After heading back to the drawing board for a couple of weeks, both the Goleta city planners and architects of the proposed Citrus Village residential project Monday night moved toward a project they could both agree on.

The proposed Citrus Village just two weeks ago was a courtyard condominium project of nine three-bedroom units in four buildings facing one another over a shared driveway off west Calle Real. As of Monday evening, it became a 12-unit complex in three buildings on the east side of the .94-acre lot in northwest Goleta.

Architect Detlev Peikert’s new project addresses many of the concerns city planners had about parking, noise, mix of housing and the location of a proposed “tot lot,” which was in the area closest to a bar on the other side of the line.

Parking will be located along the project’s west side, which shares a property line with a commercial zone. Two units are designated affordable.

The project isn’t quite a go yet. The new Citrus Village will have to be vetted by the city’s design review board before heading back to the Goleta Planning Commission in November.

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