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Capps Wins Re-Election But Returns to Washington in the Minority

Seven-term lawmaker cruises to victory over Watson but voters give Republicans control of House

Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, takes a photo opportunity with her daughter, Laura Burton-Capps, during her Tuesday night victory party in downtown Santa Barbara.
Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, takes a photo opportunity with her daughter, Laura Burton-Capps, during her Tuesday night victory party in downtown Santa Barbara.  (Lara Cooper / Noozhawk photo)

By Giana Magnoli, Noozhawk Staff Writer | updated logo |

Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, was elected to her seventh term Tuesday, beating out three newcomers and winning 85,555 votes, or 57.1 percent.

The three-county 23rd Congressional District stretches from Oxnard in Ventura County to the south to the San Luis Obispo County-Monterey County line in the north.

Republican Tom Watson, a technology entrepreneur and retired Navy aviator, was the strongest challenger to Capps, nabbing 57,500 votes, or 38.4 percent. Watson beat out four other Republicans in the June primary election with 36 percent of the vote.

Independent John Hager, a Santa Barbara lawyer, pulled in 4,229 votes, or 2.8 percent, and Libertarian Darrell Stafford, a retired finance director from Arroyo Grande, garnered just 2,468 votes, or 1.6 percent.

Capps was all smiles Tuesday night, flanked by Democratic supporters in downtown Santa Barbara. While Republicans were sweeping to the majority in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Capps said the local problems of unemployment and foreclosures are nonpartisan issues that all politicians must work on.

“The problems are the same so we’ll keep working on them,” she said. “I’ve been in the minority before and I always try to work across the aisle.”

After so many years in office, she said she gets energized with each trip home to Santa Barbara. She said the passage of local bond measures for the Santa Barbara School Districts, which she advocated for at a news conference last week, shows that people still care despite tough times.

In San Luis Obispo County, Capps received 54.65 percent, or 22,164 votes, to Watson’s 16,457 votes. Hager received 1,107 votes, and Stafford pulled in 804 votes.

In Santa Barbara County, Capps’ 39,349 votes far outmatched Watson’s 28,422. Hager had his strongest showing in Santa Barbara County, with 1,937, while Stafford garnered 895.

In Ventura County, Capps brought in 24,042 votes to Watson’s 12,621, with Hager nabbing 1,185 votes and Stafford getting 769 votes. A write-in candidate received 132 votes.

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» on 11.03.10 @ 11:00 AM

Well done, Lois. Now, please, make economic development of your district your top priority. Work to convince the City of Santa Barbara and the County and all community leaders and stakeholders that its long past time to encourage businesses to locate here. Start with a laser like focus on green tech, high tech, cloud computing, medical devices, interactive advertising (sectors that all have a strong presence here already) and bring well paying jobs to the Central Coast.

» on 11.03.10 @ 01:05 PM

What incriminating pictures does this woman have and on whom?  How is it possible that such a know-nothing do-nothing can be re-elected yet again?

» on 11.03.10 @ 01:08 PM


Now lets get rid of this stupid gerrymandered district.

» on 11.03.10 @ 01:17 PM

Well, Santa Barbara and California has a PROGRESSIVE electorate. No big surprise really.

» on 11.03.10 @ 01:50 PM

As one radio commentator said last night, this was a David vs. Goliath contest. And David got pretty damn close in this shamefully gerrymandered district. KUDOS to Watson & crew for the valiant effort they put in. NEXT TIME, with new district lines… I’d bet Lois quits before running! Meanwhile California seems determined to become Greece. Just wish the water was warmer…

» on 11.03.10 @ 02:29 PM

Most of America woke up Tuesday. Not Santa Barbara or
  California. When our state continues down the road to
  destruction, I don’t want to hear any complaints. You the
  people in this state will be responsible.

» on 11.03.10 @ 02:40 PM

Will we ever get rid of this woman?

» on 11.03.10 @ 02:45 PM

Brown will crack heads and get California moving in the right direction again. How going back to the GOP criminality nationally is a good thing I’m not sure. The disaster between 2001 and 2006 is hard to forget or forgive. Funny how none of these “fiscally responsible” Republicans never, ever mention attacking the defense budget in a meaningful way. Why?

» on 11.03.10 @ 02:47 PM

To John Q - Only when her daughter takes over. MARK MY WORDS!

» on 11.03.10 @ 02:50 PM

Gonna be tough being a political robot in this new Congress.

Now there is change for you.

» on 11.03.10 @ 03:44 PM

California has recaptured the leadership roll once again, not as an economic powerhouse, we are bankrupt, not as technological innovators, we still need a nanny to fund our expensive green crap nobody wants, not as a leader in ethics as IV voter fraud highlights and certainly not as the political cutting edge having returned several air head embarrassments to Washington and electing an old tired retread hippy to the governor’s mansion. Yes we Californians are now the leaders in what NOT to do. Every other state in the union except those populated by a majority of democrats uses California as an example of why Obama must go and why California is now the worlds laughingstock.

