Mexico should re-take the southwestern US, I don’t know what would be. Any organization that calls itself the house of the race is by its own admission racist, if you don’t understand that you have been drinking the kool-aid far to long.

» on 03.28.12 @ 05:38 PM

Its worth noting that this article with 16 comments does not make it to the Most Commented section.

» on 03.28.12 @ 07:02 PM

Truthy, I have noticed that as well. I think the web page is buggy. I liked it better when they displayed the most recent comment posted. BTW – why the thread on Lompoc? Is there something personal in there or are you just curious?

» on 03.28.12 @ 08:12 PM

ANON50: Who’s the kook? You deny history with your Eurocentric view. And, by the way, Casa de la Raza has a deeper meaning than “race,” as you so oversimplify it. But then I don’t think you can look beyond your white hood to see the deeper meaning. Racists like yourself are hardly worth talking to at all. But oh well, here goes nothing: Read some history, such as “Occupied America,” by Corky Gonzalez. Get a clue, then get your caranium out of posterior.

» on 03.28.12 @ 08:40 PM

Typical, tax evaders. Deport them if they don’t want to help pay for our infrastructure and services that we all enjoy.

» on 03.28.12 @ 08:49 PM

The scandal with the LHCDC and Joni Gray could only have been allowed to occur with the assistance of the Assessors Office. Here we have a non-profit with the stated mission to assist the homeless and instead went into commercial real estate development, but nothing got developed, annual filings didn’t occur, tax exempt status was granted and real property was transfered right before its dissolution, and the attorney on file for the LHCDC was Joni Gray’s husband.

A Grand Jury investigation should be in effect, but there appears to be a gag order on the story, and no further investigation taking place.

Millions of tax payers dollars seem to have vanished once they went into the coffers of the corporation, and all county controls that should have identified the irrgularities seemed to have been compromised.

Did I forget to mention that Joni Gray was on the Board of Directors of the LHCDC, and she sat on the deliberations for county contracts granted to the LHCDC, and all along she did not know it was a conflict of interest. Furthermore, operations were run from her county office by her Executive Assistant.

» on 03.28.12 @ 08:53 PM

Wow, since every single one of these comments has been absolutely worthless I just thought I’d add another.

» on 03.28.12 @ 08:54 PM

A more informative article than what appeared in the Newspress appeared in the Independent in December. But the conclusion was the same - Casa De La Rasa is in hot water.

» on 03.29.12 @ 12:07 PM

Our education has taught us that a highly intelligent being can demonstrate its false sense of security by its ability to doubt and denigrate everything.

We are paralyzed by ignorance and have become ineffective in making sound decisions to save a cultural institution that contributes to our growth, consciousness, and promotes community, or to sustain the corruption that exists in government, parasitic in nature, and continues to suck the life force from the community.

Two entities, the LHCDC and La Casa De La Raza. The LHCDC was run for more than 10 years by the politically connected,  did not add any value to the community, depleted resources and can not account for the wealth that passed through it coffers. Then there is La Casa De La Raza, a community icon birthed from the civil rights movement, a cultural foundation, and an institution that contributes in wealth that cannot be measured in dollars.

Perhaps if the players in the LHCDC scandal were Salud Carbajal and Das Williams, rather than Joni Gray and Joe Holland, there would be uproar.

So boring to view our existence within such a narrow confinement as to miss the whole picture.

» on 03.29.12 @ 01:39 PM

Be a light-skinned non-hispanic, go to La Raza meetings and see how you are treated before you even utter a word. Not racist? I beg to differ.

» on 03.29.12 @ 02:34 PM

I am such a person, InTheMiddle. My ancestors go back to old Mexico and Europe. My Mexican ancestors were here before lefties like Truthy and remcpr showed up. They intermarried with Europeans before California became a US state. It is, therefore, unconscionable for me to have racist tendencies toward anyone. Racism is a non-sequitur to me. The Casa is populated with vile xenophobes, they themselves of European and Native American ancestry, making their quest for the Mexican separatist movement more about Mexican nationality than race.

Given the deplorable condition of Mexico right now, over run by drug lords and impoverished by the “five families” I cannot for the life of me understand what these xenophobes truly want. They are no more Aztecs than I am and the country they want to colonize the southwestern US is a friggen mess.

But the left props them up and whisper in their ear “you are doing the right thing”. No you are doing exactly what wealthy, white, liberal elites want you to do, Casa. Be divided along cultural and racial lines and squabbling over meaningless bullshit. Keep the masses feuding among themselves and they will not be a threat to the powerful, particularly a powerful who claimed their wealth through parasitic means.

