This Wednesday, COAST will host its final Walking Wednesday of the season with Dennis Allen of Allen & Associates.

The walk is titled “Sustainable Neighborhoods” and will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesday.

The group will meet at 433 W. Micheltorena St., on the corner of Micheltorena and Olive streets. There is parking available on Laguna between Micheltorena and Sola.

This walk will feature two green projects, one a whole house remodel that doubles the amount of living space within the same footprint and the other a four-unit platinum LEED condo project.

At the first project, participants will have a chance to see how homes are tested for energy efficiency. In walking between these projects, we will look at and talk about elements that create sustainable neighborhoods.

Allen & Associates is a sponsor of Walking Wednesdays. We hope everyone will come out to support COAST’s final walk of the 2012 season.

— Caitlin Carlson is a project director for COAST.