If you’re spending hours on social networking sites, or have a slick Web site but few leads coming your way, you may not have an integrated strategy that works.

In this month’s installment of InsightNOW, author, business speaker and “Internet anthropologist” Jim Marks shares his integrated Web strategies to help maximize results from Internet marketing.

Here are some top tips:

Showcase Listings

Every brokerage lists homes for sale on its Web site, so set your site apart with listings that require only one click from your homepage to access. Also, don’t restrict access by making site visitors register to use your home search tool. Let them use it and fall in love with it, then request their information for your database.

Manage Your Data

Most sales professionals get many leads from consumers who aren’t ready to buy. Make sure to capture these leads in a database so you can communicate periodically with them. These window shoppers represent future business. Don’t lose touch with them.

Add Value to Your Content

Understand your audience’s needs and cater to them. Consumers want market knowledge, and you, as the real estate professional, can provide your analysis of your market via a blog or periodic e-mails to contacts.

Convert Social Media Contacts

You may have a Facebook and Twitter account, but how do you capture friends and followers from social networking sites? Marks suggests driving people back to your Web site by linking to content on your site and by branding your social media sites so people recognize you.

— Craig Greene is a senior loan officer at Prospect Mortgage, 3916 State St., Suite 100, Santa Barbara 93105. He can be reached at craig.greene@prospectmtg.com or 805.898.4211.