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Henry Schulte: Environmentalists Use Scare Tactics to Influence Fate of Goleta Beach

By Henry Schulte |

This article isn’t intended as another rant against environmentalists but a statement of fact. Self-anointed environmentalists have been using scare tactics for as long as they’ve been in business — and don’t fool yourself, environmentalism is big business.

Like all corporations, the very ones enviros love to hate. Those higher-ups in the Sierra Club, for example, are pulling down six figures all day long — and all on the backs of their supporters who they’ve scared to death that the end is near. And no place more than Santa Barbara have these fear tactics been used ad nauseam.

Environmentalism has become a religion where idealists idolize their nature god as the only truth. Blindly believing everything they disagree with is just flat-out wrong.

Already evidence is beginning to surface that what used to be called global warming, then conveniently spun to climate change (thereby covering all the bases), is proving to be wrong after all. The Antarctic ice is larger than it has been in years, polar bears are flourishing and the Earth has been holding steady or cooling.

All this despite that evil coal continues to be mined, gas cars still dominate and India, China and other countries don’t give one hoot about the pollution they’re creating. Even volcanoes spewing more pollutants in the air than mankind can make in thousands of years proves Mother Nature once again is much more powerful than she’s been given credit for.

And what’s the response (the spin) to this? The ocean is absorbing the heat. How convenient. If the ocean is suddenly absorbing the heat, how come it hasn’t been doing it all these past years when we were supposed to be getting ready to burn up? On a local level, in anticipation, some felt we needed to paint a blue line around Santa Barbara to warn everyone of the impending rising seas. Another stupid scare tactic.

Which brings me more to my point. In a recent article in another publication, three local environmentalists employed these ongoing fear tactics against Goleta Beach. Every statement in that article was hypothetical. You are led to believe that if you place rocks on the beach, the shoreline as you know it will cease to exist. Tell that to the massive stretches of sandy beaches from Rincon to Ventura. There lies one of the most beautiful expanses of sand protected by rocks for as long as I remember — which is a long time now.

To make statements like, “The simple fact is that as sea levels rise, seawalls erode and inundate sandy beaches.” This “fact” was pulled from Chicken Little’s book of anecdotes. And just in case the sea does rise 2,000 years from now after the cooling period, one thing is for certain — none of us will be around to witness it. Of course, the argument will be that someone will be around, but by then they’ll have it figured out.

Why hasn’t the rock revetment on the other side of the Goleta Pier not eroded the sand away? There’s also no shortage of sand on More Mesa, Hope Ranch, Hendry’s Beach or the wide stretches of sand on East Beach and West Beach.

My bigger quarrel is how we continue to allow the voices of so few to affect the outcome of so many. A handful of do-gooders seem to always know what’s best for thousands of others.

The article had flippantly stated we could relocate 100 parking spaces. First, where? Then, at what cost? Ultimately these same environmentalists will fight the new location as unsuitable anyway. The same for the bike bath relocation — “… would also be moved out of harm’s way, and rebuilt wider and safer.” It sounds so pretty and perfect, but again, who is going to pay for it, and just exactly where is it going to be moved?

In order to advance their agenda, these pretty platitudes may work on some people, but when the time comes to make all of their recommended “improvements,” they’ll change their position and contest each one of them — guaranteed. They’ll demand an environmental impact report, the California Coastal Commission will step in and hundreds of meetings and endless costly studies will need to be done. In the end, the people of Goleta will lose their beach anyway.

The editorial went on and on about moving, rebuilding and replanting. For what? All so you don’t have to have some rocks in the sand? Again, thousands of people are being asked to sacrifice something that’s very important to them.

I ask, what is the real reason they’re pushing so hard? I personally don’t think the revetment is the only motivator; it’s the winning of the battle. And it’s to make a point — “we care and you don’t.” We’ll snow you with rhetoric and put the fear of “god” in you, and eventually you’ll have to see it our way whether you like it or not.

— Henry Schulte of Santa Barbara owns and operates Dos Pueblos Ranch. He has been politically active in the community for years. Click here to read previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.

» on 09.30.13 @ 05:52 PM

Heck yea environmentalism is big business. Just check out the Elwood Preserve and Moore Mesa. Tens of Millions of dollars is being made off of preserving habitat.

» on 09.30.13 @ 08:47 PM

The wacky lefty’s have no purpose in life.

» on 10.01.13 @ 08:50 AM

It has always been with a bit of amazement when Chicken Little talks about warming and man-made carbon issues.

There was a little item starting in 1939 and raged on until 1945 called the Second World War (WWII).  Per capita, and in total amounts carbon was burned, blown-up, thrown into the sky, etc.  What was the result?  The earth cooled.  Not only that but by the early 1970’s we were warned that there just might be another mini-ice age on the horizon.

More recently, that place in the northern Atlantic called “GreenLand” has been experiencing significant glacier loss.  Chicken Little said it is because of humans and carbon use.  It turns out their ice cap is melting from below.  Why?  The earth has pushed lava flows under the earth close to the surface, warming it.

Mr. Schulte is correct the ant-artic ice sheet is thicker than it has been in decades. 

Goleta Beach parking, heck do away with 100 parking places and put them in Old Town where there is already a move to get rid or parking.

