Computer graphics work by Dos Pueblos High School freshman Alicia Startzman was featured in the online and print versions of the Wall Street Journal on Saturday.

Startzman entered John Dent’s graphics class last Tuesday and was shown a highly publicized photo of a Tiger Woods shot that received international attention.

“In the background of the picture is an unusual looking man who has yet to be identified and is being called ‘Cigar Guy,’” Dent said. “The class was asked to use their Photoshop skills to put Cigar Guy in various shots from history.”

Dent said he felt it would be a fun way for the students to practice their skills and be involved in the popular culture and media, and he then shared the pictures with a Web site that posted them.

Two days later, the Wall Street Journal asked for permission to print Startzman’s work, which is now part of more than 100,000 such compilations found on the Web.

Startzman completed the project in about 30 minutes, and she said she hopes to one day pursue a career in digital imaging/art.

— Barbara Keyani is the administrative services and communications coordinator for the Santa Barbara School Districts.