We, as co-chairs of Parents of Special Education, attended the Santa Barbara school board meeting Tuesday night. (It will be televised at 5 p.m. Saturday on Channel 18.)

We were there to get some information and just to check into getting on the agenda to talk about special education. We were just sitting there, when during the public comments portion, four or five parents of children with special needs got up and began to tell their stories and demand that their children receive the one-on-one aides that were promised in their IEPs (individualized education plans). It was week nine of school and still no aides.

We were shocked, because we knew of one school where this was happening, but we never thought that it could be widespread.

If you are unhappy with the way your child is being supported or how you were treated at your IEP, contact Cathy Abarca at cat736@aol.com or Jennifer Griffin at jenagrif@verizon.net.

Cathy Abarca and Jennifer Griffin
Parents of Special Education (P.O.S.E.), Santa Barbara