» on 11.03.10 @ 03:46 PM

Hey Empty, feeling good? That’s the arsenic in the Kool-aid you drank.

» on 11.03.10 @ 04:14 PM

Ironic to hear people complain about why Capps can’t be removed but also laud Watson running. 

This election was probably the best chance of Capps losing her seat with more dissatisfaction from her supporters than usual.  But the Republicans being as stubborn and narrow-sighted as usual, ran a pro-war, pro-oil, Tea Party candidate, in a Dem majority district who leans further left and has a staunch nexus of environmental support.  The numbers will never add up for a candidate like Watson to win.  Period.  And the further they move a candidate to the right, the further it appeals for Dems to want to prevent a candidate like that to take Congress.

» on 11.03.10 @ 04:34 PM

Socialist union puppet..Pelosi’s rubber stamp.

» on 11.03.10 @ 04:56 PM

Surfsb is right about one thing, the numbers won’t add up until we un-gerrymander this district. This town is full of a bunch of trust funders (who don’t have to work) hence they have liberal guilt (the rest of us don’t have) and until the lines are redrawn all we can say is give WATSON a medal of honor for even trying! THAT is an act of valor. AN50 hits the nail on the head. We’ve just proven to the world that we’re a bunch of airheads and old hippies (along with illegal aliens and 30% of the nation’s welfare recipients). You wonder why the job producers are going to leave even FASTER now? Hope the posters here are ALL trust-funders, because you’re going to need your stash. The rest of your state mates will be whining for their Obama stash, Moonbeam stash, etc. Yikes!

» on 11.03.10 @ 05:37 PM

Historic, simply historic.  This election was driven by the total repudiation of the progressives and the Obama agenda.  Trending now to over 65+ seats!  A defeat of this size for any party not seen since the 1940’s!  Wow.  The Taxed Enough Already tidal wave sliced and diced the establishment of both parties and the results are incredible.  In addition to this phenomenal victory the conservatives won another 6-8 governorships and a number of Senate seats.  Major defeats in traditional blue States with entire state houses turning over.  The broad defeat, even in “up in smoke” California, of marijuana proposals.  Paint it in any color you want progressives, heck you can even paint it in the rainbow colors of your wristbands, the bottom line is that the people of America threw you out of the house like the two bit whores you are.

Those governorships are probably far more important than anything.  With the coming redistricting in 2011 we should see the gelding of the progressive movement in a significant manner.

I care not about most of what has happened in the peoples republic of California, tho I do find it intriguing that Watson was able to come as close as he did.  Good job Tom!!  But you have to realize that the progressives could elect a dead poodle for this district.  In fact….

The problem Cali now has is that with the passage of the new budget requirements (simple majority) and the election of Moon Beam – once again; you will quickly succumb to the status of Greece.  All in all I think that will be a great thing.  With bankruptcy comes reality and constructive change.  I look forward to the fun of watching California eat itself alive.  Oh, and don’t count on any bailouts from the rest of America. I’m a happy camper today.  Thank you Tea Party.

» on 11.03.10 @ 06:08 PM

Yay! Anarchy, no more government, dismantle the tenets of society, disband police forces and the military, tear down the pillars of the plutocracy and the establishment! Long live the Disunited States of America!

» on 11.03.10 @ 06:56 PM

It looks like another election bought and paid for by the Unions.  They will be around shortly to collect from thier newly elected officials. Don’t count on any fiscal relief when these democrats have to negotiate with the unions because they both know who owns whom.  It appears that even though we are 50th in the nation in nearly everything, we really like the course we are on.  I hope they can fix things but maybe if they can’t, then things will be bad enough that maybe just one candidate from another party can overcome the Union caompaign money machine and become a voice for taxpayers.

» on 11.03.10 @ 08:49 PM

Surfsb, what you are saying is, even though your side is dissatisfied with the performance of your representative, you elect her anyway? Then you suggest that the other side compromise its principles and nominate someone who won’t represent them? You want us to compromise so you lunatics on the left don’t feel bad about whom we nominate and we are expected to believe you would vote for them? Meg Whitman was a damned Arnold/RINO clone for God’s sake and you idiots put that moron retread hippy back in office after he destroyed Oakland and damn near destroyed our state once before. And now you expect us to believe you would have gone for a moderate republican? What a load of ignorant disingenuous slop.

