• Linda Krop: Setting the Record Straight on Measure P

• Victor Dominocielo: The Scientific Creation Story

• Lauren Hanson: Protect Our Shared Water Supply by Voting Yes on Measure P

• Kristen Miller: Schneider-White Opposition to Highway 101 Widening Ignores Consensus

• Helene Schneider and Bendy White: We Oppose the Current Highway 101 Project

• Victor Dominocielo: County’s Vaccination Rates Dropping — at Our Children’s Peril

• Max McCumber: Watching Sports in Age of Social Media

• Jennifer Karapetian and Joyce Dudley: Ray Rice Incident Sheds Light on Domestic Violence

• Dr. Jeffrey Fried: On World Sepsis Day, a Call for Much-Needed Research Funding

• Victor Dominocielo: Pseudo-Skepticism and Anti-Science — ‘There’s Just So Much We Don’t Know’

• Dennis Allen: A Businessman’s Perspective on Measure P

• Victor Dominocielo: Believe What You Want; Just Don’t Call It Science

• Max McCumber: Sport vs. Brutality — The Game of Football Is Simply Too Violent

• Catherine Brozowski: Santa Barbara Needs Better Infrastructure for Bicyclists

• Frank Hotchkiss: Bikes Over Cars — What Do You Prefer?

• Max McCumber: Baseball Happens Here, But Doesn’t Have to Stay

• Victor Dominocielo: Let’s Teach Scientific Literacy at Every Age, Every Opportunity

• David Sayen: How to Use Your New Health Insurance

• Victor Dominocielo: Don’t Buy Into the Placebo Disclaimer

• Rep. Lois Capps: No U.S. Military Solution to Iraq Crisis

• Max McCumber: The All-Stars Are Coming Out

• George Runner: California’s Tax-Cutting Legislature?

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