» on 10.01.13 @ 09:18 AM

Well, of course the environazis are using scare tactics.  That is the fundamental strategy of the Left, particularly when misdirection from pesky facts is required.  Remember Obama’s self-humiliation regarding the sequester?  Remember that it was HIS idea in the first place?

» on 10.01.13 @ 10:26 AM

I love the environment and I also love Goleta Beach..and I do agree with you about Goleta Beach. However, listening to someone who owns a Hundred million dollar property whine about the ‘voices of a few’ is humorous and ironic. Your attempt to use ‘fear’ as motivation against environmentalism is basically what you are accusing them of doing. Huh? Also, in order to manage your vast ranch along the CA coast, ‘environmentalism’ is what you have been practicing to keep the land in balance at the DP ranch (yes, you are an environmentalist)
Also, if Goleta Beach goes south, how about opening up access to the ocean from your house?

» on 10.01.13 @ 12:28 PM

There may be a light at the end of this tunnel…the IPCC 2013 report is on the street.  While the spin-misters only want to talk about the 95% confidence level that global warming is man made, the real findings bare the truth that after 100B tonnes of CO2 emissions from 2000-2010, the earths mean global temperatures are relatively flat over this same time period!  The models used are flawed, garbage in, garbage out. Goleta Beach Park is not an experiment and we all need to stop this madness, please send a message to both Janet Wolf and Doreen Farr to kill Project 2.0 and stop wasting tax payer dollars.

» on 10.01.13 @ 01:05 PM

Noozhawk readers who would like to know all the significant features of the county’s proposed “Goleta Beach 2.0” plan to deal with coastal erosion in our community - and the reasons this plan has been arrived at when others have been vetoed by the California Coastal Commission - are urged to view the half-hour television interview of Environmental Defense Center’s Brian Trautwein:

William Smithers

» on 10.01.13 @ 01:24 PM

The level of willful ignorance in forums like this never ceases to amaze me.

Those who wish to avoid the massive accumulative evidence of the earth’s warming are, these days, pointing to the relatively flat global temperature of the past 10-15 years.

Have you ever looked at a graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the past 100 years?

Of course it shows a striking upward rise overall with periods of ups and downs. A graph of the planet’s average temperature over past CENTURIES shows just the same dramatic increase overall.

To the willfully ignorant, science is a left-wing conspiracy.

William Smithers

» on 10.01.13 @ 01:33 PM

Are you serious? This isn’t intended as an anti-enviro rant but….the whole article is a rant against the enviros. Facts seem to be conspicuously absent and replaced by made up ideology. It’s funny how mch the anti-enviro crowd takes for granted like how our area looks the way it does, and not like Fresno or Bakersfield, because of the constant enviro efforts at protecting our natural resources and beauty in this area. The beaches are clean instead of polluted oil slicks, the cities of SB and Goleta look great, not like those pits called Temecula and Riverside.

Developement is big business too, and if they had their way this place would be a dump, a sea of cheap tract houses and that’s all. The place would resemble a barrio, or Kentucky, with chicken wire and duct tape holding together cheap shacks free from gov regulation, pit bulls running loose, weeds and chain link fences festooned with newspaper and dog turds.

Hold it! There IS such a place. In north county, our bastion of moral uprightness, the home of the anti-enviros, and where you too can find all the meth you want if you can get past the pitbull.

By the way if the planet isn’t heating up why are we the taxpayers funding massive geo-engineering fantasies to do something about the effects of global warming? Cloud seeding, ocean chemical dumping, giant solar shield arrays, all in full swing as we speak. For nothing I guess, just some republicans giving handouts to their pals in big business.

» on 10.01.13 @ 03:32 PM

First, global warming is real. It’s been going on since the last ice age and will continue until the global maximum. It will stabilize for a short time then begin cooling again. The cyclical nature of this terrestrial phenomenon has been going on for 2 million years. Theories abound as to the causes but nothing is proven fact as yet.

Second, some of that warming is indeed man made, but termites contribute far more GHG from methane than humans do from CO2. Many species contribute, not just humans, thus calling CO2 a pollutant plain stupid.

Third, evil carbon dioxide, implicated as the primary GHG responsible for GW may in fact be more responsible for global cooling. It appears that the lab results in testing the long wave radiation reflecting capabilities of CO2 don’t match the empirical data showing short wave reflecting. In other words people, CO2 may bounce more short wave energy back into outer space than traps long wave energy below, thus giving us a net cooling effect.

Fourth, efforts by puny humans to change the dynamics of our earth’s physics are whacka-doodle nuts. Think of the global ice age cycling as the tide at the beach. It comes in it goes out and our silly contribution is like pissing in the ocean. The only effect AGW zealots will have is dehydrating the poor bastard pissing.

Fifth, regardless of any of that, Goleta beach serves a purpose to human life. We want it there and we use it. Do what ever it takes to save it.

To all those environmentalists who believe humans are a cancer that is destroying the earth, do your cause a favor and eliminate your self first. Quite frankly, the rest of us don’t believe you, think you are nuts and those of us who can read and study, know you are full of baloney. Oh and the comparison between us and Fresno is apples to oranges. The biggest visual impact we made down here was eliminating stupid bill boards. Everything else is superfluous. BTW your environmental idiots shut off the water spigot for freeway landscaping to kill off those trees they called weeds. How’s that for beautification?

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