David Schlueter

David Schlueter

Northrup Schlueter APLC, a full-service law firm based in Westlake Village and Santa Barbara, announced that it is offering mediation services as part of its package of services.

Partner David Schlueter, who has represented businesses and individuals in commercial and construction matters for nearly 30 years, will handle mediation services for the five-member firm.

Schlueter, a member of the Southern California Mediation Association, has served as neutral mediator in a number of cases. He completed certificated training from the Los Angeles County Bar Association, from which he also has completed advanced mediation courses.

Northrup Schlueter will mediate matters involving construction defect/claims of improper construction, real estate issues and project-neutral services. Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties involved in a dispute agree to present their complaints and issues in a non-binding forum to an independent, neutral third party, who will work with them to reach mutually satisfactory solutions through collaboration and compromise, all within the parameter of strict confidentiality.

Northrup Schlueter, a professional law corporation, is a full-service litigation firm focusing in the areas of real estate, construction defect, general business litigation and complex civil litigation and arbitration.

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— Jennifer Goddard is a publicist representing Northrup Schlueter APLC.