UCSB has been ranked 17th among the world’s universities for engineering and technology in a list released this week by Times Higher Education.

“It’s gratifying to see our College of Engineering ranked so highly among all of the colleges in the world, and especially interesting that we’re the only UC school besides Berkeley in the top 30,” said Larry Coldren, UCSB’s acting dean of engineering.

To compile the 2010-11 rankings, Times Higher Education drew on a variety of performance indicators that fall into five broad categories: teaching, research, citations, industry income and international mix, with UCSB scoring particularly highly in the last three categories.

This year’s table of the top 50 engineering and technology universities is dominated by U.S. institutions, with California universities doing particularly well. Caltech topped the list, and Stanford and UC Berkeley also made the top five.

Times Higher Education overhauled its methodology for this year’s World University Rankings and switched to data supplied by Thomson Reuters. The rankings include an overall Top 200 list (released last week, with UCSB at No. 29) and Top 50 tables for specific subject areas such as engineering and technology.

The rankings “are now based more on objective measures and less on subjective reputation,” Times Higher Education says, and “should be viewed as a correction” to previous listings (which hadn’t included UCSB among the top 50 engineering and information technology universities for 2009 or 2008).

“This objective ranking, which is based upon excellence rather than opinion, and includes some normalization for size, enables a younger program such as ours to be judged more fairly,” Coldren said.

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