Coastline Christian Academy recently hosted the 12th annual Christian Schools of Santa Barbara Spelling Bee, which challenged local linguists to spell and write words that might have tripped up Noah Webster himself.

Participating schools included Coastline Christian Academy, El Montecito School and Santa Barbara Christian School.

First-place honors went to: first grade — Jeffrey Bohlinger of El Montecito School, second grade — Masato Perera of Santa Barbara Christian School, third grade — Breanna Babcock of Coastline Christian Academy, fourth grade — Cameron Bleecker of El Montecito School, fifth grade — Julia Stone of El Montecito School, sixth grade — Isaiah Smith of Coastline Christian Academy.

Second-place honors were awarded to: first grade — Josiah Fiedtkou of Santa Barbara Christian School, second grade — Eric Roldan of Coastline Christian Academy, third grade — Tessa Dinning of El Montecito School, fourth grade — Todd Knight of Santa Barbara Christian School, fifth grade — Lauren West of El Montecito School, sixth grade — Kylie Brown of Santa Barbara Christian School.

The Coastline Christian Academy Junior High swept first- and second- place honors for the seventh- and eighth-grade division (as they were competing against themselves). Not even words such as“atrocious,” “thievery,” “eellike” or “hydraulic” could stump these talented future etymologists.

Winners for seventh grade were Ryler Austin in first place and Kailey Strafford in second place. Eighth-grade winners were Jaclyn Smith in first place and Justin Blum in second place.

— Kerry Graffy Mariea is community and media relations coordinator for Coastline Christian Academy.