Masho Associates has begun its third year as an independent real estate firm in Santa Barbara.

“Opening my own brokerage was a goal of mine since entering real estate full time in 2001,” broker/owner Bill Masho said. “Having my own company has allowed me to implement some very personalized customer service and marketing solutions that were not possible while working for a large brokerage.

“With us, don’t expect to find a large office filled with idle real estate agents. My business is conducted face to face with you across your coffee table, and much of the rest is handled electronically. We have an office, but it is mostly unnecessary and used mainly to archive our files.”

Since 1993, customers and clients have come to appreciate Masho’s background as a Wall Street financial adviser, and for 16 years have trusted his ability to arrive at fair market values for a wide range of assets — including real estate.

— Bill Masho is the broker/owner of Masho Associates. He can be reached at 805.895.4362.