DAWG (Dog Adoption & Welfare Group) saved four little lives Monday and took on a monumental task.

The four retriever mix puppies that they are calling “Janis Joplin,” “Taylor Swift,” “Whitney Houston” and “Brittney Spears” were rescued from Santa Barbara County Animal Services, which appealed to DAWG for help.

The puppies would have been euthanized if DAWG did not step up to provide the medical care that the girls will need.

“Over the next few weeks, DAWG will pour hundreds of dollars and hours of care into these baby girls who surely deserved a second chance at life,” development associate Emily Grossheider said. “We couldn’t provide the care for any of our dogs without the community’s help.”

The puppies have been diagnosed with sarcoptic mange, a contagious mite that causes hair loss and severe itchy skin. The puppies will need medication, monitoring and medicated baths until they have fully recovered. Once they fight off the mites, the girls will be spayed, implanted with a microchip, de-wormed and adopted out to loving homes.

DAWG is asking the community for financial contributions that will enable it to provide the puppies and all of their dogs with top-notch veterinary care. Please send contributions to DAWG at 5480 Overpass Road, or click here to donate online.

DAWG (Dog Adoption and Welfare Group) is a no-kill, nonprofit dog rescue whose goal is to reduce the euthanasia of adoptable dogs in Santa Barbara County by saving dogs at risk. DAWG is the only no-kill dog shelter in Santa Barbara County and is completely funded by private donations and grants.

— Emily Grossheider is a development associate for DAWG.