When was the last time you used your ThighMaster? Is that rarely used or broken-down treadmill still taking up space in your room? Do you have barbells collecting dust in your garage? If any of these scenarios are all too real for you, Spectrum Athletic Clubs is offering a one-time-only trade — your old workout equipment for a no-fee enrollment at any of its three Santa Barbara locations.

All old equipment will be recycled thanks to a new service being introduced in Southern California called 1-800-GOT-SCRAP.

Bud Rockhill, president and CEO of Spectrum, said the no-fee enrollment is available whether you trade in a massive piece of equipment such as a Stairmaster or a merely a set of weights.

This Thursday through Monday, those wanting to participate in Spectrum’s “Going Green to Save Green” must call to schedule a drop-off at any of the three Santa Barbara clubs, and enroll at no cost at the time of drop-off. For heavier pieces of equipment, Spectrum can arrange a pickup at your home.

The three clubs are located in Goleta at 6144 Calle Real, 805.964.0556, and in Santa Barbara at 3908 State St., 805.563.8700, and 21 W. Carrillo St., 805.965.0999.

“This is the perfect outreach to those with good intentions of working out to get rid of their old equipment and get started on the road to fitness,” Rockhill said.

Spectrum is working in conjunction with 1-800-GOT-SCRAP, a new recycling service that picks up large-scale metal items from your house for a small fee or pays you when the items are deposited at any of its 45 recycling centers. Click here for more information.

Spectrum Athletic Clubs has 23 locations throughout Southern California and Texas, and offers spacious award-winning facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, high-end amenities, highly trained staff and a full range of fitness programming. Click here for more information.

— Stephanie Minasian is a publicist representing Spectrum Athletic Clubs.