Wiser Capital of Santa Barbara has announced the launch of its service, facilitated by a first-of-its-kind online platform, matching participants in and streamlining transactions for third-party financed medium-sized commercial photovoltaic (PV) solar energy developments.

Helmed by Principals Nathan Homan, Stephen Honikman and Michael McGuire, Wiser Capital brings expertise in structured finance and analysis, complex transactions, banking, web development and the solar industry. With projects in the ground proving its platform’s solar analytics and financial modeling tools, Wiser Capital has validated educational and evaluative services and is ready to provide them to the facility, integration and capital stakeholders that are the necessary participants in third-party financed mid-scale commercial PV market. By providing the standardized tools and services for this market, Wiser Capital will achieve its mission of accelerating the growth of this under-capitalized asset class.

“Our platform provides seamless education, evaluation and transaction services that identify viable projects and securely connect the participants involved in the building, financing and long-term operation of commercial PV projects,” Homan said. “Wiser is committed to remaining an active manager in every project, providing additional confidence for participants in this market.”

Wiser’s platform synthesizes a suite of powerful analytical tools, financial modeling and transaction services built from the ground up to serve the unique challenges associated with this market. All parties — including capital providers, host facilities and system integrators — are linked by the platform’s robust financial models and transaction structures, unifying and simplifying what has previously been a fragmented and opaque process fraught with inefficiencies.

“By streamlining and standardizing the solar analytics, economic modeling and transaction services that drive the development of solar projects, we are able to vastly accelerate and scale the market for commercial and distributed photovoltaic developments,” Homan said. “And the consistent application of the Wiser Solar Asset Rating (WSAR) score provides a benchmark for stakeholders to confidently participate in the market, resulting in more projects, more jobs, more sustainable energy and a boon to the economy and country as a whole.”

The Wiser Capital team boasts years of experience in structured finance and solar investment analytics. With a J.D. and M.S. related to clean technology commercialization, Honikman’s experience encompasses business development, product management, and legal and transaction consulting, with expertise in creating, analyzing and reviewing the complex legal and financial models needed to structure photovoltaic (PV) transactions.

With over 30 years of experience as a senior executive in the U.S. banking industry, including writing the first AAA mortgage-backed security in the late 1970s, McGuire brings significant financial acumen to the analysis, structuring and implementation of direct capital investments for third-party financed commercial PV projects.

Previously the managing partner of a brokerage firm supplying raw materials to solar panel manufacturers, Homan has deep industry and technical knowledge of both the up and downstream solar markets. He has a vast background negotiating with utilities and helping set up the framework for solar incentivized tariffs during the development of commercial projects and has an intimate understanding of the financial incentives, rebates and tax structures that drive these transactions.

— Janet Vasquez represents Wiser Capital.