You had an opportunity to elect someone else that may not represent your liberal/progressive ideology, but was competent and interested in making sure we could produce enough wealth to support some of your ridiculous nanny state feel good crap. Instead you stick the same tired old embarrassments back in office that have done what, dragged the once shining example for other states to follow into a crumbling, bankrupt loony bin every one now uses as the example of what not to do?

Stupid is as stupid does. As a friend of mine suggested, yesterday was a Jim Jones moment for California. Hope you enjoyed that Kool-aid. Fortunately the rest of the country is on the path toward real progress by repudiating the Obama agenda.

» on 11.03.10 @ 10:01 PM

Business will leave California at a record pace now—Just watch—These liberals hate business.

I cant believe these two tax and spend Wacho’s Brown and boxer are back—can you say Black market—Boston tax party on its way—

» on 11.04.10 @ 12:29 AM

So why all the congrats for Watson? Just because he showed up?
He got 38.4% of the votes. In 2002, the first year of the current district configuration, Beth Rogers tallied 38.6% against Capps. Lowest Republican support was in 2008 when the GOP guy was hung out to dry with no $ support and pulled in only 31.8%
Overall, Republicans have not made any headway in this district in the last 5 election cycles.
Of course with new districts it will be a new ballgame next time, but bear in mind that all those union-loving, America-hating progressive Democrats will end up in some district somewhere.
If the local district gets stacked in favor of Republicans then Lois just might really quit, but poor old Elton Gallegly might get stuck with a bunch of Democrats and need to quit, too!

» on 11.04.10 @ 01:00 AM

Stock up! I get my tea at… The Bond Street English Breakfast blend is great!

Thanks Petry & AN50 (among others)... you give me hope. Even if we have to leave the Golden State when the rioting begins.

» on 11.04.10 @ 01:15 AM

Because it tweaks you.

» on 11.04.10 @ 01:24 AM

That’s ok dudette, only if it’s Earl Grey.

» on 11.04.10 @ 03:14 AM

The Pied Piper of rightwingnuts takes particular glee in California’s struggles, yet never seems to tell us about the similar financial condition of his home state Arizona. Red state Arizona is in bad shape , near bankruptcy , and its problems cant be pinned on Progressives although the Pied Piper wil no doubt try .

» on 11.04.10 @ 06:42 AM

Empty, you really believe that Capps will bring well-paying jobs to Santa Barbara. First, I don’t think she has ever lifted a finger to encourage businesses to locate here. Second, a low tax and a friendly regulatory and business environment are way more important than the efforts of a politician. You really have way to much faith in our govt institutions to effect positive change in the lives of your fellow citizens.

» on 11.04.10 @ 10:41 AM

Proving the gullibility of a large section of our electorate , we have just reinstalled the welfare for billionaires club . Get ready middle class to shoulder the tax burden that the welfare for billionaires club is poised to lay on us.

» on 11.04.10 @ 12:47 PM

AN50 – yes.  You have to compromise your principles if you wanted to get Capps out.  If you or the county Republican party could do the simplest math you would realize Watson never had a chance in what Watson called the ribbon of shame.

And I didn’t expect it to be a moderate Republican to run.  The problem is that because people operate on partisan duopoly the expected opponent to a Dem incumbent is a Republican.  An independent candidate like Hager, merely on ideological belief, could have beat Capps because he bested her in areas Capps was renown like her environmental and anti-war positions.  But he still demonstrated the same fiscal responsibility that Watson agreed with Hager on at the city college debate.  It’s a compromise from both progressives dissatisfied with Capps and conservatives in this district to defeat Capps.  Instead the Republicans put party and a fund-raising opportunity before anything else and ran a Tea Party candidate in an election where Capps could have been vulnerable.  Capps’ team utilized Watson being Tea Party to their advantage and stirred up Dems to come out and vote to keep a Tea Partier out of office.  And it worked.

Congrats partisan dummys, you get another term of Capps.

» on 11.04.10 @ 12:49 PM

Actually our favorite progressive dike took a surplus and spent it. Then.left to run homeland. You are such an ignorant tool.

» on 11.04.10 @ 01:00 PM

You of course mean all the billionaires that back the DNC and the Bamster….yes? My god public education these days turns out such a fine product. Kind of like the 14 year olds I talked to yesterday.  They responded “what’s the Constitution?” when I asked them. Such fine young future California ditch diggers and cashiers your regressive system produces. A perfect example would be some ignorant fool who says that the party of billionaires is now in power.

» on 11.04.10 @ 05:38 PM

Surfer dude, compromising principles for politics is why we have such a dreadful situation right now.  The party of compromised principles is also the party of mediocrity.
Next up, just what principles do democrats have that they compromise continuously for politics? What about those republicans who do the same, what have they sold to the devil for another day in office?

