Debbie Brasket

Debbie Brasket: Laboring for Basic Health-Care Rights

The fight for affordable health care will be won through the public sector, not the private — and reform is long overdue

Debbie Brasket: Preserving Affordable Rentals and Mobile Homes

Santa Barbara County needs to create a rent-control ordinance to regulate conversions

Debbie Brasket: Graduates, the Earth Is Hiring

Times are tough for young people to find jobs, but the need is greater than ever for youthful leadership

Debbie Brasket: Preserving Farmland with Sustainability

Debbie Brasket: A Moral Responsibility to Care for Earth

Debbie Brasket: We Can’t Afford Propositions 1D, 1E

Debbie Brasket: Saving Our Corner of This ‘Mind-Blowing’ Earth


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Not lighting, backdrops and curtains.

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'Lighting Board'.

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