Moderate Republicans from the communities represented by state Senate District 19 have announced support for Democratic candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson in her race against Republican Tony Strickland.

The group includes many prominent names in political circles, including former state Sen. Cathie Wright; Jere Robings, former executive director of the Ventura County Taxpayers Association; Bob Larkin, past chairman of the Ventura County Republican Central Committee; John Lane, retired mayor of Moorpark; Judy Mikels, former chairwoman of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors; John Walker, president of the Ventura Unified School District Board of Education; and Velma Lomax, Ventura Unified School District Board member.

“Our group, Moderate Republicans for Jackson, was formed out of concern that Strickland is a man who is far removed from the beliefs and ethical standards held by the majority of people in our neighborhoods,” Larkin said. “Tony Strickland is an extremist. He was the founding president of the California Club for Growth, part of the ultra right-wing National Club for Growth, which has made it a mission to destroy the political careers of moderate Republicans.”

The subject of numerous legal investigations into his campaign finances over the years, Strickland also has solicited nearly $85,000 in donations from tobacco companies, and in the Assembly consistently sided with tobacco, oil and gambling interests.

A career politician, he has opposed nearly every law established to protect our water, air, mountains and beaches. He has voted against legislation that protects the rights of consumers and the health of children, lowering prescription drug prices and capping electrical bills during the energy crisis.

As a former deputy district attorney prosecutor, Jackson has the solid backing of the majority of law enforcement officials in the district. As a family law attorney for 22 years with a practice employing as many as 15 people, she is the only candidate in the race who knows what it is like to run a small business, make a payroll and pay benefits.

As an Assembly member, she authored more than 60 pieces of legislation to protect consumers, the environment, crime victims, women’s rights and children. She has written and passed legislation to keep prescription drug prices as low as possible, simplify payment of sales and use taxes by businesses, and issue tax credits for teachers. Constituent services are a very high priority for Jackson.

“Hannah-Beth Jackson is someone we can trust,” Robings said. “She listens to our concerns and wants to end the extreme partisan gridlock that has paralyzed our government. She has a proven track record and worked her entire life to make California a better place to live and work.”

Christopher Lanier represents Moderate Republicans for Jackson.