Roger Horton

Roger Horton

Former Santa Barbara City Councilman Roger Horton is being honored for his support of the Clean/Green Energy Fund, administered by The Fund for Santa Barbara.

During his eight years as a member of the City Council, Horton was a major supporter of the South Coast Rail project and an advocate of the city of Santa Barbara’s move to purchase a fuel-efficient fleet of city buses and service vehicles.

It was also Horton’s support before the city’s Historic Landmarks Commission that helped the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara’s plans to install solar panels become a reality. This project was the city’s first installation of energy-reducing technology approved for a historical landmark facility.

In recognition of his leadership, The Fund for Santa Barbara has launched the Roger Horton Prius Hypermileage Challenge as a fundraiser for its Clean/Green Energy Fund, which supports churches and nonprofits in their search for energy-efficient technology and practices.

The event will bring Prius owners together to test their energy-savings capabilities by participating in a two-week challenge to achieve the best MPG for their hybrid automobiles.

This Saturday, April 2, all registered participants will receive instructive tips on how to improve their gas mileage at Toyota of Santa Barbara, 5611 Hollister Ave. in Goleta. During that day or over the two weeks that follow, participants will practice their newly acquired driving skills and submit their results either on Saturday, April 2, after a test drive to Buellton, or, as an alternative, after two weeks of normal city driving and submitting mileage results at the Earth Day celebration, April 16-17.

Awards for best mileage achieved will be given for both the test drive this Saturday or for the longer-term challenge drive on Sunday, April 17.

Interested Prius owners can register by clicking here or calling 805.962.9164. The deadline to register is this Thursday, March 31.

— Marjorie Wass is a publicist.