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"Lizzie" - submitted on 01.08.2016


Name Lizzie
Pet description

Female yellow Labrador retreiver (with some Shar-Pei); 7 years old; 74 pounds; soft coat

Last seen on Jan. 6, 2016
Last seen location Off of Turnpike Road near Calle Real
Contact info Tim at 805.403.6323 or Karen at 805.967.4688
Additional information

Lizzie was frightened by a Jan. 6 thunderstorm and ran away from home off of Turnpike Road and Calle Real. The 7-year-old, 74-pound dog has a very soft coat and is wearing a blue-ish collar with flowers. She has ID tags and is microchipped. She can cover a lot of territory.

"Lost Puppy" - submitted on 12.17.2015

Name Lost Puppy
Pet description

Female, pit-bull terrier with fawn coat and white markings; 2 years old; 60 pounds; wearing a pink collar

Last seen on Dec. 17, 2015
Last seen location Carpinteria
Contact info Cynthia Trejo, 805.895.9846 or 805.722.5346
Additional information

Dog was startled and ran away. Reward if found or turned in.

"Ruby" - submitted on 10.14.2015

Name Ruby
Pet description

White terrier mix, just a few years old.

Last seen on Oct. 14, 2015
Last seen location Salisbury Avenue in Goleta, near the northbound Winchester Canyon Road exit
Contact info Nicole True 805.705.4217
Additional information

Family believes Wednesday afternoon’s thunder spooked her, and she ran off.

"Monroe (Roe Roe)" - submitted on 07.05.2014

Name Monroe (Roe Roe)
Pet description

9-month-old Boston terrier, 20 pounds, white dot on head

Last seen on July 4, 2014
Last seen location The Fess Parker, 633 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, Calif. 93103
Contact info Jenna Rogers at 559.310.1077
Additional information

Monroe, nicknamed Roe Roe, is a 9-month-old, 20-pound Boston terrier with a white dot on her head. She was last seen running away from the Santa Barbara Harbor fireworks at 9:15 p.m. Friday, July 4, at The Fess Parker, 633 E. Cabrillo Blvd. She was last seen running east, in the direction of Montecito. She is family to us, so please, please SHARE this information.

[Noozhawk’s note: Roe Roe was found safe July 5, 2014.]

"Hansie" - submitted on 06.13.2014


Name Hansie
Pet description

5-year-old salt and pepper miniature Schnauzer

Last seen on
Last seen location Cold Spring School area
Contact info Vivien at 805.689.6683
Additional information

Hansie is the dog on the left in the photo.

"PJ" - submitted on 04.15.2014

PJ catt

Name PJ
Pet description

14-year-old male, black, shorthair cat

Last seen on Aug. 10, 2013
Last seen location 68 Alpine Drive in Goleta
Contact info Bianca at 805.246.1646, Anthony at 805.331.4136 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Additional information

PJ is a very important part of our family. Please help us find him.

He was last seen in the area of Encanto Heights. Main streets are Ellwood Station Road and Tuolumne Drive.

"Reeces" - submitted on 02.19.2014


Name Reeces
Pet description

Calico, medium-sized, shorthair cat

Last seen on
Last seen location Pacific Oaks Apartments, Davenport Road in Goleta
Contact info Hilary at 408.840.1057
Additional information

Reeces is about a year and a half old. She is extremely skittish and shy, and I suspect she is hiding in a garage, under a deck, etc. She was last seen where the walking trail cuts through to the adjoining neighborhoods (by the tennis/basketball courts).

"Tiger" - submitted on 01.07.2014


Name Tiger
Pet description

3-year-old male, dark gray with stripes

Last seen on 6 p.m. on Jan. 6
Last seen location West Victoria Street in Santa Barbara
Contact info Rachel at 650.291.4320
Additional information

"Filbert" - submitted on 12.13.2013


Name Filbert
Pet description

6-year-old Siamese cat, male, very timid

Last seen on Dec. 12, 2013
Last seen location Cathedral Oaks/Brandon Roads in Santa Barbara
Contact info 805.570.1043
Additional information

"Gracie" - submitted on 07.04.2013

Gracie Alexander

Name Gracie
Pet description

5-year-old standard Schnauzer

Last seen on July 2, 2013
Last seen location Cold Spring School neighborhood, Montecito
Contact info Vivien Alexander, 805.689.6683
Additional information

"Charlie" - submitted on 07.28.2012

Article Image

Name Charlie
Pet description

6-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, tan and white, around 18 pounds. He was wearing a tan collar.

