has joined 50 local companies as a member of Coastal Housing Partnership in order to offer its employees a full-service housing benefit.

Monetta Williams, director of human resources for, sees this as not only an important element of the company’s recruiting process, but also as part of the great benefit package it offers its employees.

As continues to grow and recruit more talent to the local area, Coastal Housing Partnership offers benefits that show how generous the company is and the importance of its employee benefit offerings.

Offering Coastal Housing Partnership programs and services can meet the challenge of attracting and retaining employees in a region with some of the highest housing prices in the nation. The Coastal Housing Partnership has opened doors to thousands of employees seeking to reduce their housing costs and make homeownership a reality.

Providing the benefits of Coastal Housing Partnership demonstrates an employer’s commitment to the well-being of its work force and helps foster a culture of loyalty.

“ shows itself to be a progressive and thoughtful company by offering important housing benefits,” Coastal Housing Partnership Executive Director Corby Gage said. “We look forward to helping their employees achieve their dreams of homeownership.”

— Corby Gage is executive director of the Coastal Housing Partnership.