The Montecito Fire Protection District will conduct a test from 11 a.m. to noon Friday of the audible emergency notification system.

The equipment will be temporally located on East Mountain Drive between Coyote and Cold Springs roads.

Residents will hear a siren, followed by short audible information.

The fire district has been researching audible alerting systems and is in the process of evaluating several types of equipment. Shortly after Montecito’s Tea Fire, community leaders requested that the Montecito Fire Protection District install some type of early warning sirens.

There are many types of outdoor warning devices: sirens, horns, tones and voice. The fire district is hoping that a combination of siren/voice system will provide adequate coverage. If the testing is favorable, the district will move forward with purchasing and installing several devices within the community.

Residents are reminded that multiple warning methods are necessary to ensure they are adequately alerted to possible danger. The fire district currently utilizes reverse notification calls through the 9-1-1 system, NIXLE, 1680 AM, the district Web site and the media to alert the community during emergencies. The audible outdoor notification system would be an additional tool for emergencies.

— Curtis Vincent represents the Montecito Fire Protection District.