Last seen on July 24, 2012
Last seen location Garcia Road near North Milpas Street, Santa Barbara
Contact info 323.630.4315 or 805.570.7543
Additional information

$500 reward for Charlie’s return, no questions asked! Charlie is “chipped” and his collar has a tag with his name and phone number. He should respond to his name ... and, of course, a treat. :)

"Chip" - submitted on 05.26.2012

Article Image

Name Chip
Pet description

5-year-old chocolate lab, approximately 85 pounds with a husky build and is still “intact.” He has a red collar.

Last seen on May 25, 2012
Last seen location De la Guerra and Santa Barbara streets, Santa Barbara
Contact info Chad Monroe, 805.729.4431
Additional information

Chip was last seen on the morning of May 25 at De la Guerra and Santa Barbara streets. He responds to “Chip” or to “Biscuit” (may think there is a treat).

"Tag" - submitted on 01.06.2012

Name Tag
Pet description

Black and white border bollie

Last seen on 3 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012
Last seen location On Crestview Lane off Barker Pass in Montecito above Cold Spring School
Contact info 805.886.3824
Additional information

Tag weighs about 55 pounds and has brown eyes and a wide white mask. Had been wearing a leather collar with owner information.

"Buck" - submitted on 12.05.2011

Name Buck
Pet description

Shepherd/Akita mix with one ear up, one down. Black collar.

Last seen on Dec. 2, 2011
Last seen location Montecito (near Cold Spring School, 2243 Sycamore Canyon Road)
Contact info 805.452.3159
Additional information

"Majnoon" - submitted on 07.05.2011

Article Image

Name Majnoon
Pet description

Male tabby cat with charcoal, brown and white markings

Last seen on
Last seen location Cliff Drive, Yankee Farms, Hope Ranch area
Contact info Jacques Habra at 805.570.6777
Additional information

Majnoon is a medium-size cat with an athletic frame, and four white paws and a white chest. He was last seen around the Cliff Drive, Yankee Farms, Hope Ranch area, but he could be traveling from that area to Alameda Padre Serra. Please help him reunite with his beloved family.

"Frankie — $150 Reward Offered" - submitted on 07.01.2011

Article Image

Name Frankie — $150 Reward Offered
Pet description

Full-grown black-and-white male short hair

Last seen on June 23, 2011
Last seen location La Ramada and Ribera drives in Santa Barbara
Contact info Andy Prat at 805.280.967 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Additional information

He has a black spot above the right side of his upper lip that makes it look like he is smirking at you, and is a good identifier for him. He is very friendly, but he lost his collar before he disappeared, so he shouldn’t have one on.

"Star — $500 Reward Offered" - submitted on 01.19.2011

Article Image

Name Star — $500 Reward Offered
Pet description

Black-and-white corgi/Chihuahua mix

Last seen on 4 p.m. Jan. 17, 2011
Last seen location Olive Mill Road in Montecito
Contact info Patrik Maiani at 805.886.0799
Additional information

Star weighs 14 pounds with soft, half-inch fur. She’s very friendly and loves to eat anything. The owner is offering a $500 reward for her return.

"Jack" - submitted on 01.02.2011

Article Image

Name Jack
Pet description

4-year-old male yellow Labrador retriever with a blocky head and two light spots on his back over his shoulders

Last seen on Saturday, Jan. 1, at 9:30 a.m.
Last seen location Cravens Lane and Foothill Road, Carpinteria
Contact info Victoria at 805.415.2368
Additional information

[Update: Jack was returned home after the owner of a neighboring alpaca farm took him in for the night.]

