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Letter to the Editor: Obama Wins, America Loses

By Diana Thorn |

Nov. 6, 2012, will go down in history as a turning point in American history. Freedom lost, and tyranny won. President Barack Obama (Muslim) has been given the green light to further transform America into a socialist, big government nation. So much for the Constitution and limited government.

Real America never had a chance in this election. Racism, division, entitlement, illegal immigration, union intimidation, biased media, a fawning Hollywood and attacks on anyone who disagreed were factors that contributed to the final outcome. Adding to the problem, rigged Soros voting machines, black panther threats and lack of voter ID requirements.

How will this election affect America? Simply put, we can look forward to another recession, more taxes and regulations, insurmountable national debt, government-controlled health care and industries, less energy (destruction of coal industry), growing power of public-sector unions, a far-left-leaning Supreme Court, a dictatorial president, and further destruction of the private sector and the free market.

On the world front, Iran will get a nuclear bomb, radical Islam will surge, Israel will stand alone, the United Nations will trump American law, and American influence will continue to weaken worldwide. All complements of the Obama administration.

Hold onto your hats, America. Things are going to get a lot worse. The question of the day, will our democratic republic survive? I have my doubts, and as a result, I am going into survival mode.

Diana Thorn

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» on 11.07.12 @ 12:12 PM

why publish this uninformed, ranting drivel? The twice elected president of the United States is NOT a Muslim (but so what if he was?) You had your four years to tear the man down and failed, so why don’t you move onto something positive now. Or, do us all a favor and go away. This vitriol and uninformed garbage is such a huge part of what is wrong.

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» on 11.07.12 @ 12:21 PM

Wow, what an amazing letter.  I feel sorry for Diana’s family.  She needs psychological help. She is delusional and paranoid beyond anything that would be considered normal. 

Her complete lack of any grasp on reality (socialism? are you f’n kidding me?), her veiled racism (calling Obama a Muslim - really, really!?), her complete lack of understanding or intellectual curiosity (coal industry destruction? Iran? Govt takeover?), these assertions certainly make Diana a very challenged person. 

I respect the right for her to express her concerns but with that Diana, comes the reverberation for asserting such asinine, ignorant and incredibly off putting opinions.  The sad thing is that she actually believes this stuff to be real…

Get some help Diana, your paranoia must be taking a toll on your family and your sanity.

» on 11.07.12 @ 12:29 PM

I am sorry that your first reaction after an election is one of doom and gloom.  I am assuming that the candidate for whom you voted did not win the presidency, yet it is no reason to start making false accusations and doomsday predictions.  The ‘right’ pulled out the exact same tricks as the ‘left’ in the lead-up to the election.  No side is blameless.  In fact, it showed the ugly side of American politics.  But to throw out blatantly false statements and use them incite fear is the childish.  Is Obama a Muslim?  Nothing I have ever heard (besides the fear-mongering of the right) has suggested that.  And if he is, why is that an issue?  Are Muslims bad?  Do all Muslims want to destroy the US?
As is often pointed out, the joy and disappointment of a democracy is that there are ‘losers’ in elections.  What happens to someone after an election loss is more a sign of his/her mettle than what the winner does.  Your words aim to stir up fear and hate.  For what purpose?  And what do you mean by “Real America”?  The president was re-elected by securing the most electoral college votes; in addition he also has the majority (albeit not a large majority) of the popular vote.  So are all the people who voted for him not “Real” Americans?  As so many of the conceding politicians graciously acknowledged last night amidst immense disappointment, we are a great nation because we can agree to disagree.  The task in front of us is daunting; I agree with you on that principle. However, it is the bickering bipartisanship and the resulting inaction that will lead to our destruction, not one individual.

» on 11.07.12 @ 12:55 PM

Holy cow, get ahold of yourself Diana.  Scary that people this uninformed can vote.

Noozhawk, are you deliberately trying to embarass this poor person?

» on 11.07.12 @ 01:28 PM

Thissitesucks:  I think it’s great that Noozhawk published this letter.  I had been mystified why anyone would vote for Romney, but her letter (coupled with someguyinsb’s analysis) makes it pretty clear. (I’m still surprised there were so many Romney votes - maybe those danged “Soros voting machines” got confused.)

» on 11.07.12 @ 01:33 PM

I had some similar thoughts to others who commented:
1.  Why bother printing Diana’s hateful and unsubstantiated rants? Sure it’s important to have diverse views, but these are really on the verge of bizarre. What’s next?  Worries about alien invasion?

2.  She has her forum for this nonsense, so it’s not as if she can’t get it out to her own constituency.

3. Is there a criteria for publishing letters to the editor? Her comments might be appropriate as a follow up to someone else’s reasoned article or as a blog post, but to elevate this to the status of an article on Noozhawk seems below your usual high standards of journalism.

[Noozhawk’s note: We welcome letters to the editor from any reader who wishes to submit one. Send yours to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).]

» on 11.07.12 @ 02:26 PM

Our democratic republic will survive by doing what we did last night, vote the will of the people. And doing what those who believe in our constitution do, accept the results.
As for the sky is falling the sky is falling…
It is an old refrain heard from both sides of the political spectrum over the years, and yet so far all the Chicken Littles of the past have been wrong.

» on 11.07.12 @ 02:52 PM

I think that Diana just disproved her whole assertions about the doom and gloom forecast by using her constitutional right of the Free Press to say whatever she pleases. 
God Bless America!

» on 11.07.12 @ 03:26 PM

Diana, I am sorry you feel this way - however your constitutional right to free speech proven by the publishing of your editorial shows clearly that your fears are for nought. 

I do hope you educate yourself further about the issues you are so passionate about.  Please go beyond your typical sources and seek to get more information. Most everything you mentioned above has been proven false many times over.

» on 11.07.12 @ 05:50 PM

Lady where is your robe and dooms sign???? This has to be one of the most negative letters I have read. She seems to have forgotten that Obama was handed one the worst messes in our history. Yes he may have not always made the right choice but he is has committed himself to the poeple of this country. We should be grateful that he was elected at least he understand the struggles that everday people go through. How in the world she thinks a millionaire understands is beyond me!!!!

» on 11.07.12 @ 11:51 PM

Diana Thorn is a typical teabagger. This is how they talk and think.

» on 11.08.12 @ 02:30 PM

The bad news begins. Boeing to lay off many employees, a business in
  Vegas lays off 22 people, Obama backs UN arms treaty ( trumps US law ),
  my neighbor with 3 kids will now loose his job and maybe his house, and
  Israel will not bend for Obama. ( Attack Iran ) Sources confirm Obama was
  behind Stand down orders and gun-running into Syria via Turkey. He will
  probably get by with this like everything else ) And this is only week one.

» on 11.08.12 @ 03:22 PM

Diana, the bad news is that you have not gotten the care you need.

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