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Submit Your News

Noozhawk has a small staff of professional journalists covering Santa Barbara County, but we’re proud to have the assistance of a large army of community contributors to extend our range and reach.

We know you have news and information that’s of interest to others, and we’re inviting you to share it with us and the Noozhawk community. Here’s how!

If you have a news tip ...

... simply send an email to [email protected].

Include as much information as you have, including contact details.

If you have a story to share ...

... just tell us what happened or what you know. We’ll accept a Pulitzer Prize-winning story, but sometimes the most valuable information is just a brief, factual account. Anyone can write a paragraph or two describing something, so don’t feel as if you have to craft a masterpiece.

A maximum length is about 700 words. Remember, it’s the Internet and our attention spans are short.

If you have something to promote ...

... we ask that you submit a news release. We encourage you to format it using Associated Press style. Click here for a sample of the AP Style news release. At minimum, please include the following:

» A headline

» The when and where: A date and location for the story or event

» The who, what and why: In the body of your news release, please include any important information about the story or event that may be interesting to the public

» Contact information

Email your news releases to [email protected] either in the body of an email or as a Word.doc attachment. We do not accept PDFs.

We will consider submissions from anyone, including press secretaries, shameless self-promoters, and public relations representatives who view Noozhawk readers as a valuable audience but are too cheap to place their clients’ advertising with us. If you abuse our generosity, we may limit your exposure. And if you’re going to ask Noozhawk readers to read what you write, make it more helpful to them than to you.

If you have news pictures or a Photo of the Day to share ...

... send your photos to [email protected] with the name of the photographer and a short description of the picture’s who, what, when and where. You may include aperture, lens, exposure data, etc. for your photography viewers to admire. To ensure the best viewing quality, please submit photos that are 1080 pixels wide. Do not embed photos in Word documents.

Noozhawk may post submitted photos on our social media sites, including Facebook, InstagramPinterest, Tumblr and Twitter. Photographers will be credited for their work on these platforms.

If you have an obituary to share ...

... email it to [email protected]. Noozhawk does not charge for obituaries, which we publish as a public service. Multiple photos may be submitted for consideration for a slideshow, but please do not embed photos in Word documents.

If you have an opinion, commentary or letter to the editor ...

... send it to [email protected] in the body of an email or as a Word.doc attachment. Include a short description of yourself so readers can judge your qualifications.

Please note that Noozhawk does not take editorial positions or endorse political candidates or issues. Just because we’ve published an op/ed submission, doesn’t mean we agree with it; the opinions expressed in such commentaries are the writer's own.

Keep in mind that Noozhawk is a hyperlocal news site and we don’t much care for form letters that outline national or international grievances. We ask that you keep your opinions and information relevant to Santa Barbara County and the Central Coast.

Meanwhile, anyone may comment on an article by following the instructions at the bottom of every story. Please be respectful. Just because speech is free doesn’t mean you should say anything you please.

Noozhawk reserves, at our sole discretion, the right to choose not to publish a submission.

Finally, we know you would never do such a thing but, by submitting any work to us, you warrant that the material is your original expression, free of 
plagiarism, and does not violate any copyright, proprietary contract or personal right of anyone else.

If youd like to invite us to lunch ...

... Noozhawks may be raptors but we don’t bite. We encourage your invitations to our staff to attend your events or speak to your organizations. Please know that ours is a virtual nest, however, so use email and not snail mail. Click here for a Noozhawk directory.

If youd like to apply for an internship ...

... College or high school students interested in interning with Noozhawk should email a cover letter, résumé and a portfolio to Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen at [email protected]. We offer internships in sales and marketing, reporting, photography, social media and Web development. We’re also happy to work with select junior high and elementary school-age students on a limited basis.


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