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Goleta public information officer Valerie Kushnerov accepted the Award of Excellence at last week’s CAPIO Awards Banquet. (City of Goleta photo)

The City of Goleta has received the prestigious Award of Excellence from the California Association of Public Information Officers at its 2013 Excellence in Communications Awards Banquet last week.

The award was given in the category of “Dollar Stretcher” for the city’s program. This recognition is given to programs that do more with less.

“I am pleased that the good work our staff does on behalf of our community is highlighted by this award,” Mayor Roger Aceves said. “Goleta is one of the few cities that continues to fund a public information officer position, and I believe that this award confirms the ongoing benefit we receive from that investment.”

With more than 15 percent of the city’s households participating in the program, Goleta sees it as a great tool for its residents. The program was implemented for just $320 plus staff time. This equates to less than a penny per resident and a nickel per household.

“Goleta did a fantastic job rolling out and implementing Nextdoor in their community in a creative and cost-efficient way,” said Sarah Leary, co-founder and vice president of marketing at Nextdoor. “Their program continues to thrive and Nextdoor is proud to be a partner in their community engagement.”

For more information about Goleta’s Nextdoor program, call public information officer Valerie Kushnerov at 805.961.7507. Click here to join Nextdoor.

— Valerie Kushnerov is a public information officer for the City of Goleta.