Gay people are not bad. My godmother, Shelly, is bright, strong and pretty, and she doesn’t need a man to complete her. Jen, her partner, is a smart, sophisticated lady.

They live in Baltimore. Every year when they visit, we take them to see the butterflies at Ellwood Preserve. They have so much fun together. I don’t see what people don’t like about that.

I mean, who cares what people do with their lives? Who should say that a boy and boy or a girl and a girl can’t marry?

I was the flower girl for my godmother’s wedding. I still have the basket from that day. I am so proud of my godmother and her partner. They are just two regular people who my parents chose to be my godparents; but to me, Shelly and Jen are much more.

I think I speak for many people — gay and not gay — who believe that “No on 8, No on 8, No on 8” needs to be recounted, and the state Supreme Court needs to get involved.

Grace Deshler, age 11
Santa Barbara Charter School