You’ve heard it before, but this time it’s for real. Solar energy is finally going mainstream. At least in Santa Barbara County.

This April, a new, innovative county-run program will provide easy-to-qualify-for solar energy and other building improvement financing to nearly all property owners in the county. Once enacted, the program will instantly open up an estimated $20 million in new projects with more to follow.

It will re-energize the weakened construction sector and put local tradesmen back to work.

Santa Ynez Valley Solar’s new TS Solar Program uses its solar expertise to help local contractors get up to speed and prepare them for this quickly approaching windfall. The TS Solar Program guides C-10 electrical and C-39 roofing contractors into a market once exclusively reserved for solar companies.

Click here for more information on the emPowerSBC funding program. For more information on the TS Solar Program, call Gary Gordon at 805.688.1213.

— Gary Gordon represents Santa Ynez Valley Solar.