Eleven board members have begun a new year of service for the nonprofit Casa Serena: Valerie Cavanaugh, Jillian Davis, Dick Ellison, Marilyn Gillard, Mart Keefe,  Charles McBride, Michael Olsen, Marcia Reed, Robbin Rimmer-Behrens, Nan Schooley and Bob Steele.

The mission of Casa Serena Inc. is to provide effective treatment services and a safe, sober living environment to women suffering from the disease of alcoholism or who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs, and to introduce them to the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step process. Residents engage in group and individual counseling sessions and are taught the tools of the recovery process so they can live their lives free of alcohol and drugs. Casa Serena instills a sense of hope, self-esteem and community in women attempting to change their lives.

Casa Serena operates three homes for women in various stages of their recovery:

» Main House — Phase 1, a structured 90-day program

» Grad House — Phase 2, long-term care up to nine months

» Oliver House — women with children

Click here for more information about Casa Serena, call 805.966.1260 or email recovery@casaserena.org. Click here to make a donation to Casa Serena.

— Marcia Reed is a board member of Casa Serena.