Marymount of Santa Barbara graduates heading off to college this year (Marymount’s class of 2009) had great success in college admissions this spring.

Marymount tracks its alumni because of the strong bonds formed while the students are at Marymount, and also because it is a way to measure the effectiveness of the school’s program. Marymount students consistently demonstrate a strong track record of achievement and success in secondary school, college and beyond. Alumni are quick to credit Marymount’s ethical culture, focus on the success of each individual student, and intellectually inspiring environment as laying the academic foundation, developing the study skills, fostering the creativity, and providing the opportunities for leadership they needed for success later.

To paraphrase John Linehan, this year’s senior class president at Dos Pueblos High School, track team captain and 2013 MVP headed off to Notre Dame this fall, “I had no idea when I was in middle school at Marymount how high-achieving my classmates were. I now realize that my class at Marymount was a highly concentrated group of talented, positive kids.”

Marymount graduates were accepted to the following colleges and universities this year: UC (all campuses,) USC, Pepperdine, Boston College, Stanford, Cornell, Colgate, George Washington, Duke University, Harvard, MIT, Loyola Marymount, Chapman, Pitzer, Occidental, Scripps, Fordham, Rhodes College, Tufts, Hawaii Pacific, Tulane, Dickinson, University of Pennsylvania, U.S. Naval Academy, Notre Dame, University of British Columbia, McGill, University of San Francisco, Westmont, Vanderbilt, The American School in London, Saint Mary’s College, University of San Diego, University of Texas at Austin, and NYU, among others.

The diverse and impressive college acceptances were echoed this year by graduating eighth-grade students’ acceptances into high schools and high school academies. The 2013 Marymount graduates were accepted to the following schools and academies: San Marcos High School (several into the AAPLE Academy), Cate School, Santa Barbara High School, Bishop High School (several into the STEAM Academy), The Thacher School, Laguna Blanca School, Dos Pueblos High School, The Taft School and Deerfield.

The Marymount graduation ceremony is a very personal event that recognizes the unique talents and achievements of each graduating student. The theme of the senior class this year at Marymount was Leadership, and the class embraced the theme wholeheartedly. Teachers who have taught at the school for many years compare this year’s graduates to the graduates of 2009 for their tenacity, drive and high standard of achievement.

At graduation, 2013 Marymount graduates were congratulated for their accomplishments, of course, but they were also asked to keep their bonds with Marymount. In the words of the keynote speaker at graduation this year, Hilary Doubleday, “I feel that we are all blowing on a dandelion today. Like the seeds of a dandelion, you are going off in a million different directions and it is beautiful to watch. I grew up making wishes when I blew on a dandelion … and I want to make a couple of wishes for you today. I wish that you stay strong in your leadership … I wish that you keep your bonds with one another … and I wish that you get what you give … because I know that you will give a lot to this world. We can’t wait to see what you do.”

Marymount is an independent coeducational school, junior kindergarten through eighth grade, on a picturesque 10-acre campus nestled on the Santa Barbara Riviera. Building on a 75-year tradition of excellence, the educators at Marymount have crafted a unique learning experience that blends mastery of core subjects with acquisition of the essential skills students need to navigate and be successful in a rapidly evolving world.

— Molly Seguel is the admissions director for Marymount of Santa Barbara.