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Letter to the Editor: Gun-Related Tragedies

By Diana Thorn |

Last Friday, a senseless massacre took place at a Connecticut elementary school. As a retired second-grade teacher, I was saddened and horrified.

I was also equally outraged when President Barack Obama, leftist politicians and the mainstream media took advantage of the situation to promote their anti-gun agenda. Never mind that people were grieving and the facts were not yet known.

During the last several years, America has witnessed many gun-related tragedies. It is striking that the Obama administration has handled these shootings in a selective, inconsistent manner.

Regarding school shootings, rather than taking a comprehensive look at each situation, they were quick to point the finger at guns and gun control. Why didn’t they consider mental illness, mind-altering medication, and violent movies and video games as part of the problem? All of these factors are important and should be balanced with our Second Amendment rights to bear arms to protect ourselves, especially against criminals, gangs, terrorists and corrupt governments.

The view of Obama concerning terrorism is also very puzzling and dangerous, as he refuses to confront radical Islamic terrorism. One example is his decision to label the Fort Hood killing of 13 U.S. soldiers as workforce violence instead of terrorism. The shooter, Nidal Hasan, had connections with al-Qaeda and shouted “Allaha akbar” before opening fire.

Recently, gun-running has reared its ugly head. In Fast and Furious, the Obama administration approved and forced the selling of guns (AK-47s), which were “walked” across the border into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Thousands of Mexican citizens and a U.S. border agent were murdered as a result. This incident was followed by the Benghazi attacks, in which four Americans were killed by Islamic terrorists. The dirty little secret being reported and covered up is that Benghazi was not a consulate, but a CIA headquarters where American guns that were recaptured from Libyan rebels were being transported to Syrian rebels via Turkey.

In both of these operations, U.S. guns got into the hands of very bad people (drug cartels and al-Qaeda). Unfortunately, Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, the Department of Justice and the State Department have stonewalled, covered up and lied about these gun tragedies. It is doubtful we will ever be told the truth.

America, do not be fooled. President Obama wants to complete the transformation of our country into a socialist government-controlled utopian society. Taking away our gun rights is another way to take away our individual rights and allow the government to control our lives. Push back against this tyranny.

Diana Thorn

» on 12.19.12 @ 07:00 PM

The shifting of blame to Obama never ceases to amaze me from the conservative right.  As a retired school teacher, I am shocked that you are so steadfast in your conservative NRA views on gun ownership that you don’t have any compassion for all those innocent lives that were lost.  In the least, you should be able to agree to the fact that no civilian needs to have semi automatic weapons in their possession with the capability of firing off so many rounds.  If you feel the need to have one of these weapons in your possession, that you need some serious help and I am glad that you are a retired teacher and no longer in contact with children.

» on 12.19.12 @ 07:14 PM

Thorn, the opposite of “gun control” is something like “guns out of control.” President Obama never even suggested that guns be banned. But if we don’t control them, then we are not arming a “well-regulated militia” - we are arming everybody who wants a gun. Including the violently insane.

Nobody except the most self-deluded can pretend to be bearing arms to keep the government in check. Over and over, all across the world, it has been shown that peaceful means are the only effective means against tyranny, if you don’t want to replace one tyrant with another.

And we do not suffer under tyranny. Your conspiracy theories are worn and wearing, and you should have enough sense not to repeatedly remind us all of how coo-coo you really are. I hope you are psychologically screened before being allowed to buy a gun. I wonder if you could pass.

» on 12.19.12 @ 09:58 PM

Thank you for your on point commentary.  Millions of AR15s are legally owned in the country and not used to commit crimes.  Obama is a closet anti-gun nut and his true self is becoming known now that he need not worry about re-election.

» on 12.20.12 @ 12:01 PM

Amen and Ditto.

» on 12.20.12 @ 01:31 PM

goodland123, You obviously do not understand much about guns when you state that “... that no civilian needs to have semi automatic weapons.” Actually, the majority of modern firearms are semi automatic, one trigger pull-one shot. The semi automatic part just refers to the manner in which the next round is chambered. You could make the argument that even the old style revolver is semi automatic since the cylinder rotates the next round into place. It would seem that you are a victim of the politicians and media misinformation about firearms.

And Rambler, it is hard for me to believe that you truly believe your statement that “Over and over, all across the world, it has been shown that peaceful means are the only effective means against tyranny, if you don’t want to replace one tyrant with another.” Nazi Germany? Soviet Union? China? North Korea? Egypt? Libya? ...........?

» on 12.20.12 @ 01:41 PM

“I guess stopping a shooting spree doesn’t make you a hero. Or at least that is what the press would have us believe.

The media, with their sensationalism will go on and on about how unarmed people acted bravely as they died at the hands of a lunatic, but nary a word about an armed person stopping a massacre before it barely begun.

I’m speaking of the actions displayed by Nick Meli.  Actions that gun control zealots and the media would have you believe didn’t exist.  You see, before the Gun Free Zone facilitated 27 murders in Newtown Connecticut, there was an attempted mass murder clear across the country in Portland Oregon.

A masked man stormed into the Clackamas Mall and opened fire, killing 2 and injuring 1.  The shooter had no intentions of stopping.  That is when Nick Meli made his move, drew his concealed pistol and lined the shooter up in his sights.

As with many of these rampage shooters, they are cowards.  They will cull unarmed sheep, but when they find any resistance or have to look down the barrel of a gun themselves, their cowardice is revealed and they often times flee or shoot themselves.

In this case, it was the latter.  Nick Meli didn’t fall into the caricature that gun control crowd draw of gun owners. He didn’t launch a salvo of bullets at the killer, he didn’t think himself some vigilante praying to use his gun.  He was a guy just trying to help.

