In today’s day and age, issues that will affect the 20-something Millennials are predominantly solved by preceding baby-boomers. But what if the Millennial had a network and resources to solve the future’s problems, on their own, without the constraints of deeming too many of them are impossible to solve?

Well, that’s what a group of young innovators will be doing at a new, weekend conference from some of the nation’s top-ranked universities.

The first-ever Next Generation Summit will be held May 4-5 in the Corwin Pavilion at UCSB, and will bring together some of the brightest students from across the nation to take a more proactive role in exploring emerging research and corresponding trends.

Similar to the ever ubiquitous TED talks, young leaders will be collaborating to discuss some of newest trends in technology, business, health and psychology, science, environmentalism, and arts and ntertainment. Students will conduct talks or host workshops to encourage taking a more proactive role in solving tough problems that impact areas other than their own academic concentrations.

Some of the experienced experts and entrepreneurs that will be keynoting to further encourage the innovative efforts of the students will be: Kevin O’Connor, Dr. John La Puma, Lex Sisney, Klaus Schauser, Jacques Habra and Jacob Tell, among several others.

According to its website, the mission of the Next Generation Summit is to foster individual and professional growth through peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Incorporating a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving and innovation, the conference seeks to share new perspectives and build a network of informed young professionals. After the event, the students’ will continue in contact through an alumni network to continue supporting and building onto one another’s ideas.

Tickets are $35 for students with valid ID and $75 for general admission. Click here for more information.

— Kiyan Rajabi is the founder and director of the Next Generation Summit.