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She Said, Z Said: So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish!

Published on 12.23.2012 11:15 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Peek-a-boo, I Love You, You Are Only Half-a-Jew

Parents feeling present tense in the season of Christmas/Hanukkah

Published on 12.09.2012 8:16 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Guilty Pleasures and an Urge to Splurge

Don't worry about developing a taste for the finer things in life; it's delicious

Published on 12.02.2012 9:14 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Plinth Schminth, and a Statue with Limitations

When mall art rises to the level of phallic symbols, is it still a pedestrian display?

Published on 11.25.2012 9:13 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: In Twinkies’ Defense, They Were Oddly Delicious — and Great Science Experi

Published on 11.18.2012 11:13 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: BIC® for Her Is the Write Kind of Feminine Product

Pretty in ink, manly pens finally get a woman's touch

Published on 11.11.2012 8:26 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Mock the Vote, and Tell Me Where the Bathrooms Are

We get that voting is good for democracy but a good election script includes ghosts of Hollywood past

Published on 11.04.2012 11:30 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Boo at the Zoo That Is Isla Vista on Halloween

Strolling the streets — drunk and in costume — is the stuff of which college legends are made, but there's no burning desire to participate

Published on 10.28.2012 7:09 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Television ‘Viewers’ Playing Politics? It’s Debatable

Jimmy Kimmel show gauges voter reactions before the debate, yielding little 'truthiness' — and that's no lie

Published on 10.21.2012 6:33 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: The Science of Craigslist, At a Discount

Whether you're biding your time or bidding on it, recognizing the right price is worth figuring out

Published on 10.15.2012 1:05 a.m.


She Said, Z Said: Real Housewives of Santa Barbara

We've had a soap opera so why shouldn't we have a reality TV show of our own?

Published on 10.07.2012 9:09 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: UCLA Fields Far More Than a Football Team

Bruins Nation includes Olympians, tailgate parties, cheerleaders ... and you get to drive your car on a golf course, too

Published on 09.30.2012 10:55 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Hanging Out with Old Friends Magically Makes Time Stand Still

There's nothing like a beach house — and Ottmar Liebert — to set the mood to relaxation

Published on 09.23.2012 8:00 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Painting with Pinot

To get in touch with your inner artist, it's best to wine up and spread the acrylics

Published on 09.16.2012 8:46 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Old Food Doesn’t Pass Contemporary Taste Test

The sweet tooth of our youth gives way to ... eew, what IS this stuff?

Published on 09.09.2012 9:59 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Meatheads, and the Thrill of the Grill

Not to cook up a conspiracy theory, but men may have an advantage by playing with fire

Published on 09.02.2012 10:35 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Slaughterhouse Nagging

There's a fine line between nudging and nagging — as Kurt Vonnegut apparently knew

Published on 08.26.2012 10:35 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Bigger or Better, and a Fair Trade

One red paper clip unleashes the power of persuasion on family, friends and neighbors

Published on 08.19.2012 10:48 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Just Google the Facts, Ma’am

Serendipity is thriving on the Internet, where the answers are just a click away

Published on 08.12.2012 11:20 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Hug, Kiss, Spike — That’s the Olympic Spirit!

If memory serves, we're supposed to huggle up between each point

Published on 08.05.2012 10:59 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello WHAT?

Stunned parents of a new 13-year-old wrestle with questions of what's age-appropriate — for themselves

Published on 07.30.2012 1:04 a.m.


She Said, Z Said: Life After ‘Sesame Street’ Is Profanely Funny on ‘Avenue Q’

Just for laughs, puppets put an adult spin on childhood fantasy at SBCC's Garvin Theatre

Published on 07.22.2012 9:19 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Clearing the Air about Dirty Laundry

Don't let clutter come between you and your significant other; hire a housekeeper to clean it up for you

Published on 07.15.2012 9:20 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: It’s a Brave New World for Girl Talk These Days

Woman's movement takes on a whole new meaning as gender power takes a different aim

Published on 07.08.2012 3:48 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: A Chong by Any Other Name Is a House of Cards

Staking a claim to the right naming opportunity is a cottage industry for some; others, not so much

Published on 07.01.2012 6:49 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: With Not A Lot on Their Plate, Is the Best We Can Do?

Eureka! California's bureaucrats have found the lamest state slogan on the road today

Published on 06.24.2012 11:29 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Skittish About After-the-Fact Performance Anxiety? Rewrite

Just because it's Harvard, doesn't mean the lampooning won't require a do-over

Published on 06.17.2012 3:07 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: New Yahk — Friendliest Place on Earth

The Big Apple appears to lose its edge, but gains the appreciation of wide-eyed visitors from the Far West

Published on 06.10.2012 1:52 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Harvard Rituals Blend Past, Present for Outsiders to Ridicule

Alums counter that only insiders can appreciate the Crimson tide of traditions — unless they're inside a maximum-security federal prison

Published on 06.03.2012 11:35 a.m.


She Said, Z Said: Time Travel Advice, for Your Own Good

To your own, younger self be true, but don’t let the Apple fall too far from the tree

Published on 05.27.2012 6:37 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: CycleMAYniac Is the Ride Idea ... Except for the Bike Part

With a history of hell on wheels, the reluctance to mount up is understandable

Published on 05.20.2012 9:08 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: It Turns Out John Cusack Isn’t The Sure Thing After All

Cancellation spurs questions as if from a boom box: Does he love me? Does God exist? Who invented liquid soap, and why? Please, say anything

Published on 05.13.2012 12:59 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: View From Your Window a New Picture of Leisure Time

What will they think of next? The Internet creates an explosion of mini hobbies designed to waste enhance your time online

Published on 05.06.2012 1:57 p.m.


She Said, Z Said: Football or ‘Footloose’?

In an age of specialization, 'good sports' no longer explore the well-rounded path trod by youth of yore

Published on 04.30.2012 2:22 a.m.


She Said, Z Said: Meme, Myself and I

Let's just open-face it and say Selleck Waterfall Sandwich puts me in a dreamy state of mind

Published on 04.22.2012 1:58 p.m.


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