He saw that there was people behind his target and that if he missed he may hit them.  He positioned himself in a store and waited for his shot.  The killer opted to take his own life. Nick Meli saved countless lives that day.  But apparently, that isn’t sexy enough for the national media.” Tony Oliva

» on 12.20.12 @ 03:20 PM

No, the problem is not the gun. It is the large capacity magazine of that gun that enables the shooter to riddle 20 six and seven year old children with up to eleven bullets each in a matter of minutes. Hunters can keep their guns; even keep them for protection. But if they cannot manage to hit a target with five or so bullets then they are not sufficiently trained to handle the gun. And no,they need not be armed with military type weapons to prevent the government from enslaving us or whatever else might be in their deluded minds.

In addition all gun purchases should have background checks and waiting periods.

» on 12.20.12 @ 03:33 PM

Goodland and Rambler, common sense just clanks right off their Bircher helmets. There is no point in engaging them in an argument requiring logic.
Mr Locke you embarrass yourself calling Thorn’s piece “on point”. What point did she make by pirouetting from the imaginary anti-gun agenda of Obama to Islamic terrorism to pathetically uninformed comments about Fast & Furious and Benghazi? This piece is a classic scattershot screed with no point whatsoever.
Art, well that’s what I’d expect from you: distract with trivia about gun mechanics and miss the point. Then bring up Meli’s story as if it actually supports your viewpoint when the opposite is true.
In the first place we’re giving Nick Meli the benefit of the doubt because his story is totally unconfirmed, but if 22 year old Meli saved lives it was by using his brain and true concern for safety, not his gun in public. He didn’t shoot because it wasn’t safe, but no one will ever know if the shooter decided to end his spree because he saw Nick Meli. It’s equally likely that the massacre would have ended the same way if Nick had stayed home. It may also be true he made up a bunch of hooey.

» on 12.20.12 @ 03:49 PM

The last time this was a huge debate in California there was a mass slaughter of a family and extended family in Northern California….  Weapon of choice?  A large kitchen knife.

Every State that insisted on prosecution of gun related crimes, with existing laws, there was a dramatic drop. 

Under the Clintion Era “assault” weapon bane, the smuggling of rifles hit an all time high.  The bounty by criminals on these type of rifles went to $5,000 or higher.  Did not do a thing to stop criminals from having these types of weapons, it did though increase the number of burglaries to pay for them.  One of the prime source of smuggling?  China and the PRC Army factories.

California is one of the States that do not require notification of psychiatric conditions that would lead to crimes. 

How about a private enterprise solution? 

Right to carry.

» on 12.20.12 @ 04:05 PM

The damned problem is the AH shooting, driving, flying or detonating what ever damned tool they choose to inflict death and suffering. In Obama’s case it’s his hatred of success and the printing press, Muslim fanatics an airplane, a white neurotic, a truck full of fertilizer and in Connecticut, a loopy nut who stole his mother’s guns.

It just amazes me to no end how you anti gun nuts can’t see the friggen hand, never the mind, only the trigger. In all the cases above it wouldn’t have mattered what control you can imagine, unless a total authoritarian, totalitarian police state, where all citizens< law abiding or not< are locked down and tightly controlled, would have stopped these murderers. Yet you keep talking about limits and controls that only affect innocent people, not insane psychopaths.

The fact is, had that principal, been armed herself, trained to use that gun, she would have been able to stop a lunatic who stole guns from a law abiding citizen before he was able to kill another human being.

As awful as that sounds to you cowards, capitulators and deluded ideologs, that is how you deal with this kind of situation in a free society. Not through restriction, confiscation, abdication or acquiescence, but by being responsible, vigilant and prepared. You either choose as a people to be responsible for the outcome of your lives and the protection of your offspring or you acquiesce that to an all powerful authority and then deal with your diminished capacity and weakness.

In this case, another gun free zone was dealt a blow by someone who could careless about your stupid idiotic controls, regulations and restrictions. They were totally and completely ineffective as they will always be. You people know it and thus your egregious lie is exposed.

» on 12.21.12 @ 09:39 PM

Art, look no further than India, South Africa, Poland. The Soviet Union was the aftermath of an armed uprising against a dictator. Iran is the aftermath of the armed uprising against a dictator. Likewise, Nicaragua.

Nazi Germany? A majority of Germans supported Hitler - he was elected.

If Adam Lanza’s mother had kept those guns in a locked gun safe, those kids would still be alive. Instead, she shared the guns with him, took him shooting, and now she’s dead too. She knew as well as anybody that he was a nut. But then, she was a “prepper,” another kind of nut.

Stop selling to people who can’t pass a psyche evaluation. Make those who buy take a safety course. They should have the guns under their personal control (even concealed carry) or totally secured at all times. They should be insured against “accidents.” That takes responsibility and sanity.

Now we’ll hear from all the nutty irresponsible people who think they need a Bushmaster with 30-round clips to protect them from Obama.

» on 12.22.12 @ 01:37 AM

Rambler, I certainly agree with you that we shouldn’t sell guns (or any dangerous weapon for that matter) “to people who can’t pass a psyche evaluation. Make those who buy take a safety course. They should have the guns under their personal control (even concealed carry) or totally secured at all times.”

» on 12.23.12 @ 03:08 AM

Luckily the bullheaded IKE types are slowly fading away. These intransigent doctrinaires have avoided so many of the issues that plague this country ,leading to bigger messes that become harder to clean up. Slowly their ship is sinking and America says good riddance.

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