I’m a political science student at UCSB, and I decided I needed to get some real-world experience. I read about the candidates and decided to volunteer for Steve Cushman’s mayoral campaign.

I like his experience and his long involvement with the city. Since this is my first time working on a campaign, I didn’t know what to expect, but what I’ve learned is that Steve is a real leader who cares about Santa Barbara.

I’ll give you just one example. Last Saturday was International Coastal Cleanup Day. Steve asked his campaign workers to join him in cleaning up Chase Palm Park Beach. He told us it is all of our responsibility to make the city a better place. A bunch of us showed up, and we picked up over 20 large bags of trash and about that many bags of recyclables. Steve inspired us to get involved and, in just three hours, we had made a big difference.

That’s the kind of person Santa Barbara needs as mayor. I’m proud to be one of his volunteers.

Alexander Kanish
Santa Barbara