» on 03.29.12 @ 10:44 PM

“40-year-old organization has a positive legacy”  Positive for who? And how do you define “positive?” La Raza supporters mask their intentions by positioning La Raza as a cultural heritage necessity, and yes, they are a tool of liberal elites.  But most of them don’t understand this. I really believe that most thoughtful and hard-working hispanics that are not predisposed to a victim mentality understand this. Its the rest that need to pull back and really understand how divisive this kind of organization is. If people all over the world continue to try to get revenge for their ancestors enemies, there will never be any hope of peaceful coexistence anywhere. And this just feeds into the plans of the powerful people at the top who want to keep us all fighting for their own gain.

» on 03.30.12 @ 12:11 PM

remcpr =  You’re arguing for a revolution to take hold and for property to be taken based on a few years of iffy land ownership some 300 years ago and you call other people the racists?  My god, you’re clueless. 

You need to learn that “Mexican” is not a race… its a country, a country that was founded by the Spanish who STOLE the land and raped and pillaged the natives…If you have an issue, its with your ancestors not with the great people of the USA.

Ignorance and stupidity does not favor any particular creed. Your stupidity is neither attributed to your country of origin or your race but just the fact that you were born an idiot.  Get a education and put your energy towards something worthwhile.

» on 03.30.12 @ 12:36 PM

If one listens closely there are heard whispers of an awakening to the power politics of our institutions, a shimmer of light on the manipulation of our ideals by polarizing political issues and creating a terrific dizziness to our reality. In the same sentence that the polarization of our ideal and beliefs are being admonished, the recapitulation comes full circle to the polarization of pitting liberals against conservatives…listen,
“But the left props them up and whisper in their ear “you are doing the right thing”. No you are doing exactly what wealthy, white, liberal elites want you to do, Casa. Be divided along cultural and racial lines and squabbling over meaningless bullshit. Keep the masses feuding among themselves and they will not be a threat to the powerful, particularly a powerful who claimed their wealth through parasitic means.” …

…”And this just feeds into the plans of the powerful people at the top who want to keep us all fighting for their own gain”

…there’s even a subtle suggestion to a conspiracy against the public by a select few very powerful people.

Conspiracy inclination shouldn’t necessary mean that one is a crack-pot, but rather that one is no longer fooled by the spoon-fed linear storyline that is re-hashed on the evening news. One with such a perspective can now see with more dimension, depth and volume, and has broken away from the narrowly confined official storyline.

Don’t be fooled by the Lone Gunman scenario, it is purposely designed to end all further investigations, and to protect the powerful. They’re called false flag operations.

Hegelian Dialectic
In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) used Hegel’s theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism. Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

Hegel’s dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. Every time we fight for or defend against an ideology we are playing a necessary role in Marx and Engels’ grand design to advance humanity into a dictatorship of the proletariat. The synthetic Hegelian solution to all these conflicts can’t be introduced unless we all take a side that will advance the agenda. The Marxist’s global agenda is moving along at breakneck speed. The only way to completely stop the privacy invasions, expanding domestic police powers, land grabs, insane wars against inanimate objects (and transient verbs), covert actions, and outright assaults on individual liberty, is to step outside the dialectic. This releases us from the limitations of controlled and guided thought.

» on 03.30.12 @ 01:22 PM

Here’s a thought for all of you.  By some of your defintions, any organization dedicated to promoting a racial heritage is racist.  By others’ definition anyone calling such an organization racist is racist.  Try this:  eliminate the word “racist” from your posts and try real hard to comment on the merits of the article.

» on 03.30.12 @ 02:33 PM

Someguy, happy to see we agree on some things.

Truthy, no one is going to comprehend what you are on about. Marx and Lenin used Dialectic Materialism which consequently gave rise to Karl Popper’s rejection of communism and the rise of the Semantic Theory of Truth (more akin to Dualism).

In this case John is right, the article is about a organization in deep doo doo over failure to pay property tax on its real estate holdings and having an issue with the SBNP over how that was reported. That organization is racist John and every time they make a public statement where I have an opportunity to comment I will bring it up. It would be no different if the name of the organization was the Ku Klux Klan. There is no place in our country for xenophobic racists or self proclaimed foreign nationalists. Go do that crap some where else.