» on 11.04.10 @ 05:56 PM

No compromise. None. Never. Nada. Nine. Nyet. Crush this imposters agenda.  freeze it then kill it.  The republicans are simply on probation.  We are watching.

» on 11.04.10 @ 07:23 PM

Guess the Tea Party is more interested in electing Republicans than they are getting responsible politicians in office and taking out politicians who caused the financial collapse like Capps.  Go team!

Party before country.

» on 11.04.10 @ 08:44 PM

Ok, where in the heck did you get that from the above responses, surfy? Non-sequitur comes to mind.

Danny you summed it up beautifully, no compromises and the GOP is on notice.

» on 11.04.10 @ 08:46 PM

I just looked at the Pew Research results for the Ca. election. Apparently 25% of the voter pool were Hispanics. As you can imagine, they voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic ticket. When you include the African-American vote the totals were even more lopsided. Republican candidates like Whitman and Fiorina won the White vote by 5 to 8 percentage points. It is well documented that the public employee unions spent considerable money and other resources to organize and get out the minority vote. They succeeded and is probably the main reason why Ca. deviated from the rest of the country. The Latino vote is approx 5 to 8% of the vote nationwide, but in California it was more than one quarter.

» on 11.04.10 @ 10:05 PM

Ah yes , the Pied Piper of Noozhawk rightwingnuts thinks that California is sooooo bad in the public education sector. Lets see, Arizona -  ranked 50th . Not much lower to go there.Would you like to criticize the U.C. system or compare it to Arizona in that category?
  Tell us again how red state Arizonas budget woes, closed parks costing more than keeping them open ,  gutter low education rankings , negative ranking by Moodys and eminent bankruptcy are all the fault of the minority in the legislature. Looking forward to the water off a duck response.

» on 11.04.10 @ 11:57 PM

Oh Maxine, you make village idiots embarrassed.  I’m constantly amazed by your attempts to foist inaccurate data into any discussion.  Dr. Dave has you pegged to a tee.  But here are some tidbits that I found in my brain with my prodigious intellect.

“Lets see, Arizona - ranked 50th .”  Wrong as usual. As stated by that far right group – the NEA, “Arizona ranks second in highest student-teacher ratio.  It has the second fastest growing student population.”  And ranks 39th in education. California is 49.

“Not much lower to go there. Would you like to criticize the U.C. system or compare it to Arizona in that category?”  Actually the last UCSD grad we interviewed couldn’t write a paper without spell check.  But it hard for me to judge university systems since I went to the highest ranked college in the nation.

Ranking 49th out of 50 states is an indication of the state’s deteriorating educational status in recent decades, according to “California at the Edge of a Cliff,” by Tom Mortenson. Just read his paper last month.

State tax fund investment in higher education has declined by 40 percent since 1980.  But those sweet public sector unions sure want their cut.  But that’s what a 15 billion bankruptcy does for ya. You have to love those IOU’s.

As of 2009, California ranked 14th in the nation in terms of college educated members of the workforce over 25 years of age, a drop from eighth place in 1981.  All the smart kids heading out of the state for greener pastures, lower taxes, and REAL jobs.

And Maxine pay close attention here…this is all yours…..

California ranks next to last in states where the adult population has at least a high school education, according to a report released by the California Faculty Association at Cal State Los Angeles.

“Tell us again how red state Arizonas budget woes” - you mean the surplus that was destroyed by that dike who now runs Homeland? Jan is digging the state out of the mess that idiot left it in.

“closed parks?”  Nope…none.

“negative ranking by Moodys and eminent bankruptcy are all the fault of the minority in the legislature.”  Per Bloomberg California has the lowest credit ranking for all 50 states -  Baa1.  Arizona has an Aa3…not good but certainly not California junk bond status.

For the fourth year in a row, California and New York were ranked the worst and second worst state to do business in, respectively.  Michigan was ranked third from the bottom for the second year in a row. The only difference in the bottom five was a flip in the worst fourth and fifth states, as New Jersey took over Massachusetts as the fourth worst state. Maybe your pal Lois can, after she learns to read, help you there.

Quack Quack

» on 11.05.10 @ 12:39 AM

Calif is doomed—Too many on the free dole gravy train, and Gov unions—

Tax revolt coming soon..We will have no choice..

Who will stop Workers Comp rates from exploding again?—how about simple 51% to raises taxes and fee’s?- say goodby to thousands of businesses who have been looking for one more reason to leave—Hide your money-Black market will open for business..

» on 11.05.10 @ 01:28 AM

As per Mr. Petry:
“But it hard for me to judge university systems since I went to the highest ranked college in the nation.”

So, would that be the college where you started or the one where you graduated?

