In response to Rep. Lois Capps’ embarrassingly baffling “viewpoint” regarding her most recent stultifying articles in some local newspapers titled: “Offshore Drilling is No Energy Fix” (aka “Why I Oppose New Oil Drilling”):

I am without words to respond to such self-serving, irrational naïve drivel expressed so publicly. Usually when people are so obviously out of touch with the real world, real world problems and real world solutions, they keep their mouths shut for fear of embarrassment. But not our out-of-touch Pollyanna congresswoman.

After so many years of her overtly simplistic propositions and preposterous prevarications …

If there was ever a treatise that again begs her removal from her seat as our congressional representative, this is it.

If this is her view on energy policy, one can only cringe at what she must think about the economy. Oh, I forgot, she does not think for herself, or us, she merely follows undisciplined cacophony from her partisan political head in-the-sand Washington crowd.

For a more robust, informed view I suggest she read the preceding article in the San Luis Obispo Tribune on the same day her commentary was published: “America Can Innovate or Get in Line” credited to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Please, Mrs. Capps, step down, as you promised long ago. Get out of the way of our economic and energy future … And for all of our sakes please vote her out of office, finally!

Don Regan, Ph.D.
Past 23rd Congressional District candidate
Arroyo Grande