BTW – Truthy, still waiting for some clarification on the Lompoc deal.

» on 03.31.12 @ 02:19 AM

I read a number of the articles about this organization and there seems to be a fair amount of money unaccounted for. Maybe it is time for the authorities to conduct an investigation to see how the money was spent. One wonders if some of the people running this place have inappropriately enriched themselves over the years. Just how much of the donated funds are being used for their intended purposes.

» on 03.31.12 @ 01:35 PM

From a white liberal elite perspective:
1) Clearly bad/no financial management has gone on too long at La Casa.
2) Clearly some major restructuring of leadership and management is needed.
3) Items 1 and 2 do not mean La Casa itself is bad. On the contrary, 1 and 2 need to be addressed now so we don’t lose this extremely valuable community resource.

4) La Casa is not a racist organization and anyone who claims it is has no understanding of racism, civil rights movements, and La Casa. There is nothing racist about organizations that promote cultural awareness, pride, and community. The comparison to the KKK is ludicrous because of course there IS something wrong with organizations that promote racial supremacy and the killing of non-whites (or anybody).

For anyone who is non-white, living in the US where white/euro culture dominates everything (politics, media, corporations ETC), entities like La Casa are crucial to feeling even a small sense of inclusion or community since there isn’t very much affirmation of your culture, image, and identity in the dominant culture. Some of you make this white cultural dominance even more negative when you say things like ‘go back to Mexico’ or refer to ‘them’ vs. ‘OUR country.’ Such statements indicate that it’s you who are invested in “la raza”: for you the U.S. is the house of the people/race—the WHITE people. You’re saying, ‘become like us or leave,’  and that it’s wrong for there to be places where any other types of people are celebrated.

La Casa is a very important resource in our community. Its current leadership needs a major overhaul so we don’t lose this resource. But the haters commenting here need to educate themselves and/or be quiet. Their criticisms say a lot more about them than about La Casa.

» on 04.01.12 @ 03:02 PM

Nice spin Alex. There is only one culture where racism does not exist and that is a mono culture comprised of many different people. It is a culture where your differences based on skin color, eyes, hair, weight, sexual preference, religion, education, economic status, place of birth and other such superfluous characteristics are not weighted. It is a culture based on the individual merit, the honesty, integrity and accomplishments of a person rather than where they came from or look like or believe. Yes those things can be important in forming the basis of your accomplishments but are secondary to your character aside from them.

This is what MLK meant in his dream of a color blind society where race didn’t matter as much as what kind of person you were. The Casa does not promote color blind society but instead the white, wealthy, liberal elite method of divide and conquer called “multiculturalism”.

Until you pathetic stooges of this particularly insidious form of racial, ethnic and cultural segregation get it through your dopy propaganda addled minds that you have been bamboozled by your own ideology then there is no hope for a racist free society. There is no hope we can live together as one country and as one society, as long as you continue to promote division by culture.

» on 04.01.12 @ 05:11 PM

Anon50: I’ll put this simply for you.Past segregation is the reason La Casa. The signs once were displayed in the windoowss of Santa Barbara business that said “No Mexicans or dogs allowed” are gone. But you comments take their place. BTW, to write comments you need wit. Good thing you’re half-way there.

» on 04.03.12 @ 01:27 PM

Remcpr, your intellectual admonishment would have greater impact if you proof read your comment before publishing. Rectifying past wrongs with wrongs of your own only perpetuates the problem. Encouraging people to pursue their own cultural identity only causes segregation and division. This country was once known as a melting pot. Now it is a steaming boiling cauldron of competing cultures, often at odds with each other. The end result will be factional fighting and civil war. There are those who pursue multiculturalism out of ideological naiveté and there are those who do it for political purposes (divide and concur). The former are usually stooges of the latter.

Yes we had many problems melting newcomers into the social fabric as evidenced by the signs you mention. But the solution is not multiculturalism or cultural pride, but rather cultural assimilation. Like I said earlier, my family’s roots go way back here in California long before you showed up or the rest of these east coast gringos with their idiotic white guilt. When the gringos came 163 years ago and settled here and fought for statehood in the new US we welcomed them. We assimilated and melted in giving California its special Spanish rancho flavor. We do not like the new Aztlan Mexican nationalist coming here spreading the message of Mexican nationalism. Come here and be Americans, melting our cultures together so we can all be as one or get the hell out. The same message was given to Italians, Irish, Chinese, Germans, Koreans, Turks, Jews, Moroccans, Rwandans, Canadians, Britons, French, Russians, Argentines, Swedes, Japanese, Haitians, Polish, Armenians, Cubans, Columbians, Belgians, Ugandans, Ethiopian, Syrians, Indians, Indonesians, Tasmanians, Norwegians, Australians, etc, etc, etc, including Mexicans. This is a country built of many people and we have a low tolerance for those coming here to colonize. You can join or you can leave, the choice is yours.