» on 11.05.10 @ 03:10 AM

Ah another “no see em” flying around Daniel. Good points Dan on the California status vis a vis the rest of the country. I expect Capps will do as she has always done. Nothing.

» on 11.05.10 @ 11:12 AM

Have to credit Watson with the courage of his convictions… the 5,000 or so conservative college students in IV were not organized or brought to the polls by his organization.  Registering college students to vote and getting them to the polls is beneath our local Republicans.  Instead, Watson sent 50 tea people to watch the polls and complain about provisional ballots.  Yes, no doubt there are mistakes and even deception.  Is it widespread?  Nope, IV has been investigated repeatedly and there is no beef there.  Meanwhile, the local Republicans are totally incompetent at going after the voters in IV who would vote for them if there was a half-decent organizing effort.  Of course, Watson could have won IV 95-5 and still lost this election.  But it is a scream how he thinks student from Bakersfield, Temecula, Fresno, etc suddenly become flaming liberals when they move to IV.  What really happens is our local Republicans are so blinkered by their prejudice about IV that they don’t even try there.

» on 11.08.10 @ 01:16 PM

Capps is paid off by trial lawyers, and as we know the whole Dempcratic party is corrupt. Why do you think so many firms are leaving Calfornia and the country—Lawsuits—

Tort refom is badly needed—Lawyers are the bottom feeders who are making a living off hard working small business.Dempcrats are letting lawyers destroy our country one piece at a time..There are too many lawyers making a living off the rest of us who get dirty and do real work.

The jewish cultue thrives on brokering other peoples hard work—$$$$$$

» on 11.08.10 @ 01:49 PM

Overfed Taxpayer: Your anti-semitic remark is both ignorant and highly insulting.

» on 11.08.10 @ 02:25 PM

I just base this stickly on what I see in America, but If I’am wrong so be it?

» on 11.08.10 @ 06:26 PM

Overtaxed, I agree with alot of what you usually are saying,but the Jewish remark makes you look intolerant and racist and ultimately it will cause most people on this site to dismiss of all your comments as bigoted and not to be taken seriously. By the way, people of all religions and ethnic makeup are guilty of what you are describing. Nobody has a monopoly on greed and insensitive behavior.

» on 11.08.10 @ 07:31 PM

Our company was frivoulsly sued or extorted from by a firm out of L.A, and they knew we would be forced to settle because of the expensive legal process. These lawyers took every dollar they could out of us. We had to settle to survive..

These lawyer are trained leeches who drain as much money as they can out of a company—Killing companies and jobs.

I was sued by a Jewish law firm that is trained to extort money, and will destroy you if they can with no remorse-Right or wrong. They really had no case-That was my experience, and I watch others go through the same exortion. I just tell the truth-Sorry if it offends.—Tort Reform now!

» on 11.08.10 @ 08:11 PM

Look. I understand your frustrations. But it is the entire legal system not just a particular segment. What you are seeing is the beginning of an end with the Fed pumping etc. It is absurd to discuss healthcare reform etc. They will never ever never happen. Instead you will see hyper inflation to a degree that blows Jimmy Carter away. Look at it this way. Hunker down, go into commodities asap and make sure you have your true priorities in order. These commentaries are just for fun and may have made a difference in the past. But no more. The only thing that these postings do is help you identify who are friend or foe. Substantive discussions are useless. I know who my friends are in these postings do you?

» on 11.08.10 @ 08:20 PM

Ah, the beauty of you freaks eventually emerges. As much as the teabaggers like to say they’re not racists or anti-semites, we all know the truth, that deep down you’re nothing but angry white people with deep-seeded prejudices. Overtaxed Taxpayer is letting out what all of you tea-bagging jackasses are trying to hide.

» on 11.08.10 @ 08:27 PM

Overtaxed, I agree with Lou on this. I have often scolded those on the left for improper associations. Don’t follow their example. Like Lou said, I agree with most of what you say, but it ain’t Jews in particular, even if the parasites that did this to you were Jewish. You will find blood sucking parasites in all walks of life, in every political persuasion and every culture practicing any religion known. Greed and selfishness is a human behavior and pretty universal.

My sympathies for you and what you went through, though, it makes understanding why you are so vocal about your political statements, most of which I agree with, easier. While we work and toil to build wealth, however small our individual contribution, there will always be those who live to suck off the work of others. Keep writing those comments, my friend and don’t get discouraged, but please watch out for the associations. It’s a gottcha and one I use on the enemy time and time again.

» on 11.08.10 @ 08:35 PM

And you call yourself the “voice of reason”? What a sham! You take what one individual says and extrapolate that to everyone and that is supposed to be reasonable? Not so. Take your bitter, loser hatred and peddle it somewhere else.

