As Noozhawk grows, we continue to look for mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with other companies and organizations. The collaboration enables us to offer more content and services while keeping our own focus on local news. We’re proud to be partnered up with Presidio Sports, Santa Barbara Surfer and, all quality local companies and all only online.

We recently joined forces with two additional companies, also Web only, to provide access to area dining options. Thanks to the participation of and, we now offer our readers direct links to restaurants, their menus and exclusive video tours. Click here for Noozhawk’s Dining Video Showcase.

SBMenus, co-founded by Bryan Brand and Dusty Stutsman, makes finding the right food and drink a simple — and efficient — experience. What’s more, its online ordering feature gives readers a quick way to request delivery and takeout services.

SBLife, founded in 1998 by my longtime friend and former colleague, Harold Adams, is sharing its restaurant video tours with us. The videos are short, professionally produced presentations that really capture the ambiance and flavor of the participating restaurants. SBLife is so much more than restaurants, however, and I’d encourage our readers to check out its Web site. You’ll be impressed by how extensive SBLife’s directory is, with more than 120 businesses and services from throughout Santa Barbara County and a large library of online movies telling their stories.

So check out our Dining Video Showcase. If you don’t see your favorite place there, let us — or SBMenus or SBLife — know. Or if you’re a restaurant owner and want to be included, contact Chris Donahue at or Doug Elder at

Click here for Noozhawk’s Dining Video Showcase. For your convenience, a Dining tab can be found in the horizontal navigation bar just under our Noozhawk name on our home page.


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