Singer-songwriter Becca Solodon released her first EP (extended play) online earlier this year. In My Room has five tracks and Becca played a motif ES8 keyboard that has a synthesizer and recording system built into it so she could add a lot of different instrumental sounds to the songs.

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In her spare time, singer Becca Solodon enjoys volunteering at the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. ( photo)

Becca’s music career started at age 3. While her mother played the piano, Becca climbed up on her lap and tried to play, too. Becca started music lessons the next year and continues today at Santa Barbara City College’s music department. She also plays the guitar. “She taught herself,” said Mary Ann Solodon, Becca’s mother.

When Becca was 16 she was diagnosed with cancer in her leg. She underwent chemotherapy and had to have her leg amputated. Just six weeks after her operation Becca opened for Mariah Carey at the Arlington Theatre. Becca also sang with the Dos Pueblos Jazz Choir & Combo under the direction of Ike Jenkins and toured in Europe.

Becca is currently working at the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation a few days a week. She said she loves volunteering, visiting children in the hospital and attending various support groups and events sponsored by the foundation.

Another organization that provided support to Becca when she had cancer was the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her wish was for a new guitar. She said it took her a while to decide what her wish was going to be but when Becca went to the first producer’s house for a recording session, she brought her guitar that she already had.

“When they were leaving, the producer asked me not to bring that guitar again. We laughed and thought he was kidding but when we realized that he was serious, I knew what my wish would be,” said Becca.

Her wish was for a quality guitar that she could play for years. Make-A-Wish Foundation not only gave her a guitar but also provided her with an amplifier, an amazing microphone and even a certificate for recording time at a local studio.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation also made a doll that looks like Becca and is sold to the public along with her story. The foundation has dolls for other kids, too, and some of the proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Click here to download In My Room for free or click here to visit her Web site.

When asked if she always wanted to be a singer, Becca answered, “Yes I’ve always dreamed of recording and I love performing live!”

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