That, overtaxed, is what Lou was referring to. These inhuman monsters are just waiting for someone, anyone, to make a statement they can use to further their twisted and warped view of the world. I don’t believe for a second that you hate Jews or blame them for everything but give these idiots a reason to pin a hate label on you and they crawl out of the wood work.

» on 11.08.10 @ 08:56 PM

You are right on target AN50 & Lou.  Oh VoR?  Those tea-baggers just kicked you to the curb.  Get used to it boy, the adults are back home.

» on 11.08.10 @ 10:37 PM

Yes, I agree with AN50 and Daniel. Taxpayer, don’t let the other side tar all of your comments with a broad brush and attempt to delegitimize everything you are saying, including the comments of the rest of us who agree with many of your points. Your complaint with our legal system is a valid one, but it is a systemic problem. Trust me, any law firm in the USA for the right fee would have gone after your company, because litigation has become the norm to settle all disputes. The system badly needs reform, but there are powerful interests that contribute heavily to the Democratic Party to maintain the status quo. It could have been a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish lawyer that used the system to unfairly take advantage of your company. Don’t confuse the flawed system for the religion of the tormenter

Finally, don’t let your frustration with all that is happening to scapegoat certain religions or ethnic groups for all our problems. A bedrock principle of the conservative movement is that we judge people based on their behavior and actions, instead of using race as an excuse to justify our grievances.

» on 11.09.10 @ 01:01 AM

“A bedrock principle of the conservative movement is that we judge people based on their behavior and actions, instead of using race as an excuse to justify our grievances.”

Oh, sorry but I’m rolling on the floor and wiping the tears from my eyes! Are you some kind of conservative stand up comic? Its particularly funny because clearly you people can’t stand the fact that there’s a black man in the White House. Come on, tell us all another one.

» on 11.09.10 @ 01:32 AM

Don’t worry about it guys. Don’t fall for this sad race baiter, hackneyed, overused, rejected by the voters. Mommy just hasn’t hugged empty for years. Most likely bottle fed. Wanders the streets lonely and angry at the world. Just pat him on the head, smile at him, and let him join his boys in the sand box. The adults will be taking over.

» on 11.09.10 @ 02:08 AM

Empty,You have such a distorted view of conservatives, it is hard to know where to begin to correct you. I could care less that Obama is black; however, ask me about his policies on various issues and I will be more than happy to express my displeasure. If Thomas Sowell ran for President, I would bet you as much money as you have that Daniel, AN50 and I would vote for him without hesitation.

It is liberals that look at everything through the prism of race. Whether it is affirmative action, racial quotas or using race to divide the electorate and stir up old hatreds and grievances to win elections, it is Democrats who play that game. Jessie Jackson and Rev. Sharpton to name a few are constantly blaming white people for the victimization of African-Americans. I am admirer of Bill Cosby for trying to dispel the race-baiting tactics of these people and to get African-Americans to take responsibility for their lives. So all I can say is that you couldn’t be more wrong in your stereotyping of conservatives, who prefer to judge people as individuals and to let their behavior dictate how they are viewed.

» on 11.09.10 @ 02:23 AM

To give you an example of what I am talking about in my prior post, it is Democrats who target hispanics and blacks, particularly in Ca., using racial-identity politics to vote as a block. Also, everytime I fill out an application for a job or when my kid applies to a college or for a scholarship, why is essential that I state my racial or ethnic identity. Let’s get beyond the racial stereotyping.

» on 11.09.10 @ 02:40 AM

The fact that the Democtaic party is paid off by trial lawyers should be a great reason to leave the party. The trial lawyers have destroyed firms through class action law suits.

I remember when made in America was on most labels.

California will see a mass exodus of companies very soon..

California will be the state filled with Welfare and food stamp losers, people on EDD for two years not even looking for a job. Then we will have illegal aliens wanting free health care food stamps section 8 and welfare money—OH and millions of civil servants who want six figures when the retire at 50—Oh thats already happen.

» on 11.09.10 @ 11:40 AM

Yep…how are those green jobs employers doing with hiring massive numbers of Californian’s?  By the way, since January over 200 California companies fled to Texas alone.  Two of these so called green jobs employers left the state due to the incredibly positive and nurturing business environment.  Ya gotta love the Birkenstocks.  And that doesn’t count the jobs leaving to go to Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona.  And while I’m on it, what is with the more than 10 billion…that’s billion with a “B”, in I-don’t-want-to-work-so-I-let-the-state-take-care-of-me-payments shortfall about?  If California thinks they are going to get bailed out…too bad.  As a famous Obama “I never really listened to him” preacher once said, “the chickens have come home to roost.”

But you can sleep safely at night knowing that a pre-dementia woman who believes the Constitution says - Health, Liberty, and Happiness - was re-elected for her I-will-only-run-twice term in office.  Sweet.

