• Sally Cappon: Not Just Decorations, Christmas Ornaments Tell Family’s Story One Memory at a Time

• Ann Louise Bardach: Highway 101 and the Fine Art of Brass-Knuckle Politics in Santa Barbara

• Mark Herrier: Lompoc Theatre Project Still Working Behind the Scenes to Gain Building Title

• Cheri Rae: Death on the Streets, and Lessons of Live and Let Live

• Victor Dominocielo: New Community Science Standards — The Supernatural and the Failure of Education

• Kate Voss: What We Can Learn from Ebola — Better Technology for a Better Tomorrow

• Peter Adam: Can’t We All Just Get Along in Santa Barbara County?

• Letter to the Editor: Lois Capps — Empowering War and Domestic Tyranny Since 1998

• Salud Carbajal, Janet Wolf, Michael Bennett and Al Clark: Keeping Our Promises to Fix Highway 101

• Max McCumber: Time to Salute the Obscure in Sports

• Jack Friedlander: SBCC’s Center for Lifelong Learning Completes First Year of Operation

• Michael Rattray: Know the True Greenhouse Gas Effects on Global Climate

• Karl Hutterer: Measure P Will Open Door for Alternative Energy’s Long-Term Solution

• Cathy Murillo: Let’s Vote Yes on SBCC’s Measure S, Then Find Solutions to Other Campus Issues

• Bill Brown and Joyce Dudley: Prop. 47 Will Not Make Our Neighborhoods Safe

• Linda Krop: Setting the Record Straight on Measure P

• Victor Dominocielo: The Scientific Creation Story

• Lauren Hanson: Protect Our Shared Water Supply by Voting Yes on Measure P

• Kristen Miller: Schneider-White Opposition to Highway 101 Widening Ignores Consensus

• Helene Schneider and Bendy White: We Oppose the Current Highway 101 Project

• Victor Dominocielo: County’s Vaccination Rates Dropping — at Our Children’s Peril

• Max McCumber: Watching Sports in Age of Social Media

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