In response to House passage of health-care legislation that transfers one-sixth of the economy and student loans to government control, the Santa Barbara Tea Party has called for a protest march at 3 p.m. Saturday in downtown Santa Barbara.

“We are calling for this protest, because we believe that March 21 will be remembered as the day that a dagger was thrust through the heart of the Republic, and when the will of the people was spat upon,” SBTP board member Steve Thomas said. “We feel we must respond.”

The nonpartisan group encourages the public to join in the march.

President (Barack) Obama’s executive order was the crowning glory of this shameful transaction,” said Diana Thorn, vice president of the group. “We are deeply disappointed in our congresswoman’s support of this invisible bill, especially because it hurts seniors.”

The protest march has been titled “Can You Hear Us Now?”

“SBTP encourages all fellow Americans to remember the sacrifice of our forefathers and patriots for our freedom, ” Thorn said.