» on 11.09.10 @ 03:11 PM

Kicked to the curb? You’re too funny Petry.

The reality is you folks are happy you elected some old, white, redneck, re-tread corporatists to one half of the legislative body for two years. This is the same crew that nearly crashed the country (and world) into financial and cultural ruin. And you’re happy about it? I guess you’ll never learn.

Somewhere in your diabolical little mind you know the truth that will one day come back to haunt you - that, like an hourglass running out of sand, the sun is rapidly setting on your elitist, intolerant, bible-thumping, paranoid, flag-waving band of costume-wearing gypsies.

But that’s OK. While you folks are sitting in your nursing home wheelchairs gumming on gruel, the rest of us that are true patriots, those that believe in real freedom and democracy will be sorting it all out and making the world a better place.

» on 11.09.10 @ 03:21 PM

Beautifully said. Nice counter punch to the smug, shrill and churlish posturing of the fake patriots and pretend billionaires that tend to populate the Noozhawk readership.

» on 11.09.10 @ 03:24 PM

Voice of no reason!

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd both liberal Democrats caused the housing liar loan mess. Pandering for votes at our countries expense.

I think you have no idea what your talking about, please do some home work and have some credibility. Right now you sound like an idiot.

» on 11.09.10 @ 04:18 PM

VoR - I’m ecstatic about it.  Next we have 23 Democratic Senators in 2012.  With a vast majority of the governorships and state houses now firmly in conservative hands we will begin the process of completing the gelding of the progressives.  I love hearing the gnashing of local progressive teeth as they rant and rave, looking and sounding like a group of hysterical religious zealots whipping their backs into bloody shreds.  Makes me smile.

» on 11.09.10 @ 04:25 PM

Exactly.  It is the worst defeat since the mid-thirties.  Sweet.  A total rebuke of Obama’s policies and a total renumciation of the progressive agenda that is most often mindlessly spouted here in the postings.  Dick Cheney was right on when he said that Obama would be conservatisms godsend.  Thank you.

» on 11.09.10 @ 04:28 PM

I like gumming my gruel – with little progressive gummy bears. Tasty.

» on 11.09.10 @ 07:29 PM

Certainly America’s enemies are holding out hope that the U.S. electorate (among the least informed citizenry in the free world, if not the flat out stupidest) will put into power corrupt politicians determined to return to the failed policies of the Bush administration. A repeat of the nation’s breathtakingly quick decline during the two (unelected) terms of the oilmen twins will almost certainly place it again on precarious footing economically, militarily and politically. You can almost hear all those who wish us misfortune praying for GOP victory in 2012 so the mental misfits can rule (and undermine) all three branches of government to the advantage of everyone but ourselves.

» on 11.09.10 @ 08:32 PM

Boy what election did you watch?

» on 11.09.10 @ 08:58 PM

“Gelding of the progressives” Dan? Are you foaming at the mouth trying while to control your right arm from snapping to a salute like Dr. Strangelove or what?

You see, you’re illustrating the problem for me. You want to geld, squelch, remove, delete, obliterate - whatever word you prefer - any opposing thought or viewpoint.

Folks like me, on the other hand, might not agree with the drivel you spew, but like a true patriot I would die to protect your right to spew it. I guess you missed that class at West Point (if you really went there).

Perhaps instead of continuing to waste space typing the pablum you do, you might consider having a rational, civilized dialog about ideas, common ground, things that might improve our nation, and it’s ability to compete in the world. You know, things that actually move us forward, not backward? Maybe that’s too much to ask from a Rumba that’s set on “exhaust”.

» on 11.09.10 @ 09:01 PM

Empty, isn’t this the US electorate you thought was so brilliant in 2008? So what happened, did they take stupid pills in the meantime.

» on 11.09.10 @ 10:06 PM

Liberals are so weak, and remind me of little girls. When the war breaks out the real men step up, in the mean time the girly men just chat away how smart they are.

» on 11.09.10 @ 10:16 PM

I only drool in specific situations. As for progressives…you are an anathema to me. An enemy to be crushed. One bright spot with you VoR, you actually remember some American history. But a more appropriate historical definition of your type would be as a “Royalist”.

» on 11.09.10 @ 10:58 PM

Dan considers fully half of his fellow citizens to be his “enemy”. Nice. Now you see the true colors of a fake, fair weather patriot and why most reasonable people feel uncomfortable when social misfits like this talk about arming themselves and how much they hate their own government. Fortunately the intelligence community, law enforcement agencies and other government entities keep radicals like this in check and under lock and key when necessary. Who can doubt that any one of these extreme “conservatives” could prove to be the next Timothy McVeigh? Watch what Beck writes on his chalkboard, it could be the trigger to set these Manchurian Candidate robo insurgents off.