That is not racist, bigotry or any of the other PC crap you nationalists spread at the behest of your white racist masters on the left. It is a message of unity and togetherness that can only be reached when you leave your myopic cultural identity at the border and decide to be with the rest of us. America is the one place you can come, assimilate and watch the good of your culture grow into our social fabric, while the bad of your culture is left behind. If that is not your intent, then you came to the wrong place and now must answer to your slave holders, those white, liberal elites who out of intellectual narcissism, feel compelled to tell you how and what you must do. Or join the other 300 million of us who live as one American cultural melting pot, finally free of the cultural slavery that drove us here and free to be American, a mixture of all the worlds people living as one. It’s not perfect and indeed is very messy but it’s the best the world has to offer. But if cultural purity based on your home land is what you seek then go back there and practice your xenophobic existence there.

» on 04.03.12 @ 02:10 PM

AN50: Applause, Applause. No truer words were spoken. Unfortunately I think the brilliantly clear logic of your words are lost on the victim-mentality or PC audiences to which La Raza caters. But you can keep talking all day because I cherish your perspective and understand that its the only perspective that will prevent American from going downhill.

» on 04.03.12 @ 04:01 PM


Why don’t you brush your teach before you comment or just take it to the News-Press? You and your friendly commentors remind me of enuchs at a gang-banging: You all watch and point, but you really can’t do much, just be intellectually impotent. BTW, if you keep commenting here, it only raises the awareness of how many people in this town still wear white hoods like you.

» on 04.03.12 @ 08:25 PM

InTheMiddle, thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately, as remcpr demonstrates, keeping the American dream alive is an up hill battle.

» on 04.04.12 @ 05:54 PM

To Anon: Your dream is a nightmare. Your battle is to wage war on diversity. Sorry, we can’t blend in with your view of the world. You battle will be uphill forever because it goes againnst the tide of humanity, which is something you lack.

» on 04.05.12 @ 12:42 PM

Man, AN50, you really believe that melting pot mythology, don’t you? Let me guess, you and your forebears have light skin, right? See that assimilation idea has worked a little better for immigrants of Euro descent, with lighter skin, than for those folks with brown and black skin. One reason is that assimilation, as it has worked in the US, really means—be like the majority, i.e., white. Who has to melt into that pot? Only the newcomer, who has to assume some generic white “ideal.” What exactly is wrong with wanting to keep one’s cultural heritage? Why does that threaten you (and many other white people) so?

Also, your earlier citation of MLK to support your belief in another myth, “colorblindness,” is really simplistic. Have you ever read other writings and speeches of MLK? Doesn’t appear so. Instead you just repeat the sound bite version you’ve heard from other conservatives who’ve taken one line, twisted it, and appropriated it for purposes MLK would never have supported. Pay close attention: judging people by the content of their character not the color of their skin does not mean we should be colorblind. One can recognize, even celebrate color/culture but the key issue MLK spoke of is not to JUDGE people on that basis. Even you can understand that, surely? But will you open your mind enough to do so, then admit it? I doubt it.

» on 04.05.12 @ 01:02 PM

Multiculturalism is not diversity and the diversity you speak of is nothing more than divide and conquer. You have been duped, suckered, tricked, hoodwinked, snowed, pranked, bamboozled, deceived, led astray, lied to, betrayed, conned, swindled, cheated, taken in, defrauded and deluded, by those who you thought had your best interests at heart. No they used you like a nice little gullible pawn. Go ahead and bask in their political correctness. Suck up all that feel good crap as they suck your soul away and turn you into a good little stooge. Sooner or later though you will grow up, grow a brain and realize who the real enemy is and they will be your master.

» on 04.05.12 @ 05:35 PM

Pat, read what I friggen wrote then try to come back with a cogent and coherent argument. I suggest you look up the word “assimilate” and leave your self loathing hatred and lunatic guilt over long dead ancestors behind. Good grief!

» on 04.05.12 @ 09:28 PM

Give it up Anon50: Look beyond your white hood. Someone should divide your skull.

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