Jack was lost at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 1 on Cravens Lane and Foothill Road in Carpinteria. Please contact Victoria at 805.415.2368. We are utterly devastated and want nothing more than his return. A reward is being offered. He is a 4-year-old male yellow Labrador retriever with a blocky head and two light spots on his back over his shoulders.

"Azul" - submitted on 11.10.2010

Article Image

Name Azul
Pet description

Blue-headed Pionus

Last seen on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010
Last seen location East Valley Road/Romero Canyon area in Montecito
Contact info Chris at 805.570.1175
Additional information

Azul is a very friendly bird who will “step up” onto your hand if asked.

"Morgan" - submitted on 03.04.2010

Article Image

Name Morgan
Pet description

Bloodhound/pit mix

Last seen on 7 p.m. on Feb. 19, 2010
Last seen location Overpass Road
Contact info Santa Barbara County Animal Services at 805.681.5285
Additional information

Morgan is friendly and sweet. He weighs 65 pounds, and is 1½ to 2 years old

"Biggie, Found Deceased Jan. 25, Apparently Hit by Vehicle" - submitted on 01.23.2010

Article Image

Name Biggie, Found Deceased Jan. 25, Apparently Hit by Vehicle
Pet description

Big, tan, shaggy golden retriever-standard poodle mix (goldendoodle)

Last seen on Jan. 21
Last seen location Vieja Valley School, 434 Nogal Drive
Contact info Janet Brown, 805.403.6100 or 805.964.4227
Additional information

Biggie is a big, tan, shaggy golden retriever-standard poodle mix (Goldendoodle) who was scared by the thunder Thursday night at Vieja Valley School and ran away. He’s wearing a green collar with phone number 805.964.4227 on it. He’s a little timid and probably won’t come to you if called. If you see him, please call 805.964.4227 or 805.403.6100.

"Cricket" - submitted on 11.19.2009

Article Image

Name Cricket
Pet description

Brown and white King Charles puppy

Last seen on Nov. 16
Last seen location Montecito
Contact info 314.780.2814
Additional information

Weighs 5 pounds. May have been dropped by an owl far from home. Any information, even bad news, would really help our family. We want to get her back, or to at least know what happened.

"Update: Max Returned to Owner" - submitted on 06.17.2009

Article Image

Name Update: Max Returned to Owner
Pet description

An all-black male cat with short hair, no collar, yellowish eyes, long and lean

Last seen on May 22, about 8 p.m.
Last seen location East Carrillo and Laguna streets
Contact info Blake
Additional information

Max may stay in small hiding places during the day and come out at night for food and water

"Lily, a Tortoiseshell Feline" - submitted on 06.15.2009

Article Image

Name Lily, a Tortoiseshell Feline
Pet description

Lily has green eyes and a split mask, with half of her lip orange and the other half black.

Last seen on June 12
Last seen location Primavera and Cieniguitas roads, near La Colina Junior High School
Contact info Gaylen Gonzalez at 805.886.8865
Additional information

The cat was last seen Friday near La Colina Junior High School

"Parrot Returned to Owner" - submitted on 05.29.2009

Name Parrot Returned to Owner
Pet description

Jenday Conure Parrot

Last seen on Found on May 28
Last seen location Mission Canyon
Contact info David Damiano at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 805.886.1225
Additional information

Peachey is home safe and sound after an area resident gave it refuge

"Latte" - submitted on 05.15.2009

Article Image

Name Latte
Pet description

Male Siamese cat

Last seen on Evening of May 7
Last seen location Yaple Avenue and Walnut Park Drive, off North San Marcos Road below Cathedral Oaks Road.
Contact info Kaity at 805.252.3435 or Barbara Klein - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 805.896.0542.
Additional information

Latte is wearing a tan leather collar.

"Lila and Murphy" - submitted on 05.14.2009

Lila and Murphy - Missing Pets

Name Lila and Murphy
Pet description

Lila is a small, feisty, black and white female cat, and Murphy is a large orange and white male cat.

Last seen on Jesusita Fires
Last seen location 5000 block of Santa Susana Avenue
Contact info Clay and Susan Nelson - 805.452.9885 or 805.689.6295.
Additional information

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