Jacques Bellesiles

Jacques Bellesiles

Crowell, Weedon & Co. Ventura is pleased to welcome Jacques Bellesiles to its branch, 5740 Ralston St., Suite 301.

Crowell Weedon is a brokerage and money management firm, with a history of nearly 80 years of financial integrity in Southern California

Bellesiles’ financial career with Crowell Weedon began in 1970, in the Los Angeles branch, where he worked in a variety of strategic corporate positions for 30 years. In 2000, he was recruited to the firm’s Encino branch, and then went on to open its Westlake branch in 2003.

Bellesiles is a partner with the firm and a veteran in the financial services industry. He joins Crowell Weedon’s growing team in Ventura, and brings with him a history of success and unparalleled expertise. Throughout his 41 years with Crowell Weedon, Bellesiles has held numerous leadership positions including manager of the Institutional Department and handled international sales for 27 years.

He is a longtime Ventura resident and has lived on the beach since 1964. He is heavily involved in many aspects of the Ventura community and culture, and is an advisory board member of the Ventura Botanical Gardens.

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— Jennifer Guess is a publicist.