Victoria Garden Mews, submitted by Allen Associates and Thompson Naylor Architects, both of Santa Barbara, has been selected from among 2,500 nominated projects as a Green Success Story for Southwest Real Estate & Construction Review’s Green Building of America Award Program. 

The four-unit, multifamily residential project, under construction in downtown Santa Barbara, has been submitted for preliminary platinum certification through the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) for Homes program.

Initial evaluation of the project’s LEED checklist indicates that Victoria Garden Mews could earn the highest number of points when compared with all other LEED for Homes projects certified to date.

“As a longtime builder and one of the future residents of this project, I have never felt more like an eco-pioneer. Building a small community on an infill site is allowing us to take a giant step closer to our goal of living a fully sustainable life,” said Dennis Allen of Allen Associates. “The project will be almost carbon neutral as a result of generating 100 percent of our electricity from the sun. Hydraulic car lifts reduce the impact of automobiles, both on the property and in the community. Minimizing the pressure of cars together with compact living arrangements allows for increased density while permitting us to provide more nature in this downtown neighborhood.”

Dennis Thompson and Susette Naylor of Thompson Naylor Architects added: “We are proud to be the architects for such an innovative green infill project. This was a real team effort between the owners, the builder and us. Victoria Mews brings together ecological elements that we have been working on for years, plus some new ones.”

Each Green Building of America Success Story project is highlighted in a case study that intertwines the words of the project’s owner/developer, consultants, architects and contractors to explain how the teams worked together to design and build one of the region’s most important, innovative or unique new or renovated sustainable facilities.

Regional editions, both in print and online, provide inside information about the most referred and qualified firms, team members and products that are being utilized for the most important sustainable projects within a specific area of the country.

The Real Estate & Construction Review has been published by Construction Communications since 1999. Each edition also will be available in flip-book format online.

— Karen Feeney is a green resources manager for Allen Associates of Santa Barbara.