This is starting to feel like the Hundred Years’ War. Even worse is that the opponents of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden’s Vital Mission Plan consider themselves the defenders of the Alamo.

They are a lonely few battling against a large number of supporters. The only difference is, the Botanic Garden is not theirs to defend. Thankfully, the Botanic Garden is run by people who have the community-at-large in mind.

The garden’s plan will be voted on by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. Ordinarily, the board wouldn’t get involved, but the opponents have appealed the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the Vital Mission Plan. They are appealing a plan that has been continuously stripped down over the years — but apparently that hasn’t been enough.

I can’t imagine how frustrated the kind folks in charge of the garden must be. Over the years, they have made dozens of revisions trying to appease the whims and desires of a few adversaries, only to have them thrown back in their face. It seems like they only get louder every time the garden makes the plan smaller.

One thing we can all agree on is that the Botanic Garden is a beautiful place in an absolutely gorgeous city. I strongly believe that the Vital Mission Plan needs to be approved in order to keep the garden the stunning place that it is.

Marc Chytilo is no Davy Crockett. Support the Vital Mission Plan.

Anthony Thomas
Santa Barbara