If you appreciate the freedom this country offers, you may be feeling a bit taken advantage of by government and big business.

Powerful groups fund the redistricting game with the voters losing. X-ray scanners in airports are safe we’re told, yet their use violates long-standing radiation safety principles. Nuclear energy is touted as “green,” yet there is no technology to reuse radioactive waste products and the safety questions unfold in Japan. It’s legal, but it sure doesn’t seem ethical.

Washington needs a dose of common sense. Our representatives have failed us, and if we continue to elect career politicians, nothing will change.

GOOOH is a nonpartisan process that empowers us, as citizens, to facilitate the change we seek. Each district chooses their own citizen candidate to represent them. You simply raise your hand, go into the process and your peers decide if you move forward. GOOOH funds the person who makes it onto the ballot.

This process began in Texas on Saturday with other states to follow. The time to do something about the system is now. Get off the fence and get involved! We can do this together. Click here for more information.

C.C. Rice
Texas City, Texas