The Rotary Club of Carpinteria has applied for an international matching grant to pay for books and literacy supplies for a tiny Spanish language library in a remote village of 350 people, a 2½-hour rough drive from Panama City.

The rural area has no access to transportation, a library and no help with literacy materials.

Panama educates its citizens up to the sixth grade only, and the rest is up to the parents to pay for, which does not happen in poor areas.

The proposed library, located next to the elementary school, would serve the El Picacho area youth, adult and teen residents and those living in the farming areas around the village, who are willing to walk to the library to receive free literacy services.

Rotary Club member Pat Kistler will serve as a liaison for the project.

— Pat Kistler is the public relations coordinator for the Rotary Club of Carpinteria.