On a warm, sunny Friday, the Dos Pueblos High School JV boys’ tennis team went into a match against Carpinteria’s varsity team. Coach Bryant and his team were very hospitable.

The Chargers started out a little sluggish with the sun in everyone’s eyes and some just back from spring break, but managed to battle out tough points in the 7-11 loss.

In singles, Michael Soto, Roshan Naik and Sanad Shabbar gave it their all.

In doubles, we encountered long matches. Strong power and touch shots came from Justin Worley and William Bermant. Of course, some of that power made contact with an opponent’s chin.

Landon Brand and Chase Fierro were cool and collected, dealing with everything the opponents gave them. They lost only six games.

Jeffrey McDaniel and Ameet Braganza adapted their game to each pair they met. They both served quite well.

All of the boys performed nicely on this beautiful Friday afternoon. The light breeze did not seem to bother the team.

At the end, we shared handshakes and lollipops. Way to go, Chargers!

Box Scores

» Dos Pueblos Singles — Sanad Shabbar 0-3; Michael Soto 0-3; Roshan Naik 0-3

» Carpinteria Singles — Jonathan Cleek 3-0; Ben Murray 3-0; Collin Nathanson 3-0

» Dos Pueblos Doubles — William Bermant/Justin Worley 1-2; Ameet Braganza/Jeffrey McDaniel 3-0; Landon Brand/Chase Fierro 3-0

» Carpinteria Doubles — David Harms/Ricky Zermeno 1-2; Bryan Taira/Paul Cortez 0-3; Sean Wealthy/Sammy Gutierrez 0-2; Sean Wealthy/Juan Hernandez 1-0

— Gabriela McDaniel is the sister of a player on the JV boys’ tennis team at Dos Pueblos High School.