Deckers Outdoor Corp. of Goleta has hired Mark Heintz as the company’s director of corporate social responsibility, reporting to Chief Operating Officer Zohar Ziv.

“As an important addition to our management team, Mark will harness the company’s global commitment to corporate responsibility. Deckers has a strong culture with strong values,” Ziv said. “With Mark on board, we will continue to build on our work to promote environmental responsibility, to encourage environmentally friendly technologies and to respect internationally recognized human rights.”

“Mark Heintz is a longtime corporate responsibility professional who comes to Deckers from Hewlett-Packard, a recognized leader in CSR. Mark understands that companies play a pivotal role in promoting sustainability in business decisions,” said Doug Cahn of The Cahn Group, a corporate responsibility consulting firm that has worked with Deckers for more than two years to establish a corporate responsibility program. “We are confident that Mark will make a real contribution to Deckers’ initiatives.”

For the past several years, Deckers has been a corporate partner of the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UCSB, and Bren School students have worked with Deckers on several projects to enhance Deckers CSR efforts.

“Our partnership with Deckers has been invaluable to our students’ education,” Bren School Dean Steve Gaines said, “and by working together, ideas have been translated into results that are now being used as a model for other student projects.”

— Jaime Eschette is the strategic outreach manager for Deckers Outdoor Corp.