Starting Sunday, MarBorg Industries will be changing many collection days in order to service its new Zone 2 area in a more efficient and logical way.

Zone 2 is the unincorporated area near Goleta that was served by Allied Waste Services of Santa Barbara before MarBorg’s success in a recent competitive bid process.

Residents should notice a reduction in truck traffic and less container visibility as a result of these changes. For example, currently trash collection is scheduled four days per week on Cathedral Oaks Road. In the new system there will be only two pickup days, cutting in half the number of days with carts out on that road.

In addition, there are many streets where nine to 12 trucks drive through on a weekly basis. With more efficient routing, steps are being taken to cut these truck trips to the bare minimum.

Effective July 1, MarBorg took over the solid waste and recycling collection service for the Zone 2 area of unincorporated Santa Barbara. In the past month it has been working seven days a week and even the Fourth of July to trade out the old Allied containers for its new ones, and to answer the hundreds of phone calls it has received regarding its new services.

So far, MarBorg has been providing residential service on the same day that Allied had been, but that is about to change.

Customers should check their mail for a letter from MarBorg regarding what changes, if any, are being made to their collection day. The letter also includes five plastic bags to be used for battery recycling, which is as simple as placing household batteries in one of the bags and putting it on top of the recycling container to be properly recycled.

In addition to the letters, MarBorg will also be attaching hangers to trash carts detailing collection day changes.

Residents may call Thomas Chiarodit of the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department at 805.882.3624 with questions about this new system. For hauler-related questions, call MarBorg at 805.963.1852.

— Thomas Chiarodit is a senior program specialist for the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department.