The Hutton Foundation and the Santa Barbara Foundation have announced a strategic funding partnership designed to maximize benefits for the local nonprofit sector.

Effective April 1, all Standard Grant Program requests received by Hutton Foundation will be redirected to the Santa Barbara Foundation’s Mini and Impact Grant programs for consideration and processing. As a result of this partnership, Hutton Foundation will reduce its administrative costs and be able to continue, if not exceed, the same level of support to the nonprofit community. Hutton will allocate funds historically designated for Standard Grant Program requests to the Santa Barbara Foundation for distribution. Hutton Foundation executive director Pam Hamlin will serve on the combined grantmaking committee to ensure seamless and effective transition.

Hutton Foundation will continue to fund the programs that are focused on its core competencies, like the building acquisition and tenant management program, Program Related Investments, and Media and Marketing grant opportunities.

“This is a collaboration of two outstanding organizations with the ultimate beneficiary being the nonprofit community,” said Hutton Foundation president Tom Parker. “In these tight economic times, it’s about doing business smarter and scaling back on some things so we can give more on others. Under this new model, we will use the experienced leadership of both foundations to make effective countywide community funding decisions, and save considerable administrative dollars that can otherwise go to nonprofit grant-making.

“This is a wise decision modeling the strategic behavior we are asking of nonprofits,” Parker added. “Hutton will continue to fund programs at the same levels and gain efficiencies in the way we do that business.”

Ron Gallo, president and CEO of the Santa Barbara Foundation, pointed to the benefits of collaboration.

“We are honored to help steward the Hutton Foundation’s legacy to sustain the nonprofit sector and their important role in our communities,” Gallo said. “The Santa Barbara and Hutton foundations have been partners for 15 years with similar grant-making priorities. Creating solution-oriented partnerships and sharing knowledge only further enables us to positively impact the county’s most pressing needs. This collaboration is community philanthropy at its best.”

— Alixe Mattingly is vice president of communications at the Santa Barbara Foundation.