Mark Weiser, DDS

Mark Weiser, DDS

When you participate in a sport, especially contact sports, the risk of a sports-related dental injury is generally high.

Dental injuries suffered by professional athletes are treated slightly differently than an average person with the same type of injury.

Professional athletes, because of the higher risk of re-injury and further damage to the mouth, will usually wear removable dentures to replace missing teeth.

Once they retire from their sporting career, more permanent restorations and treatment are planned.

The type of mouth guard you choose to wear could impact the level of protection you will receive when involved in an accident related to contact sports.

As we all know, accidents can and do happen. If you or someone you know has a dental emergency, don’t panic.

— Mark Weiser, DDS, is internationally known as an expert in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, and has chosen to focus a large portion of his Santa Barbara dental practice on sleep apnea dentistry.