» on 11.09.10 @ 10:59 PM

Wonderful… this is the best thread yet!
Overtaxed is the hero of the piece until he blames all our woes on the JEWS!
Then Overtaxed buddies chide him a bit for generalizing and point out that there are blood sucking parasites from every walk of life (not ONLY the Jews!!!)
Then all the Petryphiles jump on Empty and claim he is a “race-baiter”! :-D
And Petry jumps in with all his marketing skill to try to turn the conversation in other directions, any direction will do! And Overtaxed just keeps throwing out opinions because he feels fully justified in hating those doggone Jew lawyer shysters.
It is all wonderfully entertaining. Keep it up, guys and girls.

» on 11.09.10 @ 11:12 PM

Nope. Just progressives. You skipped those basic math classes didn’t ya?  You see of the electorate 20% consider themselves liberals the percentage of liberals that are rabid progressives are a direct threat to me and my family. A far cry from 50%.

» on 11.10.10 @ 12:31 AM

Passing-by, this was so predictable that you or somebody else would attempt to make hay out of this to prove some ridiculous point or use it for your own entertainment. Since we all know how brilliant and witty you are, I am sure you can find another way to to disparage the other posters without taking us into the sewer.

» on 11.10.10 @ 01:16 AM

Lou. He’s just an angry old guy who spent his whole clerical life drawing his government check, just counting the days till he could retire.  But it is embarassing that as much money that we spent training him he still has limited word smith skills.  But these people are fun to tweak aren’t they.

» on 01.22.12 @ 07:04 PM

Here’s why Abel Maldonado isn’t able!

Popular wisdom tells us that Abel Maldonado is the inevitable, emergent Republican challenger in the June primary election to face and defeat incumbent Lois Capps in the November 2012 general election. But wait! why this presumption is at least grossly fallacious and, in all probability factually false.

First, this popular wisdom falsely supposes that the Latino vote will go sufficiently to Former Lieutenant-Governor Abel Maldonado in the general election simply because he is in fact a Mexican American. Some think (especially himself) he’s the Marc Rubio of California. This assumption smacks of rabid anti-Latino racism. At very least this popular myth rests on the false notion that the Latino vote is both homogenous and stupid. On the contrary. Why in the world would Central Coast Latinos of the socialist persuasion vote for Maldonado when they already believe can get a better deal from Lois Capps on more free stuff from tax dollars? Moreover, the entrepreneurial Latinos wont’ vote for Maldonado because he’s betrayed them so often.

Second, does any serious-minded person think that all Latinos think and vote the same way and prefer on a liberal democrat agenda of ‘cradle to grave’ socialism? Are there not large numbers of organize, voting, patriotic, competent, industrious, entrepreneurial Latino citizen employers on the Central Coast that see the liberal democrat socialist agenda of Obama/Capps as a threat to their very existence?
Third, why would any Latino voter give their vote to a career politician who betrayed his own party principles? Won’t they be concerned that he will betray them if the right carrot were dangled before his smacking lips? He betrayed the very people who elected him then to the State Senate, why would he not do the same in the future if elected to Congress? If such a career politician could be bought off with a mere Lieutenant Governorship in the past who knows what craven self-serving deals he will make in Congress to further his personal ambitions? Do the Maldondos falsely suppose that Latino’s are respectful of traitors regardless of their sir name?

Fourth, this is a new day in national and local politics. The old guard who got elected simply because they were incompetent have had their day and with disastrous results for the rest of us. Now, as the Republican primary scraps have abundantly demonstrated, a new generation of office seekers has emerged that are ‘principled-warriors’ not interested in career politics to slake their personal thirst for power at public expense, but who actually want to return this nation to the founding constitutional principles that built this country up as the envy of all democracy loving people on this planet.

Fifth, let’s not forget that Lois Capps’ PACs will salivate at the opportunity to narrate Maldonado’s own peccadillo’s while campaigning loudly against ‘dead-beat-dads’.

Therefore, even if Able Maldonado edges out Chris Mitchum (Tom Watson has already lost to Capps) in the June primary and Tom Watson in the June primary election, he will lose to Lois Capps in the November general election because here on the Central Coast, we elect only ‘nice’ people regardless of how unprincipled they have proven themselves in their recent history.

» on 01.22.12 @ 08:30 PM

I can’t believe we are opening up this thread. But the takeaway thought from your incoherent diatribe is the following sentence.

“Why in the world would Central Coast Latinos of the socialist persuasion vote for Maldonado when they already believe can get a better deal from Lois Capps on more free stuff from tax dollars?”

This is probably the only thing you said that is anywhere near accurate.

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