• Andy Caldwell: Infidel, Heretic and Heroine? Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Speak Out in Santa Barbara

• Toni Wellen: Isla Vista Rampage — One Year Later, We Remember and We Take Action

• Cruzito Herrera Cruz: Rebuttal to Dale Francisco Regarding Santa Barbara District Elections

• Vivian Stanton: Calling On Cal State Teachers Retirement System to Divest from Fossil Fuels

• George Runner: Tax Hikes Look Silly as State Gets Financial Windfall

• Dale Francisco: With Santa Barbara District Elections Ahead, Beware the Pros — and Cons

• Michael Rattray: Tide Shifts in Favor of Goleta Beach Park, and Coastal Commission Could, Too

• Katie Davis: Regulatory Corruption Threatens Climate Progress in Santa Barbara County

• Victor Dominocielo: Arguments Against Evolution — And Their Scientific Reply

• Kate Voss: Weathering the Dry Spell — How the Drought Harms Californians

• Dale Francisco: Santa Barbara Golf Club Vote Was Historic, Necessary for City’s Future

• Victor Dominocielo: The Scientific Manufactroversy

• Jen Lilienstein: Neighbors Call for Cautious Approach to Miramar Parking

• Drs. Steven Barkley and David Fisk: Fear the Disease, Not the Vaccine

• George Runner: California Needs a Simpler Gas Tax, Not a Higher One

• Dale Francisco: City Council Can Save Santa Barbara Golf Club, But Will We Take the Shot?

• John Tieber: County Public Health Propagates Big Pharma Quackery and CDC Scientific Fraud

• George Runner: California Government Has More Than Enough of Your Dollars

• Peter Adam: Tribal Sovereignty and Santa Barbara County’s Legislative Platform

• Victor Dominocielo: Tooth Fairy Science Falls Short

• George Runner: Falling Gas Prices Mask Hidden Tax

• Kathy Swift: MCA’s Motives for Eastside ‘Improvements’ Worth a Closer Look

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